receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails

Family and DNA

I've been receiving both individual mails AND digests. I've received several different digests just today!

I have gone into my subscriptions & changed it to individual emails instead of digests, if this doesn't work to get rid of the digests I will repost...

(I also put in a signature, it would be maybe good to add a piece of text on the window where you can create a signature, saying the max length? And also maybe it would be nice to see the signature when writing an email online?)

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

Avraham Groll

With regard to other discussion lists, we have only upgraded the main JewishGen Discussion List currently, and will be focusing on the other lists in the near future.

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

Avraham Groll

Thank you for your message.
A hashtag is represented by the following symbol: #.
By adding a hashtag in the subject line, you can categorize  your message. For example, for this message,  we assigned the category of “#Help.” If your message was related to Polish research, you could add the hashtag of #Poland in the subject line. In this way, other researchers would know what category your post was related to.
I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if I can ever be of help.
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Avraham Groll
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Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

David Lewin

I am sorry - I am utterly bewildered. Probably too old to
understand the computing jargon of what is actually the most welcome
new platform. I hated not being able to send an attachment and I
always had trouble with "text only".

I am automatically subscribed to the general list. OK, I had to
change to "digest" to "individual" and eventually found that.

Do the other SIGs continue as before? What are "#Hash" ? I a,
incapable of reading volumes of Guide lines in the hope of finding
this explained in words which I can follow

David Lewin

Re: Rules & Guidlines for Posting

Peter Lebensold

May I make a further suggestion?
If you are posting here to draw attention to a document newly added on Viewmate - please include the presumed family names (in capital letters) involved in your document, so that those of us scanning Group messages can quickly see what Viewmate documents might be relevant to our own researches.  It’ll save a lot of time spent logging into Viewmate only to discover the document doesn’t apply to us.
Peter Lebensold, Toronto 

Re: Albán #galicia

Linda Kelley

Hello, Juan,
Galicians speak a language similar to Portuguese and Spanish, and 
Alban might have been the surname your ancestors assumed when they lived in Galicia, or when they sailed from Galicia to Ecuador 400 years ago. 
One of the meanings of Alban is "white." Alban might be a surname taken to substitute for "White." This could have referred to white hair, a white house, etc.
Behind the Name says:  From the Roman cognomen Albanus, which meant "from Alba". Alba (from Latin albus "white") was the name of various places within the Roman Empire, including the city Alba Longa. This name was borne by Saint Alban, the first British martyr (4th century). According to tradition, he sheltered a fugitive priest in his house. When his house was searched, he disguised himself as the priest, was arrested in his stead, and was beheaded. As an English name, Alban was occasionally used in the Middle Ages and was revived in the 18th century, though it is now uncommon.
Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland, OR, USA

Re: Research

Ron Hoenig

You could try Kleinberg and other surnames in JewishGen for the appropriate country - Hungary/ Poland/Ukraine 

Good luck! Bonne Chance

On 10 Oct 2019, at 5:40 pm, Olivier Neuman <olivierneuman1104@...> wrote:

I have two questions.
My Maternal grandparents were married both a First Time with other People before the war. They had both kids. Two sons for my grandfather and two girls for My grandmother. I have the Name of My grandmother’s first husband but Nothing for My grandfather’s first family except a photo of his first wedding (the bride and him on thé photo).
Is it possible to find something about all those first families who died during the Shoah (husband, wife, Kids) knowing that the different acts of wedding are certainly less than 100 years.
If someone could help me to find all those persons, please
Thank you

The names I know:
- my grandmother Sack (König) Esther Chuve (Elsa) born in Schodnica, Poland (Ukraine) in 1905 married First Time with apparently Kleinberg Oskar

- my grandfather Ernst Jozef Friedman born in Horodichsche, Poland (Ukraine) sept 15, 1904. Don’t know his first wife’s Name.

Envoyé de mon iPhone. Olivier

Seeking help finding birth records or other records in Czernovitz #ukraine

Miranda Spivack

I am trying to track down birth records or other records about my grandfather, who lived in Unter Stanesti and possibly elsewhere in Czenovitz until he emigrated to the US in 1911.
All suggestions welcome.
Miranda Spivack
Bethesda, Md.

Re: Albán #galicia

Dov Sandy

In case you don't get helpful responses here as it's so new, may I suggest posting your question on Facebook Group  "Tracing the Tribe".  Tracing the Tribe has over 30,000 members and there's likely someone who can help you.
Best regards,

Moderators Tip:
If using Facebook, we also recommend that you try the JewishGen Jewish Genealogy Portal (which is run in partnership with JewishGen). Best of luck with your research!

Looking for family in Israel #israel

Gary Pokrassa

I am trying to make contact with the Bar-Zion, Eldadi or Zilverberg family in Israel.  My GGF was Benzion Zilverberg and GF was Joseph.  I have just made contact with the Australian branch of the family and we both would love to get us all together.    I found a family tree posted on MyHeritage but I don't have access.  Please contact me at pokrassa@....
Gary Pokrassa
JGID 70858

Re: Tracing family in Poland #poland

Daniella Alyagon

There is no way to avoid working with records written in Russian as that was the language used at the time.

Are the from the town of Kalisz itself or from the area around it?

What records have you searched so far?


Jewish internees in Italy 1940-43 in Ferramonti di Tarsia, Calabria and in Notaresco,Abruzzo #austria-czech


My late father Dr David Ropschitz (born Lvov 1913, grew up in Vienna, studied in Genoa) was an internee in both Ferramonti in Calabria and Notaresco in Abruzzo. His memoir is to be published this year I hope. I have a collection of black and white photos from those days which I will be including in the book. I am trying to find their real  names (my father used fictitious names in his memoir as he wrote it as a novel) so that their descendants might see the photos and also read about the characters described. If anyone has an interest in that period please contact me. Kind regards. Yolanda Ropschitz-Bentham, Somerset, England

Re: Research

Maury Kitces

Have you looked at yad vashem?  There are several possible candidates there.  For example,

Re: Hapsburg Empire immigration/Hungary #hungary


I would like to learn more about Jews who immigrated to the US via Panama.  My grandfather-in-law immigrated to the US in the late. 19th Century.  He left no information about his family or location in what is now Hungary.  It was part of the Hapsburg Empire before WW I.  He immigrated at 17 years old because family lore said he did not want to go into the Kaiser's army.   He was in Los Angeles soon after his immigration and then San Francisco, where he married and lived until his death in the early 20th Century    Where can I find ship passenger lists/manifsts from Panama?  HIS NAME WAS IGNATZ KLEIN.  He changed his surname to KLINE soon after he immigrated.  Please help.  Donna Kline

Re: Albán #galicia

Sally Bruckheimer

You need to work back from the people you know, to find out who your ancestors were. People changed their surnames at times, often to hide relationship to Jewish families. You can't go by a random person 500 years ago with that surname.

Re: Research

Sally Bruckheimer

Have you tried Yad Vashem? They would probably have records of them.

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Re: Margins

Avraham Groll

Hi Ellen,
Thank you for your message.
We would be glad to try and help. Please email support@....

Tracing family in Poland #poland



I am attempting to trace my fathers ancestors. His grandfather (Morris Kletischy - surname might be slightly different) and grandmother (Leah ne Witcowska) were from Kalisz, Poland. They were jews and were 'asked to leave' by the Russians in about 1881/1882. They came to England, along with Morris's brother Isaac, and settled in Whitechapel, London first appearing in the 1891 census. They had a number of children - Lazarus, Abraham, Rose, Solomon (my Grandfather), Rebecca, Hyman & Myra.


After a couple of years Morris changed the family name from Kletischy to Morris (he also changed his first name to James) but my Grandfather (Solomon) changed his surname later from Morris to Reid.


I have been to Kalisz twice and visited the archives office but the records are sparce and mostly in Russian. Can anyone give me advice on where I can continue my quest for information.



Adrian Reid

Re: Sig subscriptions

Avraham Groll

Thank you for your message.
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