New website for address & phone searches #general

james gross <larklane@...>

For those of you who are trying to find living relatives
and know their phone # or address, I have the following
info for you:

A year ago I gave a URL for a site that was very useful
for skip tracing. (, It is now rather
inaccessable and may be shut down altogether.

Another site ( seems to be a very good
equivalent and is easy to use. It is supposedly IE and
netscape compatable, but I found the scroll option to only work
with IE . It depends which version browser you have. In any case,
you may want to bookmark this website as it is very useful.

James H. Gross
Saidel, Steinberg, Shulman, Bloch, Friedman from
Panevezys, Krekenova, Vabalninkas, Lith. SA: Chaitowitz.
Sofransky, Lewite, Gross, Grajewski >from Ozery,(Byel.) Poland

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