Gold's books on Bohemia and Moravia #austria-czech

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Ruth Coman inquired about translations of chapters >from Hugo Gold's
book on Bohemia. Joyce Field, Yizkor Book Project Manager, responded
that Gold's book on Bukovina (the one in present-day Romania and Ukraine)
is being translated chapter by chapter as a yizkor book project, and that
the same could be done for his Bohemia book; a translation of the
table of contents would be helpful to start.

Our Austria-Czech SIG website contains a list of the communities
listed in the table of contents of the book on Bohemia:

We also have a list of the communities and individuals in the table of contents
of Gold's book on Moravia:

My understanding of the process for the yizkor book projects is that a
coordinator must be named before the project can be posted on the YB
webpage to solicit financial contributions toward the translation.
The book on Moravia is already a yizkor book project, of which I am the
coordinator of record. Very, very few chapters have been translated thus
far (none posted online), due to a lack of funding for the translations.
Although several of our SIG members have photocopies of the Bohemia book,
no one has been willing to coordinate this potential yizkor book project.

Of course our SIG would like to see both books translated and
the chapters available online through the yizkor book project and/or
our Gemeindeview project. If you would like to volunteer to coordinate
the translation of the Bohemia book, please contact me as well as
Joyce Field (jfield@...), privately. To contribute money
toward the translation of the Moravia book, please go to:

Sharla Levine
Austria-Czech SIG Coordinator

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