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Debra J Wolraich <djwolraich@...>

Norma Brewer asked if I could give an example of the kind of three part
name listed in the Minsk Guberniya register >from 1819. Please note that
my Russian friend has translated as best she can >from faded handwriiten
listings. However, examples of some of the names are: "Ber Benjaminoff,
son of Lazarach" and "Boruch Shmueloff, son of Perchuch."
I noticed that a man listed as "Berko Abramoff, son of Klar__" has a wife
whose name is listed as "Berko Abramova"'s wife. In other listings,
there was a "Itzak Movshe, son of S_______" which appears to be a first
and middle name. At first I thought the second name was a last name,
but so many of them were first names that end in "off" that I didn't feel
they could be last names. In later lists there are names that are
recognizable Jewish last names such as Greenwald and Perlman.
Thanks for your assistance!

Debra Wolraich
Motol, Ivanovo, Pinsk

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