Re: Landesgericht Wien - the fate of Alexander ROSENHEIM #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

In my posting two weeks ago, I wrote that I had
discovered how to find the people murdered {or who
died in suspicious circumstances} at the
Landesgericht, Vienna.

Please enter "Landesgericht" into the slot
designated: "Oder nach einem Betreff uber die gesamte
Liste suchen" on the "Letter to the Stars" website:

I have now followed through all the names on the
Landesgerichts list on Yad vashem and have found two
pages of testimony [POT]:

This one is most poignant and tells us of the fate of
Alexander Johannes ROSENHEIM [father Ignaz] born
07.12.1904 in Vienna. His brother Josef >from Kiryat
Motzkin wrote the POT on 20 December 1999 - so he must
already have been very old. He writes quite plainly
that his brother was beheaded on 21 May 1944 at the
Landesgericht fur Strafsachen [Criminal Court].

If you go to the Doew website and
search on the right for "Nicht mehr anonym" and enter
ROSENHEIM you will see a photograph - Click on it and
you will see details of his indictment [he was a
shoemaker's assistant] related to his being a member
of the Communist party. Date of birth either 5 or 7
Dec 1904. The execution was a week after the trial

I will write about the other POT at a later stage.
We now know that summary executions were carried out
at the Landesgericht.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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