SS Arrival Dates #general

Don Gallard <dg2286@...>

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my recent inquiry
concerning the information on the New York Passenger List index cards.
Taking the advice I received, I purchased the National Archives
publication, "Immigrant & Passenger Arrivals". When I discovered that
the information on the rolls were accessed according to the date of the
ship's arrival, I decided to cross reference the dates I found on some of
the index cards against those listed for the same ships on Cimorelli. Lo
and behold, I found many discrepancies. Some by just a day or two, but
many by much more.

Since I am planning a trip to the National Archives in DC and want to
maximize my time there, I am trying to determine which rolls I want to
view in advance of my going there. So the question is, does anyone know
which would be more accurate, the INS index cards or Cimorelli?

Cindy Gallard

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