Jewish Historical Atlases #general

James Bennett <bennett@...>

I can recommend two Atlases:

1) "Atlas of Medieval Jewish History" by Haim Beinart,
Carta andSimon & Schuster, 1992 144pp. 116 maps covering
the fifth century (Barbarian Invasions of Europe; Dis-
tribution of Jews in Europe and the Middle East) through
the mid-17th century (The Chmielnicki Massacres 1648-
1650). This a very accurate yet readable atlas. It goes
into great detail, showing a great many routes of Jewish
travellers >from Europe to Eretz Israel; population movements
during the Expulsion >from Spain and Portugal; Jews in
the Ottoman Empire; Jewish settlements in Medieval
France; Immigration to Poland in the 13th-15th century;
Jewish settlements in England and Germany until the
expulsions; The Crusades; Eretz Israel in the Byzantine
period. Although it stops at about 1650, I especially
recommend this atlas.

2) "The Illustrated Atlas of Jewish Civilization" by Josephine
Bacon, with consultation >from Martin Gilbert, Steimatzky Ltd,
1990. 224 pp. A much more general atlas covering the 4000-
year period >from Abraham our Father until the 1960's. Many
photos and extensive text, but fewer, less-detailed maps. It does,
however, cover the past 300 years, which Beinart's Atlas omits,
including Czarist Russia, 20th century Jewry, anti-Semitism
the Holocaust, and the creation of the State of Israel and its
wars of survival.

Jim Bennett, Haifa

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