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Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

Why was Argentina such a hot spot for Jews (and Nazis), as
opposed to other South American Countries?
While it is true that Argentina and some of its neighbors was sympathetic,
or at least not antagonistic to the Germans during and following W.W.II,
that really has little to do with why Argentina was a focus for Jewish

Much of the Jewish migration to Argentina began around the turn of the
century. Before the opening of the Panama Canal, Argentina was on the
primary route of world trade. Vessels going >from the Atlantic to the
Pacific by way of Cape Horn (rather than the Cape of Good Hope or the Suez
Canal) would generally stop at an Argentine port to load coal, and also to
land and/or load trade goods and take on food. Argentina was a prosperous
and rising country as a result. That is why the Jewish community was
established there. It was also a magnet for other European migrants,
particularly Germans and Italians. Argentina, like the US, was a land of
opportunity.(The large German and Italian populations may be one reason
Argentina was not a belligerent in W.W.II.)

After the Panama Canal opened, much trade was diverted to it, and Argentina
ceased to be on the major trade route.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY

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