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After many years of looking, I think I have finally found the microfilmed
card with information concerning the arrival of my grandmother Sophie
GREENBERG (misspelled as "Grunberg" on the card). My problem is that the
information on the card is so light, as to be barely legible. I was able to
decipher her origination point as "Roman, Romania," as well as the fact that
she was travelling with a "Sabina, Annie, and S?????". All this information
matches my family. However, the information on the rest of the card,
including the all-important date they arrived and on what ship is totally
unavailable. (On th 1920 Census, she reported arriving in 1900).

My question is do those original cards themselves, the ones >from which the
microfilm copies were made, still actually exist, and if so, to whom could I
write, asking that a search for that card and that information be made? If
the cards are no longer in existence, could someone suggest another source
of finding the information contained on the card.

BTW, I searched the 1900 US Census for my grandma, looking under
"Greenberg," "Grunberg," and "Gruenberg" and was unable to find the family,
leading me to assume that they arrived after June, 1900, the date of the

In addition, after staring at the card, using yellow paper, magnifying
glasses, etc. I was able to make out some of the letters of the name of the
ship. They appear to be (note: ? after letter means a guess, X means
illegible, /indicates certainty):
W?O?O?R?XL/A/N/D/ Woordland? Vaardland
Z?O?O?N?XL/A/N/D/ Zoonland? Zeeland?
N?E?E?XL/A/N/D/ Needland?

Any guess for the name of the ship? The Morton Allan Directory is no longer
at my library; someone stole it, and they estimate it will take a few months
until another hits the shelves!

Please reply privately, as this is probably of limited interest. Thanks for
any help.

Jane Wechsler-Holeywell
Houston, TX

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