Re: Has anyone ever heard of this town?? #general

Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>

Jonathan Goldmacher wrote:

he always said he came from
a village called "Ochiefsko Oliesko" (this is a phonetic spelling, he never
wrote it down).
The Polish town of OLECKO is a possible suspect. It is located at coordinates
5402 2231, which is 138.2 miles NNE of Warsaw.
This is Oliecko [olyeh tzko] in Suwalki region. I have been under the
impression that question was about Oliesko [olyeh skoh] in Poland and/
or Austria, which probably place this shtetl in an ol' good Galicia,
today this is in Western Ukraine.

There is a township named Olesko [Oleh skoh] east of Lviv (ex Lvov,
Lemberg) on the main road # M17 (International European route # E40), 10
miles east of Busk, 22 miles west of Brody. Town is not identified in
Shtetlseeker site, but both, nearby Busk and Brody were known as a
Jewish settlements.

Ochiefsko [oh tchjeh fskoh] sound a bit strange, but just south of
Olesko is town Zolochev (Zloczow) and hamlets with the name like
Zoloczewka, it could be some association there.

I hope this help,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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