March-April 1946 "Bialystoker Shtimmer" #general

Miriam Deitcher <deitcher@...>

I've been directed by a very helpful JewGenner to a list of "Jews in
Bialystok After the War"
in the March-April 1946 issue of the "Bialystoker Shtimmer". I've
searched the internet and the JewGen discussion forum archives and can't
find any info on that publication. I assume it's a magazine or
newspaper of some sort. Anyone have any ideas how I might find this
particular publication. A possible ancestor (Naftoli NOTOWICZ) is on
the list and I'd like to see if there's more info included. I'm excited
to see that someone >from my grandmother's family may have actually
survived the Holocaust. This is my most difficult branch, and any help
is greatly appreciated. Please reply privately.

Miriam S. Deitcher
Shaker Heights, OH

SZMULEWICZ - Belchatow, Sulejow, Lodz, Piotrkow
KATZENELSON - Belarus (possibly Sitnya)
BRAUNER - Sulejow
DAJCZER - Radomsko

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