Re: Hebrew/Russian translation requested

Linda Kelley

Hi, Judy,
The top paragraph might be in Yiddish.
The bottom paragraph mentions the date 29 July, 1947. Possibly the top was written by an older person, and the bottom was written by a younger person who was educated in Russian.
(I don’t know either language.)
Linda Wolfe Kelley

Comments about format change

Dahn Cukier

A few comments and a suggestion

suggestion: Shorten the [] title to 2 or 3 characters
so the subject can be seen.

Comment: People do not like change

Comment: The new format may be intuitive for a software or computer literate
person, but most members of JG are interested in genealogy not
computers. e don't mind turning thousands of pages in a state archive,
but do mind following various  links to find how to ask or respond to posts.

Comment: Change is disruptive and many messages will be missed until
people are comfortable with a new format.

Re: New JewishGen platform


Joan B. expressed my sentiments perfectly.  I am still willing to learn my way around the new system, but long for the ease of former setup.  Good thing that together we can work out bugs and smooth [add/ delete] features on this before messing around with the SIGs.  [Like other users, I seem to have 'lost' all SIG Ukraine contact.]

I understand the need for upgrades for public use and updating the inner workings of the software.  Maybe it is too much in one bite?
Thanks to the many volunteers who have been active for years, I have a lifetime of archived threads to comb for clues and info.  ")

Re: Digest

Joan Edelstein

The numerous digest is definitely a glitch that needs to be fixed. I was unable to find a way to switch to daily summary in my account under manage my subscriptions or under HELP. So I sent an email for help and got an automated response, including how to switch to daily summary with a email.

I emailed for a daily summary, and it turns out that’s what I’m already getting. However, I have now gotten something like seven digests today. This is the email that I received:


We have received a request to change your email delivery settings for the Your current setting is "Summary" and the request is to change it to "Summary" . If this is correct, please just reply to this email and your email delivery setting will be changed promptly.

If you did not request this, please accept our apologies and ignore this message. Your email delivery setting will not be changed.

The Team

Re: SS5 Question for Immigrants #usa #poland

Danielle Weiner


Are you certain that you had to be a naturalized citizen to receive a SS#?  My father received his SS# in 1936.  It states he was born in St. Louis, MO but he was actually born in Vilna in 1908 - I found his birth record after researching a Vilna birth index.  I have other paperwork (like marriage licenses and Armed Services documents) where he claimed to have been born in St. Louis.  I imagine many immigrants made such claims for various reasons at some point after spending some time in this country.  I have never been able to find any evidence of naturalization or petition for naturalization for him in public records, so I believe he might very well have received a SS# without proof of citizenship.  I doubt seriously that he had a birth certificate either, having come to this country in 1922 at the age of 13 with his grandparents.  I am not so sure proof of naturalization/citizenship was required in the early days of Social Security administration.

Danielle Weiner
Dallas, TX

Searching:  Vainerovich, Geler, Berenshtein, Burshtein, Rabinovicz, Cykinski, Fin, Gurwicz, Jablonowski, Kamionsky, Kotlovsky, Levit, Merkel, Okun, Shibovsky, Shimanovich, Stziplevsky, Szejman, Szesol, Taub, Winogron, Zalkind, Zetler

Known locations:  Vilna (Vilnius), Butrimonys, Rudamina (Vilna gubernia), Anyksciai

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

Ina Getzoff

I am torn between liking the new format and wanting to go back to the old format but am willing to wait and see how this will work out. As Nicole has pointed out-more members seem to like the new format over the old.

Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Fla.

Re: so many digests

Ed Goldberg

The reason why there are so many digests is because so many people keep on complaining about the number of digests! If people stopped complaining and posting their complaints the number of digests would drop - it's quite simple really

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 - responding to the new format

Odeda Zlotnick

Deborah Scheimer

I'm also happy with the new version of the discussion group. I think it has a very clean interface.  I use Google Chrome. Great Job,  team!

- Deb Scheimer

I agree.  Google Chrome here as well.

Odeda Zlotnick

Re: receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails

Shelley Mitchell

I don’t have an option to switch to daily so I sent a message to Help asking them to do it. Hope it works.

There is a daily option. Please go to your individual page and note how you want message delivery (see example below)

Email Delivery

Individual Messages You will receive each message in an individual email. Full Featured Digest Group up to 12 messages together as one email instead of being sent individually (rich formatting). Daily Summary A daily summary, delivered in the morning, of the group's messages from the previous day. Special Notices Only You will only receive special notices from the moderators.

Re: Frequency of new format

Judi Gyory Missel

I am receiving multiple digests a day...#15 and #16 in just the last few hours. Was this the intent? If so, it does seem a bit intense. Is there a way to default to one a day, similar to the past schedule?
Judi Missel
Mesa, Arizona

Moderator Note: You can change the e-mail setting to one of four by simply going into your profile and updating it to which one that you want: Individual, Full Featured, Daily, or Special Notices only. See example below

Email Delivery

Individual Messages You will receive each message in an individual email. Full Featured Digest Group up to 12 messages together as one email instead of being sent individually (rich formatting). Daily Summary A daily summary, delivered in the morning, of the group's messages from the previous day. Special Notices Only You will only receive special notices from the moderators.

Re: Multiple digests


But the daily summary is only a list of subjects, the full messages are not included.
Michael Tobias

Sent from my Samsung S9+

Moderator Note: If you "hit" the subject, you will see all of the messages associated with it

Please help with Hungarian translation on Viewmate

Beth Galleto

I have posted a birth record from Balassa Gyarmat in 1900, Viewmate 75421. I don't read Hungarian, but I think it says the parents are Lipot Y. Kohn and Maria Gelb, and the child is Yolan. This might be the record for my grandmother's sister, who was known in the U.S. as Julie Kohn. Her father was known at different times as Jozef, Joseph, and Leon. Her mother was known as Mary, and I know Mary's maiden name was Gelb. I haven't been able to find a birth record for my grandmother or any of her siblings, so this could be important. Please respond through Viewmate, and thanks for any help you can provide. 
Beth Galleto

Re: Multiple digests


I have not used these groups before.  But I am very confused as to why I receive many e-mails each day.  One concise e-mail would be sufficient!  Barbara Hacker Berman

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

fred feldman

Very hard to understand.  Will need to try for a while to see if it was worth it.  Role out not adequate.  Old system was easy and adequate.

Re: Stop the daily digests

Judith Diamond

I agree. I don't want multiple emails on same day, but I can't find how to reduce them though the instructions say it is possible. Wasting time searching.
Should I have replied to group or to .. .   ?  How would I know?
We need clear instructions - 1) do .., 2) do ... etc
EPEL, GLUCK from Leckava,Lithuania and WAINER from Lithuania
GEDVICER from Latvia
FINKLESTEIN FROM Kaunas and St Petersburg
LECHNER and RATH from Kolomyya and Cernauti/Czernowitz, 
and HOROWITZ and HOLZER from Krakow.

Re: New System


I too agree that there are too many digest in one day.
The white on green is not eye friendly.
If there was original a request for help and one person responds, the original text does not show up. 
After a while it becomes time consuming to open the response tab and read the original message and the close it. 
Did anyone ever have a group of users run beta testing on the new software?
If so, next time I think a larger or different group is needed.

Marvin Zaveloff
Bordentown, NJ

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

Deborah Blinder

As there have been so many comments expressing dissatisfaction with the new discussion group platform, I feel I must add my voice to the other side. I think the changes are very good and long overdue. There may be some fine-tuning yet to be done, but overall, I'm quite pleased. 

Deborah Blankenberg

Re: Digest format

Paula Eisenstein Baker

 And suddenly (in the most recent digests) half of the messages are on the right side of the screen (many short lines of text), with their margin close to the edge!

Paula Eisenstein Baker
Houston, TX

so many digests

Judy Salomon

Today, Oct 13th I received 5 'main digests' in my inbox. I use Chrome as my browser. My temporary solution is to unsubscribe for a few days and then re-subscribe. I hope things will be fixed in a few days so I only get one digest per day. 
Judy Salomon
New Jersey

Re: receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails

Victoria Barkoff

User-friendly sites have a Preferences button for managing
subscriptions, etc. I could find no such option here.

I did discover what appears to be a quick and easy way to change your
subscription preference to Daily Summary (i.e. only 1 email per day):

Click on "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the digest (or individual
message, I presume). This opens a page with several options. Select
"Switch to Daily Summary". I hope this works. Not very intuitive, but
I had a feeling that if I "threatened" to unsubscribe, I might be
offered other options!

Oops, I just received another digest! Does this mean that my request
for one per day did not take effect? I'll see what happens tomorrow.

Victoria Barkoff
Montreal, Canada

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