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Subject: Re: deportation of Jews >from France (BetteJoy)wrote:

Most of the French Jews were sent to Auschwitz where they perished.
Others >from the south of France were also sent to Vilna, Lithuania
where they were imprisoned in the primitive Ninth Fort until their
murder in the nearby forests.
This reply is partially incorrect. The last transport >from Drancy, no
73, in May 1944 (note the date) had 878 Jews taken to Lithuania. Most
were killed in the 9th Fort, Kovno (not Vilna). Some were taken to a
labor camp at Pravienskis and killed there, others were taken to Estonia
to be murdered. There were two survivors >from the 9th Fort, but overall
twenty survivors.

"In Pravieniskes in summer of 1944 were murdered 270 people, without
mentioning nationality or gender. {1941. IX. 4 were killed 253 men and
women} (vol. II, p. 393) >from Documents Accuse. "

For further information on the Lithuanian Shoah see

*Lithuanian Names Project - A letter to Litvaks, February 1999.
Note: The full text of this letter is on The Lithuanian Names Project
Web Site

Dr Saul Issroff

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