Re: Simcha name in English? #general

Ben Noach <bnnch@...>

In my case:-

My father's name was Simcha, but officially he was called Salomon Mozes
(Dutch).Salomon may therefore be a proper equivalent for "Simcha".

He was born on the evening of Tisha be-Av(a day of mourning), and Simcha
meaning Joy, this was the reason for giving this name.So far the tradition.
But my research showed that the gravestone of his grandfather Salomon
Noach also gave "Simcha" as the Hebrew equivalent, so again I think that
Salomon can be seen as the proper equivalent of the Hebrew/Yiddish Simcha.

Shalom >from Israel,


Seymour Saltzman wrote:

My grandfather's name was Simcha. There are six of us named after him; 3
grandsons, Simon, Seymour, Stanley, and 3 great grandsons, Saul, Simcha and
Simcha. I would suggest that there is no one English name for Simcha, which is
is used, incidentally, as such in Yiddish and Hebrew.

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