Fate of Deportees during WWII #general

Michelle Fanwick <fanwick@...>

I'm seeking information regarding my grandfather, Siegfried Dublon who
disappeared >from Paris, France (formerly of Wittlich,Germany). We
assume he was killed in a Concentration Camp but I have never been able
to determine where, when... Someone had once told me there is a Kibbutz
in Israel that has lists of people or has done research into such
matters. If anyone has any information regarding this matter I would be
most appreciative.

Michelle B. Tichauer Fanwick

Seeking: BEGUM/FANWICK Russia
BERGER Muendorf or Neudorf, Germany
DUBLON Wittlich, Germany Hecht Germany
HERZ Altenk, Germany Germany
TICHAUER Tichau, Germany now Tychy, Poland
WOLF Mertoch, Germany

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