Hebrew Letters #general

Howard Coupland <bashko@...>

At the end of Hebrew names on my Grandparents Jahrzeit Chart there are two
letters - Ayin and Hay can someone tell me what they mean.

Howard Coupland
Leeds, UK.

CAPLAN / PLOTKIN (Vilnius,Lithuania),PRENSKY (Kaunas,Lithuania),GRYNWALD
(Marijampole & Liudvinavas,Lithuania ),TANIEWSKI , OLECHONOWSKI
&FINKIELSZTEJN (Marijampole,Lithuania )
KLEPPER (Romania),SMOLENSKI (Eastern Europe),SHER / (Siauliau,Lithuania )
KATZ (Siauliau ,Varniai,Skuodas,Lithuania & Oslo,Norway ),ABRAMSON /
LIPMAN (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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