FISCHER family in Czechoslovakia #general

amnon fisher <amnonf@...>

I'm looking for information on Fischer family, who lived in
Czechoslovakia >from 1800 until 1946 (I know it's a big range, but I
don't have the exact years).

I have some names of peoples:
parents: Herman & Elizabeth (Before getting married, her second name was
Varady, lived in Pochov)
children: Ernest, Emre (or Emrich), Yosef, Lenka (married to Fritz
BRAMER >from Praha), Erena (married to Ernoy) they lived in Velery Meder and Bratislava.

I also know that in 1936 Herman moved to Hungery, and lived in Budapest
and later in Bonihad.
Any information would be helpful.
Please reply to
Thanks in advance.

Amnon Fischer

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