PLEASE READ: Multiple Digest Issues

Nancy Siegel

We understand that many of you are frustrated with receiving multiple digests on the same day. The current default setting of “Full Feature Digest” compiles up to 12 messages together and then sends them as one Digest email. When more than 12 messages and replies are sent to the Group, more than one Digest will automatically be created. We will explore if there are ways to modify this and will get back to you. In the meantime, your patience is greatly appreciated as we are taking all of your suggestions and recommendations into consideration.


Other options of delivery currently available are: 


Individual Messages - each message sent separately to you

Daily Summary - an index delivered each morning of the group’s messages posted the prior day; subject line only, not the full message

Special Notices Only - sent occasionally by the Group’s Moderator


If you want to change to one of the other above options, at the top of the Digest page there should be an option, under the green banner, to “edit your subscriptions, here.” If that doesn’t appear on your page, you can change your subscription settings by clicking on “View/Reply Online” found after each message, then clicking on “Subscription” on the left-hand side of the page. Or by clicking on “Unsubscribe Here” at the bottom of the digest page. This will bring you to a page where you can click on the delivery option you want.


On a related topic, there have been no changes to the SIG Groups.

Thank you,

Nancy Siegel (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Communications Coordinator

Replying individually to someone who has posted a message

Bruce Drake

I'm sure the answer to this is staring me right in the face, but on the old listserv, when someone posted a message you could see his/her email address is you wanted to send a reply that might not be of interest to the whole group. But I'm not seeing it on this new platform. Where do I look or how do I do it?

new format


There is much I like about the new format, including the ability to skip directly to messages that interest me.  I now see that I can cut-and-paste previous comments if I wish, but they no longer appear automatically, which was convenient.  I can also reply directly from my email client (Google, in this case) without going to the website, just as before.  

However, the roll-out has been problematic.  Why am I now receiving 3-4 Daily Digests a day instead of one?  Is there a limit on the number of messages for a digest, perhaps?  

Why do some posts have no private email addresses to which we can reply?  That requires public replies when that is not necessary?  

I assume these bugs will be worked out sooner or later, but I hope it's sooner.

Barbara Sloan

ViewMate Posting: Yiddish translation of photo inscription


The photo in the following ViewMate posting shows an inscription in Yiddish that I found on the back of a photo of a man holding a child.  Can anyone translate it for me?

Thanks for any input!

Roy Ogus
Palo Alto, California
r_ogus at

Moderator Note: please respond privately

Re: receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails

Judi Gyory Missel

Updating pages and an entire website is the pits...been there, done that. When I go to the mailing list management page

I am given these options:
 DIGEST — Receive daily digest with all the messages of the day
 INDEX — Receive daily index of the subject lines of the messages of the day
 MAIL — Receive mail as it is contributed
 NOMAIL — Receive no mail — Temporarily stop the mail

In the answers to organizing my responses for the new mailing group, these are my options:

Individual Messages - You will receive each message in an individual email.
Full Featured Digest - Group up to 12 messages together as one email instead of being sent individually (rich formatting).
Daily Summary - A daily summary, delivered in the morning, of the group's messages from the previous day.
Special Notices Only - You will only receive special notices from the moderators.

So, how and where can I access the new mailing group preference? And do the old choices page still apply or will that eventually match the new pages?
Judi Missel
Mesa, Arizona

Re: so many digests

Susan Kobren

I can understand why people are having problems. I tried to follow Peggy’s directions but still could not find a place to change to Daily digest by following other instructions - and I am very techie. I finally found out that since I have been receiving this list for so long, I never signed up with a password. Once I did that I was able to see how to change my preference.
Susan Kobren
New Jersey

Re: Stop the daily digests

R Jaffer

If you are having difficulty changing to a daily summary, try doing it from a computer instead of your phone. That may be true for some tablets also but I'm not sure. From a computer log in with the new password you created for the Discussion Group mailing. While at that site you can change your mailing frequency. I couldn't do it from my phone. 

websites and aids


As some of you know  I have organized 4 websites:





Up to recently I had aids who pasted material on these websites for me.
Now 2 of my aids are unable to do so anymore.
What shall I do to paste material om these websites?
As understood , I have received and organized more recent material which I would like to paste on these websites.
I have contacted Susanna many times with this problem; but up to now have not received any help.
Thanking you in advance

Re: #Digest

Jews from Bukovina

Help Please!

How does one search for Peggy's original post? 
Shouldn't it be attached above  so we can all follow along? What am I missing?

And... Thank you Jewishgen for your new format! It will take time on your end to work everything out and on the users end as well...... I look forward to all the wonderful changes!  Mazel Tov. Great job! Discussion Group - Digest #1


I find the formatting for this new type of posting to be distracting and uncoordinated.  I'm sorry to say so, because I've been an ardent reader since inception of the former discussion groups...and that's a lot of years and viewing. My method was to scan down the 'table of contents', and pay attention to subject matter. Then, I'd scroll through the various postings, primarily looking for words/content of interest such as surnames and communities which I am personally interested in.  The format was even, well spaced and subject pertaining - and any time I spent on it was deliberate.  It was truly 'a joy' to be able to go online and communicate internationally - after so many years of searching in other manners (since circa 1972).

With the new format, I find the colorings to be distracting, the spacing to be awkward, the icons irritating....and in general, the entire thing is difficult to scroll through systematically.  Disorder and poor spacing are very irritating to me, personally.

I completely prefer the former systems and postings, being able to zero in on my personal choices, and to briefly skim irrelevant posts to my family searches.  There was order and conformity to it all...and I miss that!

As an active genealogist,  small group discussion presenter locally, and 'keeper' of a very large email address book of interested individuals, I am sorry that I can no longer forward individual preference postings by geographic area to my mailing lists.  People really appreciated and commented on being able to 'zero in' on Hungarian or Polish or ------ readings, and now it is scattered and disorienting.

Thank you for the efforts of the site originators, but the new format 'does nothing for me'.
Judie Cynkus Rice
JGSLA former area coordinator for So.Bay/LongBeach/near OC communities


Seeking information on Yedvabne, Llamza District

Hallie Metzger

To JewishGen

I am seeking information on Yedvabne, Llamza (Lomza) district where my
great-grandfather Jacob Yablowski (Yalofsky) was the cantor/shochet in
the late 18oos. My grandfather was born there about 1880.

You can answer privately,

Thank you, Hannah Metzger, hallie.metzger@...

Re: Question to Judith Diamond

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>


Look at the incoming message header… It shows who originated it….  That’s how I got your address so that both you and the group could receive this.


On Oct 14, 2019, at 9:33 AM, s.lynn.diamond@... wrote:

Judith, are you the daughter of Samuel and Sophie Diamond, or of Herman and Freda Diamond?

And sorry if this has gone out to the whole group; I could not see how to respond just to Judith, who wrote the message. If that is not a feature of the platform, it should be.

Sherry Diamond

Re: Digest - Solved!

Karen Franklin

Technical questions about the discussion list (receiving emails too often), concerns and suggestions for improvement may be sent to support@... rather than on the list itself.  Guidelines for posting may be found here: Please also note that postings should relate to Jewish genealogy (not general questions about database software, etc). That so many people are passionate about Jewish genealogy and receiving the list is really great. Thank you!

Re: Question to Judith Diamond


I had a high school classmate in Brooklyn, class of 1937, whose name was Muriel Diamond. Is there any connection?

Moderator Note: please respond directly to Judith instead of to the group.

Re: Comments about format change

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>


On Oct 13, 2019, at 10:34 PM, photograve99 via Groups.Jewishgen.Org <> wrote:

A few comments and a suggestion

suggestion: Shorten the [] title to 2 or 3 characters
so the subject can be seen.

Re: New format

Judith Wolfe

I prefer the new format as it is clearer than the previous one and much easier to follow.  I also prefer the daily digests as I look for names similar to the many I am researching.

Thank you for updating the site.

JGSGW Presents Telling Your Story, Leaving a Legacy with Anne Bolen on Sunday, October 20, 2019

N. Kotz

Attached please find information on the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington's program and workshops on October 20, 2019. Hope you can join us.

Nancy C. Kotz

Vice President for Communications, Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington




Vital record in German: WOLF, OPPENHEIMER

John Anderson

I would like a full and as complete translation as possible for the
death cert. for Babette (Barbara WOLF) who was married to my gg-undle,
Isaac WOLF. I have most names, but want to know the full context
including dates and locations, occupations, etc. Thank you!

John Anderson,
Orlando, FL

Moderator Note: please respond privately

Nathan Schultz information


I am having difficulty finding any information on any relatives of my paternal grandfather.  I cannot find anything regarding his parents and if he had any siblings.
Here is the information that I do have.

Nathan Schultz born 1876 in either of these cities or possibly somewhere else:  Borisov, Dokshitsy/Belarus
He immigrated to US on 9/18/10.  It appears as if he came alone and his wife and children following in 1912.

These are other names that might be relative.
Natan Moshe Schultz
Reb Nosom (Nossel) Moshe ben Reb Nisson (HaCohen)

I am looking for any information or ideas how to find out additional information.  I have pages upon pages of
his wife Sosha Kabotznick.

Thanks for your help.

Nanci Stein

Moderator note: please respond privately

SIG membership lists subscription lists

Chaim freedman

I cannot find my list of SIG membership lists from the new main page of Jewishgen.

Sent from chaimjan@...

Chaim Freedman

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