Erich Lewinski Biography: an opinion, please #general

Ronald Wallace <ronaldw@...>

I am asking all Genners for an opinion please.

A biography was written and published in Germany of Erich Lewinski of
Kassel. Erich was a lawyer who was one of the most active anti Nazi lawyers
in Kassel during the 30's and was fortunate enough to escape to Switzerland
the day the Nazis went to murder him. He then went to France and finally the
USA before returning to Germany immediately after the end of the war to
assist in the rebuilding of the country.

The biography chronicles the life of refugees >from Germany and how they
survived their somewhat nomadic life searching for a final haven. There is
much of historical interest, although little of genealogical interest,
unless you happen to be, as I am, a relative of his.

The book has been translated into English by Erich's son in the U.K.. There
appears to be little interest in the U.K. for it to be published, but there
may be interest here in the United States.

I would be interested in opinions >from people if they would be interested in
seeing such a book published. Please reply privately.

Thank you

Ronald D. Wallace,
Mt. Arlington, NJ

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