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Call for Volunteers
Cemetery Documentation at Jodensavanne
Suriname, South America
August 1999

In a continued effort to document and research the synagogue remains and
cemeteries of Jodensavanne, Rachel Frankel, Architect, will organize an
expedition to survey Jodensavanne's Seventeenth - Nineteenth century cemetery.
The cemetery contains over 400 tombstones engraved with Hebrew and Portuguese
inscriptions and illustrative images.

The expedition will take place for about two weeks in early August 1999. A few
days will be spent in Suriname's historic capital city, Paramaribo, and the
reminder of the time at Jodensavanne, located in the rain forest. Sephardic
Jews and enslaved West Africans settled Jodensavanne as a semi-autonomous
sugar plantation colony within the larger colony of Dutch Guiana in the

Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions (CVE), a non-profit organization recruiting
volunteers >from the US and Canada to work on preservation projects throughout
the Caribbean and Guyanas, will once again join the expedition as they have on
prior expeditions in 1997 and 1998. Volunteers will participate under the
auspices of CVE.

Aviva Ben-Ur, Ph.D. will lead the transcription and translation documentation
as she did in 1998 at another of Jodensavanne's three cemeteries. The
Stichting Jodensavanne (Foundation for Jodensavanne) and STINASU (Suriname
Foundation for Nature Conservation) will host the expedition as they did in
prior years. CVE volunteers pay their airfare, lodging and meals; estimated at
roughly $1,500. Additionally, CVE volunteers are responsible for their own
medical precautions.

Field volunteers will assist in creating a plan of the cemetery grounds and in
inventorying and photographing the tombstones of the cemetery. Hebrew
volunteers will be responsible for transcribing the epitaphs. Individuals
interested in volunteering should contact:

Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions
Box 388
Corning, New York 14830
CVE web site:

Rachel Frankel may also be contacted:
Rachel Frankel, A.I.A.
New York, NY
Fax 212 683-6150

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