Kherson Agricultural Colonies #general


I am working on a project to find descendants of Jewish, Catholic and Lutheran
settlers in agricultural colonies established in the early 19th century in
Kherson, Ukraine. My plan is to trace several families >from each group from
their migration to Kherson, through the colony period to migration to the U.S.
The end result will be an exhibit looking at the similar and very different
experiences of families who occupied land in the same area under similar
terms for a specific period of history. My own people came >from Lithuania in
1807 and were part of the colony of Izraelovka, near the town of Krivoy Rog,
north of the city of Kherson. If anyone knows that their ancestors came to
Kherson as part of the agricultural settlement program and would like to be
part of this project, please contact me directly. I am particularly interested
in finding Jews who now live in Minesota or nearby. Thanks,
Aurora Levins Morales

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