origin of the name "Mathilde" #general


As I have been searching the branches of my grandmother's family tree (which
is rooted in the Mosel valley and the surrounding mountains of Germany) I
have been unable to find any female names that bore any similarity to
Mathilde. I have also not found any male names which had any relationship
to it either. My question therefore is. . . what might an "equivalent"
Hebrew name be. . . and what might othr similiar German names be?

Mathilde's grandmothers (deceased at the time of her birth in 1875) were
Leya Juda and Charlotte (Henriette) Levi. The family surnames that apppear
in the preceeding generations are THAL and NEUMARK.

All help is greatly appreciated.

Marilyn Feinberg
Kalamazoo, MI

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