NYC Marriage Certificate #general

Seesiegel <seesiegel@...>

In attempting to write for a marriage certificate of my grandparents that
occurred in Brooklyn, NY between 1912 and 1914 I am finding very confusing
information. Information on line gives simply an address in some places;
another gives a general phone number with recordings that tell me to send
_only_ money orders and there is conflicting information on where to send
for it.
1. Where do I send for a copy of the marriage certif?
2. Can I send personal checks?
3. How do I ask for it? As a descendant, do I have to prove it through
the mail?
4. How long does it usually take for the search and return info?
5. Is there a live person to call at the appropriate agency to ask these
6. Can I have a friend do this for me in NYC and if so, do they need a
letter of ok >from me? Is it faster in person?

Any help would be appreciated. Please email me privately in case I miss
the posting to the group.

-Carolyn Robbins Siegel
New Mexico, USA

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