Re: re Steamship Arrival Dates #general

Howard M. Rensin <hrensin@...>

If your INS information came >from Naturalization papers, its
probably very accurate. Applicants for naturalization had to get
a certification >from the Dept. of Labor as to the name of the
ship and date they arrived. The Dept. used to go to the ships
records and get the information >from the passenger manifest.
Often the Dept. employee would write the Dept. of Labor
certificate number near the name of the person who they were
certifying and on the actual passenger list. Its not uncommon to
see these notations all through the ships records and over a long
period of time.

If you are working off that kind of record, then someone else
has already done some of your work before you and you should go
with that information.

Howard M. Rensin, (Ham Radio Call Sign: KC3D)
Glenwood, MD

Carol Skydell wrote:

Cindy asks:

.... does anyone know which would be more accurate, the INS index cards or

Cimorelli uses Morton Allan Directory of European Passenger Ship Arrivals
to create it's database. Morton Allan is known to be off in some cases,
and by as much as a week. Go with what the INS provided, it's probably a
safer bet.

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