Records of disbanded Chevra Kadisha #general

IsraelP <p2o5rock@...>

Having been informed that a particular New York Chevra Kadisha
was disbanded nearly thirty years ago, and wanting more
information than what the cemetery has to offer, I wrote both the
Cemetery Division of the State of New York and the State
Insurance Liquidation Bureau.

The Cemetery Division responded that all such matters are
handled by the Liquidation Bureau but that the LB doesn't keep
records relating to individual burials. (The LB has not responded,
but I assume the Cemetery Division knows whereof they speak.)

They did suggest that "some records may be available" >from the
Institute for Jewish Research on West 57th Street. Does anyone
have experience that bears this out? And how accessible are
these records for a person across the ocean? (What I want most,
I think, are next of kin at the time of the burial - partucularly the

Israel Pickholtz

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