Khashchevate - Chashivater Aid Society

Paul Finelt

Does anyone have any information on this town and/or the Burial Society that has plots ar Montefiore Cemetary in Queens, NY and Beth Moses on Long Island?
My grandfather and uncle are buried there. My uncle was an officer of the society.  I have not been able to locate any details about the organization either at YIVO or from the cemeteries or other family members. 
Thank you. 

Re: Where is Politzk, Russia? #russsia #Lithuania

Irina Fridman

It's Polotzk or Polotsk in Belorus

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page

Bruce Drake

As if suffering through the horrors of the Nazi occupation was not enough, many of those who survived grappled with sorrow and loss when they returned to their home towns and found little or nothing left of the people and places they had known. “Dabrowa without Jews,” from the Yizkor book of Dabrowa Gornicza in Poland, is Juda Parasol’s account of returning to the town where he was born after a 15 year absence. He had been expelled to Siberia and, while there, received a last letter from his father wishing the family could be together again. But they had all died in Auschwitz. “Now I am standing in front of my father's house, and tears of murdered blood wash the windows,” Parasol laments. “The doors in front of me are locked and a cold, distant wind blows from them. The heart no longer wants to believe that here once lived Jews.”  

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

translation from Polish (or maybe Russian)

Nurit Har-zvi

I would like to request a translation of a document that I have placed
on ViewMate at the following address:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.
Nurit Har-zvi
New York

Re: NYC Area Volunteers for a Cemetery Project this Sunday

Carole Brewster

Hi Allan,
I live in Florida so obviously can't help you this Sunday.
I've read you go thru various cemeteries in New York. I have a grandmother buried at Mt.Hebron, Flushing if you could ever look for that stone: 
N.Y.Society: Knehin Stanislauer 5 10 f 33  Fannie Janofsky Hoffman.  Her sister Rebecca Janofsky Hoffman is also buried there (yes Rebecaa married Phillip and Fannie passed.

Do you know anyone who does this in NJ?

Carole Hoffman Brewster

An Article About The Old Cemetery in Brody

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Does any of you have an  easy access to this article which was published in 1920?
I am specially interested in a head stone from 1751(1751) bearing the the surname APTEIKER( אפטייקר(
"Gelber, Nathan Michael. “Aus dem Pinax des alten Judenfriedhofes in Brody (1699–1831). [From the pinax of Brody’s old Jewish cemetery.]”

Jahrbuch der Jüdisch-Literarischen Gesellschaft (1920): 119–41"
Many thanks from Jerusalem
Jacob Rosen

please help Genner # 546778


Kathy Miller wrote:
Michael Herlitz lives in Bahnhofsstrasse 29 , Marburg. I've written to him with no response.

Psych. Michael Herlitz is on Facebook at
with that exact address in Marburg 35037
with phone number is +49 6421 681546
His mental health clinic is described here:
Best regards,
Israel A. Cohen

Re: Dorohi cemetery (Romania)

David Lewin

please where is that list kept?

David Lewin

At 09:08 PM 07-11-19, Malka wrote:
Hello Genners,
I have been working on the Dorohoi Jewish Cemetery listing  and it is  now at 93%.  No further images are available.  I’ll be happy to complete the listing once I am informed that the rest of the images have been released.   Shalom, Malka

Re: grave on Mt. of Olives


Roberta Lipitz wrote: " Looking for grave of Great Grandfather Hersche Shore buried on Mount Of Olives.  Unfortunately do not know dating.  Only know that he definitely left Jaffa (out of ship from Le Havre, France) July 1903 and went back to be buried years later in Jerusalem.

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. "

My son Aharon Epstein mans the information booth on the Mount of Olives; helps to maintain the database; and also helps people locate graves. Write to Har-hazetim@... or call 972-2-627-5050 Sun-Thurs 09:00-17:00 (Israel time).

There is also a website:  but my son cautions that it only works with Chrome and that people should cancel the auto-translate (sorry, it's a work in progress).

Several articles have been written about my son and the work the City of David is doing at the Mount of Olives. They are really doing amazing work helping people locate family members and in adding graves to the database.  

Varda Epstein
Efrat, Israel

Re: Cemeteries in Israel

Dahn Cukier

Sorry to bust a bubble, but no. Only some
of the larger cemeteries have been done.

Problem that needs fixing. The search does not search with soundex.
Otherwise it seems fine.

When searching and not finding the grave, enter
one of the names and the father's name, narrow
the search years. I looked for a cousin I know is buried in
Jerusalem. I also know his family name is not spelled as
it sounds. I looked by first name and year of death and found
a fine photo of the grave.

BUT I am not surprised and I know that other
databases are no better. The official Tel Aviv
web site has many mistakes and when I find a
difference, I write to them. The same with the Ministry
of Defense, which has many mistakes also.

If you are planning to visit, I suggest looking
at Gravez which shows the "address" not only the
GPS location. My sister is buried on the 5th floor,
the first 2 floors have 4 graves at the same GPS each.

Dahn Cukier

On Thursday, November 7, 2019, 3:17:57 PM GMT+2, blankdavid via Groups.Jewishgen.Org <> wrote:

New app for cell phone.   GRAVEZ

Able to search all cemeteries in Israel.

Great app

David Blank

Re: Surnames: Palumbo - SIcily/ Homer - Poland

Nardo Bonomi

Jews are attested in Sicily since the oldest times.
Jews were an high percentage of the population in Sicily before the expulsion of the year 1492.
After the persecution some Sicilian Jews ran away, some converted and some secretly practiced Judaism for generations (Anusim).
As you know the surname means dove and it is the equivalent to the Hebrew Jonah.
Some Palumbo who were surely Jews are attested in Sicily in the 16th century and were persecuted by the Inquisition because Judaizing after the expulsion .
They are attested in the towns of Nicosia  Palermo, Piazza  Armerina
Nardo Bonomi Braverman
Firenze – Italy
(Author of

Re: grave on Mt. Of Olives

Odeda Zlotnick

Sadly the English version of the search page is blank and unusable.The Hebrew version works.
The English version works, you need a bit of patience, and then, a click on the (upper right hand corner)  X where you see a blank. 
After that, you can fill in names - and find some graves.


Esther Riva Solomon

Mark Budman


I was wondering if someone could assist me. I would like to find out information on Esther Riva Solomon. The only information that I have been able to find is that she wrote a cookbook.

I am interested in her because she might be a relative, but I have not been able to find additional information outside of her cookbook.

Any assistance / guidance would be greatly appreciated.



Re: finding ship manifest

Hilary Henkin

Where did it sail TO?

Hilary Henkin

Can anyone tell me where I can find the manifest for the Empress of France ship that sailed from Calais, France in December, 1956?
Thanks very much.

Re: Where is Politzk, Russia? #russsia #Lithuania

Russ Maurer

Consider Polatsk, Belarus, about 150 miles from Vilnius. Less likely option: Płock ("Plotsk"), Poland. Both were within the Russian empire prior to WWI.

Russ Maurer

Need help with: KOMINSKY, KULINSKY, KAY, BARTH, GERSON, PRELUTZKY in Illinois, USA #USA #chicago #Help


I am asking for your help in finding any contact or any more family information of families KOMINSKY, KULINSKY, KAY, BARTH, GERSON, PRELUTZKY,
probabaly from Illinois, USA.
This is a follow up to my enquiry from a few days ago " Looking for Lois KULINSKY in USA ".  
I have found out that, sadly, Lois died a couple of months ago.
Though Renne kindly sent me the attached obituary from 1989 of Lois's father Ben Kay which includes the above surnames and whom I wish to contact now.
There is a good chance that they are newly discovered cousins.

Thank you for your help

Melbourne Australia

Re: Where is Politzk, Russia? #russsia #Lithuania

Yaakov Saxon

I’m sure people more knowledgeable will chime in, but I wonder if Politzk might be Plotzk, the Yiddish name for Plock, Poland (then under the Russian empire - my ancestors from nearby Plonsk also have it listed as Russia)

Yaakov Saxon

Re: finding ship manifest

Renee Steinig

This collection on Ancestry includes arrivals of the Empress of France on Dec. 1 and Dec. 23, 1956:

Passenger and Crew Lists for U.S.-Bound Vessels Arriving in Canada, 1912-1939 and 1953-1962


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

On Thu, Nov 7, 2019 at 3:17 PM <paulettev.46@...> wrote:

Can anyone tell me where I can find the manifest for the Empress of France ship that sailed from Calais, France in December, 1956?
Thanks very much.

HERLITZ from Neisse, Frankfurt, and Marburg [was: please help Genner # 546778]

Renee Steinig

According to an 1898 marriage record on Ancestry, Fritz HERLITZ, born 1871, married Jettchen ROTHSCHILD, born 1874. Unless Fritz had a second (and younger wife), it's unlikely that he had a son who is still alive. Perhaps the Michael Herlitz whose name shows up in a Google search is a grandson or great-grandson, if related at all.

It's interesting to see that Fritz Herlitz's 1948 death record -- clearly the right Fritz -- says that his parents were Alfred and Gretel and that he was "konfessionloss" (had no religion). Perhaps Fritz and his family survived by passing as non-Jews.

Suggestion: Post also to JewishGen's "GerSIG" list. Some of its most knowledgeable subscribers are not on this list.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

PS Ismar Herlitz was transported from Frankfurt to Kovno on Nov. 22, 1941. Two of my father's sisters, Sophie Stern and Toni Stern, were on the same train, which took over 900 Frankfurt Jews to what's now Kaunas, Lithuania. They were all shot to death on arrival, at the infamous Ninth Fort. A memorial to these victims was recently dedicated at the site: . More information about the transport:

On Thu, Nov 7, 2019 at 8:18 AM Kathy Miller <kathyjmiller@...> wrote:
The oldest daughter of Israel Goldmann - Henriette - married Simon Herlitz. The couple had a lot of children and the two sons 
Hans (grandfather of Hanna, 1873-1942) and 
Ismar (1877-1941) went from Neisse to Frankfurt. 
The third brother in that region was Fritz Herlitz (1871 in Neisse - 1948 in Marburg). 
I don't know how and why he, his wife and his son survived WW2. He was Jewish, his wife was Jewish and the son was Jewish. Suddenly during WW2 the wife was no longer Jewish but protestant. I don't know why because  her birth certificate has been sited.  Her mother was Jewish without any doubt.
Family Herlitz moved from Frankfurt to Marburg during WW2, the son, Michael had a cinema after the war and they lived in Bahnhofsstrasse 22. 
Michael Herlitz lives in Bahnhofsstrasse 29, Marburg.
I've written to him with no response...does anyone out there know of this person or family?
Thanks in anticipation


Dorohi cemetery (Romania)


Hello Genners,


I have been working on the Dorohoi Jewish Cemetery listing  and it is  now at 93%.  No further images are available.  I’ll be happy to complete the listing once I am informed that the rest of the images have been released.   Shalom, Malka