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Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...> wrote:

I recently found my aunt's Petition For Naturalization; and Klen Chelist,
Russia was indicated as place of birth and last place of foreign residence.
I have been unable to locate in WOWW, or on Shtetlseeker. Some family
members believe it was located near Vilna, others believe near Kiev. Does
anyone have any thoughts or suggestions regarding the correct name or
location for Klen Chelist. Your input is greatly appreciated.
Fred Klein

Name sounds strange and musical. There is a shtetl called Kleszczele in
Poland right on the White Russia (Belarus) border in Bialystok region.
Kleszczele is pronounce as [Kleh shcheh leh], you can find in a name a
bit of Klen and a bit of Chelist.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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