Re: venezuela

Judith Elam

I lived in Venezuela many years ago. There is a community near Caracas founded by Germans called La Colonia Tovar. But I don’t think it’s specifically Jewish. 

Shanghai Jewish Cemetery

Marilyn Robinson

Someone recently asked about burials in Shanghai. There is information at the following site: "Shanghai Jewish Memorial", 
You can search by family name. There is also a list of family names from tombstones found to date on the site:

Marilyn Robinson

Re: Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate


I see the tiny black line on his chin in this photo, but I'm not sure it's a "scar." The photo has numerous, similar black lines in that area of the image. So many, in fact, that they may simply be flaws on the surface of the photo. Take a closer look and see what you think...
Maryann Aberg
Medford, MA

Re: Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate

Linda S. Mintz

I actually thought it was Bill Macy when I first saw the picture.

Ann Gold Schwartz

Gayle Schlissel Riley

HELP..for years I have been trying to find the death records for Ann(ie) Gold Schwartz. Born 1894 in Phil. Penn..Last records recorded alive in 1940 census. in Los Angeles. Listed with her son Martin, who was 15yrs. I believe she died at LA county hospital..maybe as a crazy person. I went to the old records, hall of Records. LOOKED many times..I saw actual records. BUT none could I prove was the real lady. Can someone advise me HOW to find a common named person?Her husband or the man she married was a bigamist. Maxwell who stayed in Phil. The person who could have filled out the death cert. Could be Kate Keys or Sara Eder. I looked at the cemetery I believe to have her body. BUT I can not prove it was her. ADVISE or help me..Please help..Thanks Gayle


xan madera

hi everybody,
does anyone knows about a jewish german community near caracas /venezuela?
i met a guy from there in santa marta colombia who is searching connections to germany with the names:



GIBER is maybe the same as HIBER or HEBER

thank you

Re: Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate

Pieter Hoekstra

You might be right Maryann, though comparing images online I cannot see that little scar on his chin. I screenshot a number of images and pasted into a word doc to compare. Earlobe similar, same crease down side of mouth, same lift on side of nostril, end of chin similar and distance chin to lip.

How to Use Hashtags

Nancy Siegel


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This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page

Bruce Drake

One dark cloud that hung over the head of many Jews in the Pale was the prospect of getting conscripted into the Russian army. This loomed large after Czar Nicholas, in 1827, made Jews liable to army service and cancelled their prior privilege of providing money ransom instead of conscripts. In “Military Conscription in Lipkan” from the Yizkor book of that Moldovan town, the writer recounts: “There were four ways to get out of being drafted, and these four ways were each designated with a ticket of a different color. There was a white one, a blue one, a red one, and a green one. A white ticket meant that the young man was very ill–with heart disease or tuberculosis, or something else of which he had no hope of being cured.” There were many ways to achieve this ranging from starving one’s self or shaving one’s head so as to look younger than the required age of 21 to the examiners. Other Yizkor books have accounts of young Jews maiming themselves (such as by cutting off a finger). If someone did not report for the draft, his closest family had to pay a fine of 300 rubles (a fine that was apparently levied on some of my own ancestors who left Kovel for America in 1904, according to records I found). 

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

"Esther Euriather" in the 1881 England Census

M. Ronn

Hello JewishGeners,

The 1881 England Census lists someone who ancestry and FindMyPast both transcribe her name as Esther Euriather, age 16, along with her son Richard, age 1. I can't find them under this spelling in any other records. Does anyone have any ideas for a different transcription of this surname or any other leads?

Please respond privately.

Thank you and have wonderful day,

Michoel Ronn
New York

Re: Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate


Could it be Wolf Martin Garber (May 18, 1922 – October 17, 2019), known professionally as Bill Macy, an American television, film, and stage actor, best known for his role in the CBS television series Maude (1972–78)?
According to Wikipedia, "Macy was born in May 1922 in Revere, Massachusetts to Mollie (née Friedopfer; 1889–1986) and Michael Garber (1884–1974), a manufacturer. He was raised Jewish in Brooklyn, New York. He worked as a cab driver for a decade before being cast as Walter Matthau's understudy in Once More, with Feeling on Broadway in 1958."
Maryann Aberg
Medford, MA

Re: Sarah Klenoff at New Montifiore

Moishe Miller


Right next to Sarah is Jacob Klenoff. Does that help you in your research? 
When researching, I think it important to also compare the society name, to see if other family members match. Also, when asking for help, you might want to include a map. New Montefiore makes both these items available for free, on their website (note, the attached map is TWO pages):
Interment #:M27147
First Name:SARAH
Date of Death:5/19/1964
Block:14 View Block Map

Also, I checked Ancestry, and there is a tree of this family posted at
showing Sarah to be born 1886 in Starodub, Bryansk, Russia with a Marriage on 10 Dec 1904, Krolevets, Sumy, Ukraine, to Yankel-Jacob Zalman Klinov-Klenoff (1884–1969). Sarah passed away in Dade county, Florida. Sarah was the daughter of Pinchas Velvel TsymbarovThe tree owner is Lisa Liel of Jerusalem, Israel. I have no other detail.

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

Re: Operation Todt - Saint Maur, France [ Richard KAHN]

David Lewin

That is most interesting - thank you!!

I wish I could find an archive of OPeration Todt


At 15:49 29/01/2020, Valentin Lupu wrote:
A search for Saint-Maur in France reveals 8 different places:
The one near Paris (Bernard FLAM's reply) is Saint-Maur-des-Fosses. I think the relevant location is probably Saint-Maur-des-Bois, a small village in the La Manche region (The EnglishChannel). It is located some 20 miles from the Normandy beaches, the theater of D-Day invasion. Normandy beaches were heavily fortified under the management of "Operation Todt" using slave labor.

Valentin LUPU

Baron Hirsch Cemetery -Staten Island - Felshtin Society Burial Plot


       This is from Author Barbara Fischkin. I am a trustee of the Felshtin Society Felshtin was a shtetl in Western Ukraine (Podolia). My late mother (Ida Siegel Fischkin) was born there and came here, as a child, with her family after the 1919 pogrom. My grandparents are buried in the cemetery and we are looking for others with roots in Felshtin who might have relatives buried there - and I might also be interested in our efforts to restore the Felshtin Society Plot. My grandparents are among those buried there. (Gertrude and Isaac Siegel). If you think you have relatives buried in this section of the Baron Hirsch Cemetery and would like to help, please let me know. I have names of those who are on headstones but no contact information for many of their descendants. Thank you very much.

Re: Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate

Geoff Bradley-cox

I thought perhaps it was the actor Roy Schneider who was in the movies 'Jaws' and 'All That Jazz', but I don't recognise him from the photograph.


Re: town finder in Bohemia from 1800s

Bob Lenk

I believe the town is Dolní Jamné, Bezvěrov, okres Plzeň-sever, Plzeňský kraj, known as Unter Jamny in German.  There is one existing vital register, HBMa 315, at

Bob Lenk
Fort Collins, CO USA

I'm trying to find a modern day town for a shtetl written on several family documents.  Town search hasn't been helpful.   I've seen different spellings  "Untergamnie,"  
"Unter Jamney," "Unterjanij,"   "Unter-Tomnie." The family name is Bymel and they immigrated to Chicago.
Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance.

Shelly Levin

Re: Dutch translation

David Lewin

Use   it is far superior to to the Googletranslator

At 23:35 30/01/2020, Shelly Crane via Groups.Jewishgen.Org wrote:
Is there anyone  who can translate a document from Dutch to English? It's from my great great grandmother. 

Please reply privately,
Thank you

Shelly Levin


Intro. to Jewish Genealogy offered at the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, July 2020

Emily Garber

Commit to furthering your genealogy education! Wednesday, 5 February 2020 marks the opening of registration for all courses offered during this coming summer at the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP), one of the premiere genealogical institutes in the United States. This year, for the first time, GRIP will offer “Introduction to Jewish Genealogy.” This in-depth course will provide a foundation for family history research on Ashkenazi Jewish people in Eastern Europe and the United States and will be offered from July 19-24, 2020.

Topics will include: Changing boundaries in Europe; European industrialization and migration; Hebrew and vernacular first names; Ashkenazi surname adoption; developing a Jewish genealogy research plan; immigration, settlement and naturalization in the United States; considerations for analyzing Jewish DNA for genealogy; records specific to the Jewish community; burial customs and cemetery records; identifying immigrants’ original first and last names and communities of origin in the Old Country; conducting research in Russian and Austrian-Hungarian Empire records; getting creative when records are scarce; Holocaust and pogrom records; and essential Jewish genealogy websites.

Emily Garber will serve as course coordinator for “Introduction to Jewish Genealogy.” The teaching cadre will include Emily, Dr. Janette Silverman, Lara Diamond, and Marian Smith.

Genealogical institutes offer students options for intensive study of genealogical topics during five days of classes taught by well-known and respected experts. In 2020, GRIP will offer 20 courses in three separate week-long learning opportunities at La Roche University in Pittsburgh, PA. Other courses offered in 2020 include genetic genealogy; forensic genealogy; genealogical documentation; New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and German genealogy research; immigration; land and property records; and more! A list of courses may be seen at where each course title links a description and schedule of each of the 18 sessions being presented.

Online registration for courses at the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh opens on 5 February 2020. Some courses will fill quickly and it is advisable to register as soon as possible to ensure enrollment. For further information about registration see: .

Emily H. Garber
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Re: town finder in Bohemia from 1800s

Renee Steinig

The place appears to be what's now Dolní Jamné (4958 1303) in the Czech Republic.

I found it by searching the JewishGen Gazetteer ( a town name that contains the text JAM, near Prague.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Shelly Crane <Crzprncess@...> asked:

I'm trying to find a modern day town for a shtetl written on several family documents. Town search hasn't been helpful. I've seen different spellings "Untergamnie,"  
"Unter Jamney," "Unterjanij,"   "Unter-Tomnie." The family name is Bymel and they immigrated to Chicago.

Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate

Peter Dreifuss

I'm trying to determine the identity of a cousin of my mother (maiden name SCHNEIDER) for genealogical purposes. He was an actor on television (in the 1970s) and was possibly in a few films. I don't believe he was a SCHNEIDER. I came across his photo that I put up on ViewMate at If you have any ideas please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Pete Dreifuss
Silver Spring, MD
Watertoen, MA

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