Re: Reading gravestones #general

Rica Goldberg

Dear Genners

Today, I have spent a few hours in an old cemetery in a suburb of Manchester
looking for, and finding, the gravestones of my maternal great-grandparents.
My grandmother was one of their 9 children all born in Europe. 8 came to
Manchester including, strangely enough, the five children of one of their sons
who was murdered in Europe.

On my great-grandfathers tombstone it was written that he was Iddle (Adokph)
Kaminsky the son of Nachamed (Nun, Chess, Mem, Yud, Daled). I am not familiar
with this name. Is anyone else?

His wife was the daygther of Moisha and her name was Mirat Rifka. I have
never heard of the name Mirat. I know there are many of you who understand
the origins of these names and I would like to hear more on Nachamed and
Mirat. Many thanks in anticipation.

Rica B Goldberg (Mrs)
Manchester, England

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