"copple" (kappel) = yarmulke #general

Judith Romney Wegner

My British cousin tells me that my Great-Great grandfather wore a white
"copple" in Romania in the 1860's. ...
Mike Karsen
Your British cousin is using nothing more nor less than the standard
Anglo-jewish term for yarmulke!
"Copple" (as he apparently spelled it, reflecting Anglo-Yiddish
pronunciation) is normally spelled "kappel," which is German for "little
cap" -- and is such standard usage in Anglo-Yiddish that I never even
HEARD the word yarmulke before coming to the USA at age 24! I assume that
the use of kappel in England reflects western European (German) Jewish
vocabulary as opposed to yarmulke -- which is some kind of slavic word and
reflects east European Jewish vocabulary.

Because the overwhelming majority of American Jews came >from Eastern
Europe, American Yiddish reflects that fact. I NEVER heard any American
Jew say "kappel" (though many nowadays use the Hebrew word "kippah" --
which, ironically, is a mishnaic term for a WOMAN's headgear -- see Mishnah
Ketubbot 5:8).

I sometimes think that English and American Jews, like the English and
Americans in general, are a people divided by a common language!

Judith Romney Wegner

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