Hebrew/Russian translation requested


I have attached the back of a photo which is half in Russian and half in Hebrew.  I would be most grateful for a translation.

Many thanks,

Judy Wolkovitch


Sophia Shore

why is the topic in thee digest so schruncjhed togeter, making it totally unreadablre?

Re: Genealogy software for Mac

Jack R. Stokvis

I used Reunion for Mac for many years. However, if you use, you must enter data manually. Today, I consider this a major time consuming problem making Reunion obsolete.

As a result, imported all my data from Reunion and purchased MyFamilyTree by Mackiev for the sole reason that it imports and exports data between MFT and

Unfortunately Reunion which I prefer does not have this vital link.

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Frequency of new formar


Is is not possible to send out maximum of ONE email update a day for this group and with all related replies tied in underneath each message? If not, I will move to weekly.
New format is not very efficient or user-friendlly as is. How do others feel about this? Sorry, know you are all working hard at this! 
Janyce Lastman, Toronto ON  janllb@...

Re: Multiple digests

Frank Bond

Go to your settings and switch your settings from full-featured digest to daily digest.  See attached snip.

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

Karen Schwartz

I agree with the thoughtful comments and suggestions of those who have indicated that this new format is cumbersome and awkward. Additionally, it wastes time, is unclear
and is quite user un-friendly. Some of us belong to more than one group and previously, prior to opening the email, one could easily see which group was sending the email.
Now, that is no longer visible.

Perhaps you had to make some updates but if they provide any benefit, it would seem that it accrues to the organization and not the users.

Please reconsider. It’s not that those who are complaining are unwilling to have any changes - it’s that these changes are burdensome and inefficient.

Thank you.

Re: Genealogy software for Mac

Jo Ann Goldwater

When the consensus was to use Reunion, I investigated. It turned out that mine was Reunion 9 and I was just able to upgrade to Reunion 12 ($49.99)

Re: receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails

ms nodrog

I do not have a link at the bottom of these digests to changer how often I receive them.  This is what is at the bottom of the digests I am receiving:
"You are receiving this email because you are subscribed to main@... via msnodrog@.... You can unsubscribe here"

Please go back to the old format.  This new format, getting multiple emails is very annoying!

Re: Multiple digests

Dov Sandy

I received five digests in under 2 hours today. We should just be receiving one per day.

Thank you,
Sandy Hack
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Re: Digest - Solved!

Peggy Mosinger Freedman <peggyf@...>

I had the same problem, but then I clicked on the top line of text where it says that you can "edit your subscription here" and the word "here" is a link.  I was able to switch from send me a message every time there are ten to twelve messages to send me a digest one time a day.

I like the new format.  It is cleaner.  It is easier to read.  I think the images will be a nice addition.  It will just take us old codgers a while to get used to change!

Peggy Mosinger Freedman

Your New Format Is Related To iTunes


Listen Up -

It appears it is quite possible that you timed your new, anything-but-straight-forward, format to the disappearance of iTunes (as we knew it, anyway), and BOTH ‘“improvements" are disagreeable.  CHANGE ISN’T ALWAYS A GOOD THING!

There was, possibly, a lack of “educating" your members beforehand and slow-walking us into your new format, instead of just throwing us into the pool and expecting us to swim.   

. . . And I wonder if it is coincidence, but my oft-used password didn’t take.  Connected?

Sandi Root

Actively Searching:



Re: receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails

Ronald D. Doctor


You suggested,

"At the bottom  of each digest should be a link to "Your Subscription."  Click on that, and you'll get to a page with four choices how to receive postings"

There is no such link any place on the digests I've been receiving.

Btw, you message was in Digest #13, the SIXTH digest message I've received from JewishGen today. This definitely is not what I want.

On the other hand, having links to the messages in a summary at the top of each digest is a good feature, long overdue. However, what we need to accompany that feature is a link to "Top" that is located at each message in the digest.


Ron Doctor (rddpdx@...)
Co-Coordinator, Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP/Jewish Records Indexing-Poland
an activity of the Kremenets District Research Group (KDRG)
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Board Member and Past Coordinator
JewishGen Ukraine Special Interest Group (Ukraine SIG)
Coordinator, Jewish Genealogy Cooperative of Kansas and Missouri

Researching DOCTOR (DIOKHTER), VARER, AVERBAKH, KORENFELD ... all from Kremenets, Oleksinets, Yampol, Vishnevets
and KAZDOY (KOSODOY), DUBINSKI, DUBOWSKY ... all from Kiev, Uman, Odessa

Re: Change

Sally Bruckheimer

There are still separate SIG groups.

WOLF in Worms vital record

John Anderson

I have posted a vital record in German on ViewMate which I need translated. This may be my ggf’s brother.....It also mentions Deidesheim, Frankenthal and people I do not yet know.....
Please respond wherever you find easiest! 

John Anderson
Orlando, Florida

Re: receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails

Joyaa Antares

Hi All,

Big thanks to Hilary Henkin for her helpful message "At the bottom  of each digest should be a link to "Your Subscription."  Click on that, and you'll get to a page with four choices how to receive postings ....   Individual Messages / Full Featured Digest / Daily Summary / Special Notices Only".

For me, using MS Outlook, "Your subscription" appears at the top rather than bottom of each digest, but it's certainly there.

Unfortunately, the original welcome post (title" Welcome to the Discussion Group!) from the JG Discussion group was misleading.  It read "Subscription Settings: Your default setting is to receive a daily digest of messages. ...."  This suggested a daily summary, but was not the case for me, nor I suspect for many of us.  Instead I was defaulted to packs of 12 messages, arriving several times daily.  As Hilary writes, go to your subscription - and you may be asked to create a password, but this is a pretty quick and painless process - and change your setting to the one you prefer.   (A daily summary is what I want and now have).

To those questioning the lack pf messages from regional SIGs, this always happens over Jewish holidays.  The SIGs are working fine.

I wish the organisers & moderators all the best with instigating this new system that I am sure we will get more used to over time.  A bit like the mobile phone.  Or the car.  

Warmly, Joyaa, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Re: receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails

Joan A. Baronberg

1. So I’m trying to reply to Hilary Henkin, and I don’t see her email address. How can I reply directly to her/him?
Then, when I press “reply to group,” all I get is an email address of “main@groups” and No copy of the message to which I am “replying” is enclosed. That makes no sense! How will anyone know to what I am “replying”?

2. For years and years, I could read my Digest delivery once a day and it was clearcut and effective. Now, WHY, am I receiving 8-10 emails a day from JewishGen? Why doesn’t my all-in one true digest form stay as is? BTW, I definitely do Not want to receive individual emails.

3. I also tried to change the style of my subscription in which I receive these emails. I wasn’t successful in finding a way to do that. I simply do not understand why every person needs to formally change their subscription style. A stupid hassle.

Conclusion, One more day of this, and I will cut my cord with Jewishgen. That is a sad story as I am a long-time member (and even started a discussion group —SRRG).

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

Joan Edelstein

First, I’m very pleased with the digest format, thank you!

However, I’m also getting numerous digests each day. Having read the posts, I understand the digest should have up to 12 messages, though I’m not sure why it’s limited to 12 (I get digests in other groups that have over 20 messages). I would be fine with 12, knowing that’s the max. Unfortunately, so far today I’ve received four digests; one with 7 messages, two with 9 messages, and one with 10 messages. I think that’s probably on the sender end. It would be very helpful to have the maximum number of messages in each digest, which I expect will be shorter once the glitches are ironed out. It would also be helpful to increase the number of messages in the digest, as the reason we subscribe to digest is not to get so many emails.


Re: Genealogy software for Mac

Lynda Zakrzewski

I use Roots Magic 7 on a MacBook Pro using Windows 8.1 (using Parallels) and have never had a problem and my IT expert says there is no problem continuing with this as Parallels has been 64 bit for some time.  I have never used the Mac version.

Multiple digests


Today I received Digests for the main mail group numbered 30 thru 36 at different times during the day. Up until now I only got one digest from the group each day. Each of these digests looked normal and had several topics in each. They were not duplicates. 

I thought the purpose of the digest was to limit the emails to one per day. If there are many topics on a given day will we get several digests?
Mary-Jane Roth
Alexandria VA

Re: Digest

Fran Cohen

So far today I have received 5 digests from groups.jewush.gen. I also have not receive any postings from the other SIG groups I belong to. Once a day is a good pace. What happened to our other SIG posts? 

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