DINKIN in Manhattan #general

Sam & Charlotte <samchar@...>

When I received the Social Security Information on my Grandfather, he
listed his mother's name as "Frumeh Kheshah DINKIN". Besides the search
on JewishGen, I sent letters to some of the older family members and a
cousin who is in her mid 80's responded this evening with a phone call
to tell me that she remembered now that our Great Grandmother's maiden
name was Dinkin and that her brother (our Great Uncle lived in Manhattan
and visited with them several times. He had two little girls, but she
does not remember if he was a widower and never did see his wife. She
said that he had some kind of store in Manhattan and so could not visit
a great deal. She also said that sometime between 1921 and 1927 he and
his little girls moved away >from New York but she doesn't know where
they went.

We are going to see if we can order the 1920 census >from New York
soundexed for Dinkin, but I am detailing this here in hopes that it may
stir someone's memory.

Charlotte Aisuss Showel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Looking for information on: DINKIN, REICIN, REITZEN, RYABTZOFF
from: Starodub, Semyanovka, Zlynka, New York and Chicago.

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