Sometimes Persistance Pays! #general

Ricki L. Zunk <rickiz@...>

I have been trying to find information about my mother's mother's
mother's family who live and lived in and around Toronto, Canada. Over
the past two years I've written, phone, faxed, and emailed everyone I
could find to try to get me the answers I so sorely needed about this
part of my LEVINE/LEVINSKY family.

TODAY, I finally received a written letter >from the woman who "held the
keys to my kingdom" for all these years. I now know the names, dates,
and places for all the family members who live/lived in Canada. Now, I
can truly begin to put the puzzle pieces together. I still have LOTS of
questions, but now I know just where to point them and what, exactly, I
need to ask.

SO, for those of you who have just about given up in your quest for
information >from family members you know can help, but haven't -- take
heart. Perhaps with a little more nudging >from you, they'll finally
relent and help you out.

Good Luck to all,
Ricki Randall Zunk
Kendall (Miami), FL

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