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I am researching my husband's family tree. On his paternal side, his
gggrandparents were Abram and Filipina BAUM FRANKL. They had four children born in
Mina FRANKL, born 1828, died 1904
Alexander FRANKL, born 1829, died 1885
Israel FRANKL, born 1831, died 1905
Isak FRANKL, born 1834, died 1907 - was a Rabbi in Neustadt bei Haid
married Eva JEITELES in 1860 (born 1832 in Wallergrun)
Their children:
Bernhard FRANKL born 1861
Sofie FRANKL born 1863
Regina FRANKL born 1865
Adolf FRANKL born 1866
Maximilian FRANKL born 1868 - my husband's grandfather who
married Rosalie (Teresa) STEINREICH
Their children:
Anna FRANKL born 1899 in Rakonitz died 199?
Adolph FRANKL born 1901 in New York City died 1984
Emma FRANKL born in New York City died 190?
Alois FRANKL born 1870
Julius FRANKL born 1872

Eva JEITELES' parents were Jacob and Judita WEBER JEITELES and she had three
siblings: Salomon and Moritz JEITELES and Teresie JEITELES BAUER. My
husband's parents were Adolph and Elsie DOERNER FRANKL, who were married in
1926 in New York City/

Interesting sidelight: At the Toronto conference, Nora Freund found members
of her family listed as paying condolences in the death papers of Eva Jeiteles
Frankl (1905). They were obviously members of Rabbi Isak Frankl's

If anything rings a bell, please contact me.

Rhea Kantner Frankl
Wesley Hills, NY

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