Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

fred feldman

Very hard to understand.  Will need to try for a while to see if it was worth it.  Role out not adequate.  Old system was easy and adequate.

Re: Stop the daily digests

Judith Diamond

I agree. I don't want multiple emails on same day, but I can't find how to reduce them though the instructions say it is possible. Wasting time searching.
Should I have replied to group or to .. .   ?  How would I know?
We need clear instructions - 1) do .., 2) do ... etc
EPEL, GLUCK from Leckava,Lithuania and WAINER from Lithuania
GEDVICER from Latvia
FINKLESTEIN FROM Kaunas and St Petersburg
LECHNER and RATH from Kolomyya and Cernauti/Czernowitz, 
and HOROWITZ and HOLZER from Krakow.

Re: New System


I too agree that there are too many digest in one day.
The white on green is not eye friendly.
If there was original a request for help and one person responds, the original text does not show up. 
After a while it becomes time consuming to open the response tab and read the original message and the close it. 
Did anyone ever have a group of users run beta testing on the new software?
If so, next time I think a larger or different group is needed.

Marvin Zaveloff
Bordentown, NJ

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

Deborah Blinder

As there have been so many comments expressing dissatisfaction with the new discussion group platform, I feel I must add my voice to the other side. I think the changes are very good and long overdue. There may be some fine-tuning yet to be done, but overall, I'm quite pleased. 

Deborah Blankenberg

Re: Digest format

Paula Eisenstein Baker

 And suddenly (in the most recent digests) half of the messages are on the right side of the screen (many short lines of text), with their margin close to the edge!

Paula Eisenstein Baker
Houston, TX

so many digests

Judy Salomon

Today, Oct 13th I received 5 'main digests' in my inbox. I use Chrome as my browser. My temporary solution is to unsubscribe for a few days and then re-subscribe. I hope things will be fixed in a few days so I only get one digest per day. 
Judy Salomon
New Jersey

Re: receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails

Victoria Barkoff

User-friendly sites have a Preferences button for managing
subscriptions, etc. I could find no such option here.

I did discover what appears to be a quick and easy way to change your
subscription preference to Daily Summary (i.e. only 1 email per day):

Click on "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the digest (or individual
message, I presume). This opens a page with several options. Select
"Switch to Daily Summary". I hope this works. Not very intuitive, but
I had a feeling that if I "threatened" to unsubscribe, I might be
offered other options!

Oops, I just received another digest! Does this mean that my request
for one per day did not take effect? I'll see what happens tomorrow.

Victoria Barkoff
Montreal, Canada

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1


I agree with Joan, too many digests!

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

You agree with what?

Avraham… this is what I meant yesterday..   People respond, but in many cases the message they are responding to does not appear…       

Barbara Mannlein

On Oct 13, 2019, at 1:15 PM, sharon yampell <genealogicalgenie@...> wrote:

I agree
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Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

Werner Hirsch

I'm sure a lot of work went into redesigning this discussion group, but I agree with Leslie.  As things are now, I'd be happy to see the old layout once again.

New Haven, CT USA

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

Nicole Heymans

Although I was somewhat taken aback initially by the new Discussion Group format, there are clearly a number of improvements over the old format.

My favourites:
Emails sent from my gmail address (which defaults to formatted text) will no longer be returned requesting "text only".
A few clicks allow us to visualise a full thread of discussions. Pure bliss. An immense improvement over the old system. See Avraham Groll's message in this thread, Digest #8, message 2d, 12 Oct 2019 23:21:39. 

You might need to adapt Avraham's instructions to your configuration. I find in Thunderbird clicking on "reply to group" produces a blank page, but "View/reply online" leads to an online form; scrolling down will take you to "View all nn messages in topic".

We (members) hope SIGs will be adapted in the near future. Reassurance from JewishGen on the matter would be welcome. Also availability of discussion group archive messages in the JGen search engine. These archives have been unavailable for nearly a full year.

I am happy to see that messages of approval of the new platform are gently outnumbering disapproval, and trust genners will adapt wih mutual help.

Nicole Heymans
near Brussels, Belgium

Hebrew/Russian translation requested


I have attached the back of a photo which is half in Russian and half in Hebrew.  I would be most grateful for a translation.

Many thanks,

Judy Wolkovitch


Sophia Shore

why is the topic in thee digest so schruncjhed togeter, making it totally unreadablre?

Re: Genealogy software for Mac

Jack R. Stokvis

I used Reunion for Mac for many years. However, if you use, you must enter data manually. Today, I consider this a major time consuming problem making Reunion obsolete.

As a result, imported all my data from Reunion and purchased MyFamilyTree by Mackiev for the sole reason that it imports and exports data between MFT and

Unfortunately Reunion which I prefer does not have this vital link.

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Frequency of new formar


Is is not possible to send out maximum of ONE email update a day for this group and with all related replies tied in underneath each message? If not, I will move to weekly.
New format is not very efficient or user-friendlly as is. How do others feel about this? Sorry, know you are all working hard at this! 
Janyce Lastman, Toronto ON  janllb@...

Re: Multiple digests

Family Bonds

Go to your settings and switch your settings from full-featured digest to daily digest.  See attached snip.

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

Karen Schwartz

I agree with the thoughtful comments and suggestions of those who have indicated that this new format is cumbersome and awkward. Additionally, it wastes time, is unclear
and is quite user un-friendly. Some of us belong to more than one group and previously, prior to opening the email, one could easily see which group was sending the email.
Now, that is no longer visible.

Perhaps you had to make some updates but if they provide any benefit, it would seem that it accrues to the organization and not the users.

Please reconsider. It’s not that those who are complaining are unwilling to have any changes - it’s that these changes are burdensome and inefficient.

Thank you.

Re: Genealogy software for Mac

Jo Ann Goldwater

When the consensus was to use Reunion, I investigated. It turned out that mine was Reunion 9 and I was just able to upgrade to Reunion 12 ($49.99)

Re: receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails

ms nodrog

I do not have a link at the bottom of these digests to changer how often I receive them.  This is what is at the bottom of the digests I am receiving:
"You are receiving this email because you are subscribed to main@... via msnodrog@.... You can unsubscribe here"

Please go back to the old format.  This new format, getting multiple emails is very annoying!

Re: Multiple digests

Dov Sandy

I received five digests in under 2 hours today. We should just be receiving one per day.

Thank you,
Sandy Hack
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