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William Sher wrote:

My mother's maiden name was "Dann" I am wondering what its etiology
may have been. I have found virtually no Jews with that name, either in
the U.S. or appearing in any of the Galician records I have searched.

I did find, however, what may have been one of my grandfather's
relatives. Among the business records in Yavorov, Poland in the 1920s,
I found a listing for the name "A Dann." After the name was a
designation of the kind of business -- there appeared the word "obuwie"
in Polish. Can anyone confirm whether this indicates the business was a
retail shoe store? Or does it mean something else?

William Sher
Silver Spring, Maryland
Just to confirm your correct observation.
"Obuwie" in Polish means literally: shoes or boots. Retail shoe store is
known as "sklep obuwia" or "obuwniczy sklep".
But in records, listed alphabetically in Polish and French in pre W.W.II
business directories, shoe stores are listed under Polish "obuwie" (and
French "chaussures"). This is to distinguish >from shoemakers and shoe
repairs businesses listed under "szewc" (French "cordonniers").

As to the ethymology of "Dann". One can speculate that this name has
something in common with biblical Dan, but since majority of
Galicyaners' names sound mostly German and less Slavic and seldom
Hebraic/Aramaic, my educated guess is that this name is just a plain
German "dann" (next, afterwards), like in "dann und wann" (sometimes).

Alexandder Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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