Nonexistent London birth certificate, 1897 #general

David Gordon <dgordon@...>

I am having an unexpected and somewhat confusing problem that I am
hoping someone with more experience can help me solve. My
great-grandparents emigrated >from Lithuania to England late in the 19th
century (I do not know exactly when). They were married in London in
1894--I have a copy of their marriage certificate. They had six
children, the first five of whom were born in London. I have a birth
certificate for the oldest son (1893!). My grandfather was supposedly
the second child--everything >from death certificate to social security
records to family records agree that his birth date was Nov. 30, 1897.
The problem is that, despite two separate searches conducted by two
different people, no one in the records office can find any record of
his being born at all between 1895 and 1899.
I could, of course, search an earlier or later period--and suspect
that may ultimately be the easiest solution. Still and all, I find this
perplexing. Should I? Any thoughts or comments?
David Gordon
Chicago, Illinois
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