Index files - ODESSA #ukraine

Gary Pokrassa

It has just come to my attention that Alex Krakovsky has in the last few days posted scans of true index files from Odessa rabbinate - births 1908, 1911-1920, Marriage 1918-19, deaths 1919
These are in cursive Cyrillic contemporaneously written with the records and of course not digitally searchable - but index scans online nonetheless.   Up to now the only true contemporaneous index files for Ukraine I am aware of are Kyiv and Zhitomir - 
If you are persistent this can be used even if you cannot read Russian.  If you use the Steve Morse pages to convert a name in English to cursive Cyrillic you can then compare that to the index files…..
Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division

Census Order and Regulations for England and Wales #unitedkingdom

Jan Meisels Allen


The legislation to hold the census in England and Wales on 21 March 2021 is now official. It became law at the may Privy Council on 20 May 2020.  The order may be read at:


The Census Regulations came into force on 23 June 2020 in England and 26 June in Wales. The Regulations include many of the operational details of the census, as well as exact copies of the paper questionnaires and descriptions of the online questionnaires. They are available to view online:  England:



The Census in Scotland and Northern Ireland is the responsibility of their respective administrations and legislatures. The census day 21 March 2021 is uniform across the UK: Scotland and Northern Ireland:


To see the previous postings on the UK census  go to the archives of the IAJGS Records Access Alert at: You must be registered to access the archives.  To register go to: and follow the instructions to enter your email address, full name and which genealogical  organization with whom you are affiliated   You will receive an email response that you have to reply to or the subscription will not be finalized.


Thank you to Jeanette Rosenberg, JGS Great Britain for sharing the information with us.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee




meaning of word esboubem? #russia

Trudy Barch

1)  Does anyone recognize/know this word ESBOUBEM?  It might be Russian or Yiddish or English transliterated of the word?


The writing, as best as I could read, was written by a 99 year old man. 

  At 2 years old my father was adopted by ?esboubem? family in Pinsk not having a son.  


2)  any historians around?   Where might I even start looking?   Russia 1890-1920


Thanks for any possible help.


Trudy Barch,  FL

July 26, 2020, Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois VIRTUAL meeting #announcements #events

Martin Fischer


Ellen Kowitt, past president and current outreach chair of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado, will give two virtual lectures for the Sunday, July 26, 2020, Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois meeting: “Comparing Jewish Resources on, FamilySearch, Findmypast, MyHeritage and JewishGen” at 1 p.m. CDT, and “What Would Nancy Drew Do in the Quest for Missing Family” at about 2:30 p.m.


This event is free and open to the public; however, Zoom will limit attendance to 100. To access the webinar, at 1 p.m. go to This session will be recorded so that JGSI’s paid members who are unable to view it live will be able to view the recording later.


For more information about this meeting, see or call 312-666-0100.




Martin Fischer
Vice President-Publicity
Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois

JGSI website:

Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

Jx. Gx.

My hearty thanks to Barbara Manheim, Jules Levin, Avivah Pinski, Max Polonovski, Judy Floam, and  Dick Plotz, and anyone else I might have missed for sharing their valuable and insightful knowledge about by ggm's name, Dwoire.  She was from Slutsk, Russia.  I only saw this Yiddish spelling of her name on the ship's manifest.  After she got to America she used the name Celia and much later in life occasionally called herself Dora.  These latter names I believe were derived from her given Hebrew names, Shulieh Devorah that are inscribed on her headstone.

Jeffrey Gee

Re: Tacing Jacob Bloom immigrated from Lithuania in 1905 #lithuania

Sherri Bobish

Hi Jim,

There were many U.S. ports of entry.  Ellis Island was a large and well known one, but hardly the only port entered through by immigrants.

Try searching your ancestor's name at this free site:
It contains many genealogical databases, and records of many U.S. port manifests.

This page from Family Search shows info on various U.S. ports, including usage numbers.

Also, remember that the manifest handwriting can be hard to read, and names sometimes were transcribed into the on-line index incorrectly.  Try doing a non-exact search on surname if you don't find it right away.

It also helps if you know the immigrants Hebrew or Yiddish first name.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Re: navy emblem on gravestone? #general

Jx. Gx.

TO: rroth - 

I mentioned the UK in my response because Tom Klein, who posted the inquiry, is from Toronto, Canada, and Canada is a dominion of the UK. His deceased relative may have also been from Canada.  Tom said it was a feather, not a leaf so I take him at his word.

Jeffrey Gee

Re: ViewMate translation request -Hebrew #translation #photographs

Sally Bruckheimer

"The name "Michal" is a girl's name."
If you are looking at Polish records, you will find that Michal is a man's name. Sometimes Michale for women, but not often. Michał, MICHALOWICZ as a patronymic.
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Members of A Feld Family #general

Ellen Korpi

My Feld family tree dates back to Abraham Feld in Lviv who was born in the mid-1700s.  If anyone has Feld roots in Lviv, I would love to compare notes.


Re: Looking for Warsaw and Brest-Litovsk addresses #belarus #warsaw

Lewis, Megan

The Library of Congress has the 1938/1939 Warsaw telephone directory
and a 1923 commercial directory for all of Poland and Gdansk at Brest-Litovsk was
part of Poland in 1923.

Megan Lewis Reference Librarian
NOTE: I am teleworking until further notice.
National Institute for Holocaust Documentation
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Re: Research individuals in France #france

Nancy Reicher

Cousin  at 136 Ave de la Republique, Fontenay S/Bois,  94 France a suburb of Paris. Name is Michel Bronfenbren(n)er. Born in Ukraine either Cherson or Odessa in 1890. Left there around 1914-1918. Joined the French Foreign Legion during WW I. Fought in a battle where the only survivors of his troop were himself and the baker. He was awarded some sort of medal after that battle where he was wounded and lost a leg. Became a French Civil Servant (He was an engineer) and lived at the above address until his death in 1970's , probably 1974-78. I visited him in his home in March of 1972 with my husband and children. He was my father's first cousin. I first met him in 1939-40 when he came for the New York World's Fair and again in 1964 when he returned for the New York World's Fair again. He went to work every day of the German occupation wearing his jewish star on his coat (I have a photo of him with it).. How and why he was allowed to survive he never told me Would love to know the exact date of his death and where he is buried and what became of the portrait that Modigliani painted of him

Nancy L. Reicher
Kansas City, MO

Re: Looking for Warsaw and Brest-Litovsk addresses #belarus #warsaw

Sherri Bobish

Hi Michael,

Try searching this free site of old digitized Eastern European city directories


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Re: Research individuals in France #france


A very big thank you to Bernard Flam and Svenja (itencorinne@...) for the time you spent helping me.
Good research to all.
Best Regard

Un très grand merci a Bernard Flam et Svenja itencorinne@... pour le temps que vous avez consacré à m'aider.
Bonnes recherches à tous

Ruben Myer Rosen-Schucin-USA 1860-1941 #usa

Yonatan Ben-Ari

My wife's grandfather's brother, Ruben Myer ROSEN (JERUSALEMSKY) was
born in Schucin (Europe) about, 1860 and moved to the USA . He married
Sophie BRANSON daughter of isadore (died 1945).

Their children were:
Joseph ROSEN
Abel Aaron ROSEN (b. 1887-d.1960 Florida) m. Sophie
Sarah ROSEN-(b. 1894 approx.) married Julius SILVERMAN
Charles ROSEN-b. 1897
Ida b.Schucin 1904-d. 1934 married Philip (?)

Grandchildren include: SLOTNIK, LEHMAN, GELBANI

Ruben and /or his siblings (not my wife's branch) changed their family
name when they came to the States from JERUSALEMKY to ROSEN. Cities in
which I understand they lived include: Baltimore and Chicago.

We'd be happy to be in contact with any of the above family.

Yoni and Rivka (YERUSHALMI) Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: Finding records in Alexandria, Egypt? #general


Thank you, Rose for the link to this site. I had not heard of this previously. I will definitely look through here!

Re: Finding records in Alexandria, Egypt? #general


Thank you for your help....yes, I do have this record for her coming into the US (2 different times). I was trying to find records for her leaving the US to go back to Alexandria in 1903. I'll check Family Search again. 

Re: How to determine Warsaw street address? #warsaw

Thanks to Krzysztof Witaszek.  This is a marvelous website.  I recommend it to anyone doing any genealogy work in Warsaw. You can access it in English.  I was able to get a photo of the building where my grandparents had a store in the 1920s, even though the building is no more.

Avivah R. Z. Pinski
near Philadelpha, PA





There is an interesting site for Warsaw that shows old street photographs.

It's only in Polish, but try to use it. Type the street (or with the pre-war house number)  in the field „wyszukaj” and you will receive  several places on the street that have their photo.

Or use the „fotoplan” to check on the map which houses have their photo. Marked green color are houses that survived to this day, red houses are those that were destroyed, but have their photo.

If you need assistance please write.

 "However, after the Shoah, many street locations were changed"  

To be precise, the houses in the Warsaw Ghetto were totally demolished after the Ghetto uprising in 1943.

The rest of Warsaw was badly destroyed in the Warsaw uprising in 1944 and after. But the houses on Zielna street that survived the war were demolished only  in 1950ies to make a place for the ugly Stalin's Palace and so the house numbers have changed too.

Avivah R. Z. Pinski
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delete the original message.   Thank you. 

Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

Re: Immigration-steerage of passenger ship #general

Ronald D. Doctor

Eva, here are a couple of other photos of steerage. Still pretty idealized. ... Ron

Re: ViewMate translation request -Hebrew #translation #photographs


The name "Michal" is a girl's name.  

The first part of her father's name is likely one of the following 2:

1.  Michael [pronounced mee-cha-el in Hebrew], in which case there is a 'typo' and one letter is missing.

2.  "Michel", which is a Yiddish nickname for Michael.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Re: Tranlsation of Hebrew on four tomb stones in Germany #translation


I hope that you do not mind my asking, but I am wondering whether you are aware that you can post these images on the ViewMate page, under the "Tombstone" category.  They normally appear on Sundays and Wednesdays, and there is a large group of helpers who check those postings specifically with the aim of helping to read tombstones.

Additionally, by asking people to respond to you privately via email directly to you, rather than publicly, you make it impossible for others to know whether you've already received responses.  On ViewMate, we can all see each other's replies.  If they are perfect, we can go on to other images.  If there are small details to be added or corrected, we can do so, without retranslating the entire stone.  It would be a shame if you get 5 almost-identical replies via private email, which means that 4 people have expended time and effort for no reason.

(We can see each other's replies here, too, if we respond publicly.  However, as a helper I greatly prefer ViewMate; I suspect that other helpers would agree.)

Please reconsider your request.  The stones that you have shown are not simple "so-and-so, son/daughter of so-and-so, died on such-and-such-a-date".  They have a lot of text, and  may not be so easy to translate.  

Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA