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Judith Romney Wegner

Jeff Malka asked:

There are printed lists of the records of the Marks-Bevis Spanish and
Portuguese Synagogue in London records. Are the actual documents
(ketubbot) referred to available as well and if so where? How can one get
a copy of records listed in the printed book listing. Is this still a
functioning synagogue?
First, you might want to note that this VERY famous synagogue is NOT called
Marks-Bevis, but BEVIS MARKS. Actually, that's only its nickname -- being
simply its street address! Officially, today, it's the "Spanish and
Portuguese Jews Congregation" -- but everyone refers to it as Bevis
Yes, it is still partially functioning, holding services at certain times,
but more importantly it is a national monument supported by government
funds and open to tourists at specified times.

As for your questions, you could write to the archivist, a very helpful
lady who will certainly know the answers:

Ms. M. Rodrigues-Pereira, Honorary Archivist
Spanish & Portuguese Jews' Congregation
2 Ashworth Road
London W9 1JY
United Kingdom

Judith Romney Wegner

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