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Esther Feinstein Sackheim wrote

<< Hello

I would like to write to the Vinnitza Archives 287100 gorod Vinnitsa Ulitsa 17
Vinnita Ukraine. What kind of postage would that require and in what kind of
money or stamps. >>

This is another example of question that the questioner would easily find the
answer to without going to Jewishgen and with little effort of her own. A post
office clerk would tell her that the cost for oversea mail is 60 cents for 1st
But the reason I decided to answer this e-mail is a question that was not
mentioned but should be and can be of interest to other Jewishgenners: how to
relieve a person who might answer your mail of paying his/her own money for
You may buy at the post office for $1.05 a special coupon called
"Coupon -Reponse International" (post form # CN 01) that is exchangeable in any
country of the Universal Postal Union for one or more postage stamps
representing the minimum postage for a priority item or an unregistered letter
sent by air to a foreign country and include this coupon with a self addressed
envelope in your letter.
Mark Grekin

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