Re: Idea for a new presentation .... reactions?


I would attend this presentation. 

I understand the importance of turning over every stone. I have not heard of the examples that you mentioned; I have copies of NYC marriage licenses, but have no idea if any of them had any attachments..  

I would want to hear specific examples of what to look for, and where/how to find them. A written list would be helpful, rather than us trying to take notes as you are speaking. 

Since I live across the street from the Ackman Ziff Centre, I would really like it to be offered there!

E.J. Kornfeld

Re: Idea for a new presentation .... reactions?



My answer is a definite yes.


Idea for a new presentation .... reactions?
From: A. E. Jordan
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2019 16:29:18 EDT

Curious to hear a few reactions to an idea I just had for a new presentation.  Wanted to know if it was offered by your local group would you want to attend or would you say Oh I know that.... and skip it?

My idea is a presentation about the importance of turning over every stone in your genealogy research.

What I would do is show examples of the documents I have found in obvious and not so obvious places.  For example attachments to NYC marriage licenses or documentation attached to a passport application.  Odd bits from probate files. etc.

Of course, not everyone is going to get so lucky to find these documents but the message of the presentation is to not stop looking for the unknown and undiscovered.  I have always been an advocate of taking the research into these lesser used resources and this would be examples of the lucky finds to encourage people to keep going and look in the unsuspecting places.

Would you attend this presentation?


Allan Jordan

Looking for URI SOVIV #ISO #Israel


I am looking for one Uri Soviv who was born in Nebraska to Aaron and Judith Soviv in 1943.  They left the United States in 1950, went to Israel and returned in 1951. The family resided in New Jersey and Rhode Island. Uri attended Bard College.  I am unable to located Uri in the United States and my guess is that he either changed his name OR he went to Israel.  Judith Soviv died in 1991 in Jerusalem and Aaron died in 1997 also in Jerusalem.  His brother Avraham died in 2014 in Jerusalem and he is buried at the Har HaMenuchot Cemetery along with his father.   We are trying to find out if there is an office at the cemetery that may have information on the burial to locate any family members.  

Thank you so much.,
Elissa Boyet
Charlotte, NC 

Romania SIG #Romania Looking for Geza FEUERSTEIN - Reine GIRARD #Romania

SFeuerstein <ethnoca@...>

Recently it came to my attention that the son of Martin FEUERSTEIN and
Rosalia MOSES >from Bucuresti survived the Holocaust.  He married his wife
Reine still in Bucuresti, they ended up in a refugee camp in Italy in 1948 and
requested to emigrate either to South America or to Palestine. We would be
overjoyed to find out where did they finally land, and if they had descendants
to maybe have a chance to connect with them. 

Sarah Feuerstein, Toronto, Canada

Re: Idea for a new presentation .... reactions?



I would attend such a presentation.  My suggestion would be to focus on the "not so obvious":  sources and documents that people may not know about, and what they can offer the researcher.  You can then provide examples of what you've learned from these sources.

-Ellen Morosoff Pemrick

leaving the prior email when answering

Judite Orensztajn


It would be nice to leave the message we are responding to when writing the answer, so it will be easier to know which was the question when reading the answer.

Thank you! Hag sameach,

Judite Orensztajn, Jerusalem

Seeking people connected to the Brodsky family “Sugar Kings of Ukraine” #Ukraine

Sheila Toffell

There is a story in my maternal grandmothers family that she was in some way connected to this very illustrious family. It is intriguing bc we do not know her maiden name, in fact know nothing but her first name, but a cousin who is a grandson of great aunt was also told the story in more detail by his mother than my mother apparently knew, so it seems to be a fact. Unfortunately my research shows many of the Brodsky family were killed in the Shoah, but browsing online one day I discovered an old Ancestry blog thread of a discussion where other people had been told the same story as the two of us. Is there anyone else that was told this story? 

Sheila Toffell
Glen Rock NJ
Researching Korsunsky, Kramer, Bresenov, Lakomski, Rachwalski, Toffel, Feldman, Lazarus and the towns of Stavische, Boguslav in Ukraine and Slesin, Skulsk, Sompolno, Josefow nad Wisla, Krasnik and Opole Lubelskie in Poland. 

JRI Poland #Poland ViewMate Translation Request - Polish #Poland

Shuki Rothfarb <shuki.rothfarb@...>

I've posted a record in Polish, for which I'd like a full translation
if possible.

The record is a Marriage Certificate of Boruch Blusztajn and Menia
FlecBojm dated 1907.

Boruch is the grandfather of my friend Baruch Gabinet for whom I am
doing this research.

It is on ViewMate at the following address
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page

Thank you very much,

Joshua (Shuki) Rothfarb

Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Lithuania 1874 Revision List question #Lithuania

Jill Anderson <ja324435@...>

In answer to Jerry Zeisler's question:=20

The 1874 revision list includes Part 1 and Part 2. Can someone please
explain the difference? The formatting is slightly different as well.

Also, does anyone know if the films are digitized and available online?

According to Russ Maurer, our records acquisition expert, Part 1 was
completed first and put onto the free "All Lithuania Database". Part 2
came after. The reason for the different templates is that in Part 1,
there wasn't a place to record the gender of the person. Also, the
members of the families were not grouped as they are in Part 2. But,
there is no difference between the two Parts in the actual information
(except as noted above).

Some vital records were scanned by the Mormons and we have links to
some of those scans. However, many were not scanned but we have
translated all the information on the original records, so you will not
find extra information on the originals.

Jill Anderson
President, LitvakSIG

London, UK

German SIG #Germany Re: Searching for my Grandmother Selma ZWIENITSKI's grave - FOUND! [GerSIG success story] #Germany

Selma Sheridan

Dear researchers,

Heartfelt thanks to the many clever and generous people at GerSIG who
quickly found the answer to my question.

It was interesting to learn the variations in the spelling of my
grandmother's family name: 1- SWINIZKI - painted sign on family's
shop in Bremen, also in my mother's handwriting in
Personenbeschreibung, 1939 - ZWIENICK - surely a typo - in

ZWIENICKI - appears in most other documents 4 ZWIENITSKI probably a
transcription error.

Many thanks again to each and every researcher who sent stories,
documents, links, clues, a summary, even a photo of the gravestone
of my grandmother.

Selma Sheridan, Oswego NY <ssherida@...>

German SIG #Germany RE: Unusual phrases encountered in Heiraths-Akt documents [another success story] #Germany

Peter Straus <pstrausSF@...>

Thanks to the many GerSIGers--over a dozen--who responded to my query the
other day, copied below. My apologies for not responding to everyone

Many of you correctly identified the first word I asked about as
"Entlassungsschein," meaning military discharge papers or certificate.

My inquiry about "Ganzerbe" was more of a puzzler, although several of you
split the words apart, as did I initially, seeking a translation. But
thanks to Gerhard Buck, who alone had the insight to realize the word I had
inaccurately transcribed was actually "Gewerbe" in the common phrase "ohne
besonderes Gewerbe" meaning "without a particular profession" (or
occupation), the phrase generally applied in that era to wives as
homemakers. This one's a little embarrassing; I'm familiar with the phrase
and should have been able to decipher it myself.

So thanks to Gerhard and thanks to all of you for your help!

Peter Straus, San Francisco pstrausSF@...

I have been working with a number of Standesamt documents >from the early
1800s, and have encountered some phrases in Heiraths-Akt (Marriage
Certification) documents that I can't satisfactorily translate >from online
translators, online searches, or my old Langenscheidt dictionary.
I'd appreciate any insights any of you can provide. These words and
phrases are based on my transcriptions of old German script, so there
could also easily be some transcription errors creeping in here too.
The words and the phrases in which they appear are:
1. The word or phrase "fetlasseugschein" (could be three words
"fetlas seug schein") in the phrase "Militaerypflichtigkeit laut dem
aus vorgelegten und
wieder zurueckgegebenen fetlasseugsschein..."
2. The word "Ganzerbe" (one word) in the phrase "dessen daselbst ohne
besonderes Ganzerbe..." (followed by a date).

German SIG #Germany INTRO Researching SCHANZER family from Wadowice, Galicia #Germany

Jessica Skippon <jskippon@...>

Good afternoon, GerSig,

I have just moved to this group >from Gesher Galicia because my towns are at
the edge of Galicia and the family identified as German, not Polish.
I have been studying my family history since 1988 and consider myself
to be advanced although frustrated in German Jewish research.
Although born in Brooklyn, I live in London, England. I speak English with
a smattering of phrases in other languages and a good use of Google
Translate. Old German hand-writing is frustrating but I can catch most
of it, although missing out some important words. I have been using
computers since 1981 and they still get the better of me.
My sister lives in Pennsylvania and
Andrychau and Viktor SCHANZER of Wadowice, my maternal great-grandparents=
. I know his father was Zvi Hirschl, and mother Chaje (unknown) and various
Andrychau relatives were JACHZEL, MOSES, LUFTGLAS, TIRAS.

My primary research goals are a one-name study of SCHANZER in the 19th
century, finding where Fani BIRN died on 15th March 1919, and putting
relationships to the names I have.

My JGFF researcher number is 491153.

BIRN: Bernard married 1. Martha JOACHIMSMANN and 2. Shifra FEILER in Berlin.
Another BIRN brother, Ignatz, born 1872, sent my grandmother many postcards
>from around Europe 1895 - 1905 or so. The last was >from Fiumi, Italy.
There was another BIRN sister but my grandmother hated her so much she
never told me her name. I believe she moved to Hungary.

SCHANZER: There are four Viktor SCHANZERs born between 1855 and 1890 in and
around Wadowice, most with a father named Herschl. I am trying to work out
their relationships. One Viktor became a newspaper publisher in Dortmund.
He died in Theresinstadt; two daughters died in camps. His wife and other
children managed to get to New York. His grandson's widow, Whitfield Lloyd
SCHANZER lives in Florida.
Jacob married Feigl SCHWARTZ, daughters Gelle (m. Joachim GLUCKSMAN) and
Rywka (m. Isak WALDNER).
Siegmund SCHANZER, my grandmother's brother, had an inn in Sittkeman,
Kr Goldap, East Prussia after WW1 and was forced to move to Berlin in
the early 1930s. Most of his family perished in the camps. Two older
sons were sent to Palestine in the 1930's, Menachim and Heinz, who
ended in Brazil.

The third surviving son, Reuven, was on the last boat leaving Germany
for Palestine in 1940. After leaving Israel in 1962, he settled in
Flushing, New York.

BORGER: Fani's possible parents, David and Yetti, buried next to her first
husband. Someone has suggested Fani was born in Osiek 32-608, near
Oswescim (Auschwitz).

JACHZEL: Fani's first husband Raphael, died in a fire about 1880, leaving
her with four young children in Andrychau. Fani's daughter Babette BIRN
married Ferdinand JACHZEL abt 1890 and they had two sons, Raphael, who
escaped to Brazil, and Felix, who served in the German Army in WW1
and I cannot trace after May to September 1938 in Dachau. He had been
living in Vienna before then.

Jessica Skippon, London England jskippon@...

Moderator Note: Welcome to GerSIG. I suggest that you write one or more
shorter messages to our forum. In each shorter message, state individual
questions you need help with. Good luck. Moderator

JGS New Mexico: Jewish DNA/Gen Workshop #DNA #Sephardic #CryptoJewry #research

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Are you in New Mexico or nearby? Don't miss this annual event.
JGS New Mexico & Casa Sefarad NM
present the
2019 Jewish DNA/Genealogy Workshop
Sunday, November 17, 2019
9.30a-4.30p (with lunch)
JCC of Albuquerque, NM
Four Speakers & Lunch:
Gil Bardige: DNA Workshop
Todd Knowles: Jewish Records
Miguel A.Torrez: NM Gen Society DNA Project: What NM's DNA Reveals
Rabbi Jordi Gendra-Molina: Family Stories of the Spanish Citizenship Program and Spanish Archival Documents
Fee: $25 (with lunch), $15 (Bring your own)

(funded by a Jewish Federation of New Mexico grant)
More  info: casasefaradABQ@...
#cryptoJews #sephardic #DNA #Research

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Albuquerque, NM

Polish citizenship #Poland


Hi Everyone, 

My cousin in Argentina is seeking Polish citizenship. 

Can anyone recommend an agency in Poland to help him to present his documents?

I would like to hear any and all experiences with this subject.

Hag Sameach!
Thank you,
Susan Viuker Lieberman
New York, NY

Re: Require translation of Arolsen Archives documents

Lewis, Megan

Dear Rose Raymen,

The USHMM Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center created a glossary of terms found in Arolsen Archives records which is online at

Megan Lewis
Reference Librarian, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Re: South African Naturalisation Certificate #advice #Lithuania

Louis Zetler

Hi Shana,

Firstly, he may not have made an application for naturalization. If he went overseas from S. A., he must have made an application, because you had to naturalize in order to get a S. A. passport.

Secondly, the National Archives of S. A. is problematic in that, unless you enter the name as it was entered by the person doing it, you won't find it. E. g. I knew that my grandfather had made an application, but it was not listed under ZETLER. Eventually I looked for him under his first first name, and that was how I found it, listed as ZELTER!

Yokneam, ISRAEL

Re: South African Naturalisation Certificate #advice #Lithuania

Shana Mink

Hello Louis.
Thank you so much for your mail.
Yes - he did travel outside of South Africa. He had a passport. So he must have them been nationalised? Is that right?

I searched the archives under Barney Mink, Barnett Mink ans came up with nothing.
Also I called the Pietermaritzburg archives and they said they have no naturalisation certificate for him.

So at a dead end really.

Unless home affairs can assist. But I do not have a date of naturalisation and so unless they can search surname or name - I think stuck.

I did try to get an ID for him or search for him once at home affairs and they told me they do not recognize the ID number.

Sending thanks and regards.

Shana Mink.

On 21 Oct 2019, at 18:12, Louis Zetler <louis.zetler@...> wrote:

Hi Shana,

Firstly, he may not have made an application for naturalization. If he went overseas from S. A., he must have made an application, because you had to naturalize in order to get a S. A. passport.

Secondly, the National Archives of S. A. is problematic in that, unless you enter the name as it was entered by the person doing it, you won't find it. E. g. I knew that my grandfather had made an application, but it was not listed under ZETLER. Eventually I looked for him under his first first name, and that was how I found it, listed as ZELTER!

Yokneam, ISRAEL

Next Meeting of the Minnesota Jewish Genealogical Society, Sunday October 27, 1-3PM


Topic: Those Annoying Wonderful DNA Matches

Where: Knollwood Place Apartments Auditorium
3630 Phillips Parkway, St. Louis Park, MN

Speaker: Dan Kastrul - CEO, musician, photographer and above all else, DNA geek

Program: Are you considering a DNA test, but aren't sure what it can
tell you? Perhaps you’ve done a DNA test and now you’re receiving
notifications of matches. What are you to do with this information?
Dan Kastrul will help you make sense of those puzzling DNA matches.

This talk will include some hands-on exploration. We encourage you to
bring your laptop if available.

The program is free for paid members and $5 for non-members (applied
to membership fee when a visitor joins MNJGS) after their first

Register at Click on Events.

Walter S. Elias
President MNJGS

Plain text

Geraldine Courtney

Are we still having to submit questions in plain text under this new system? I thought everything had been updated,  but have just had three emails returned by JewishGen groups.

Thank you,

Geraldine Courtney, UK

ViewMate Translation Request Yizkor Book Article #Translations

Dave Lichtenstein

Hello Everybody

I've posted three pages of a Yizkor Book article "The Beitar and the
Revisionist movements in Pinczow" which mentions my maternal grandfather
Zelig Hering (whom I never met as he perished in Auschwitz) featured in "A
Book of Memory of the Jewish Community of Pinczow, Poland". I understand
that his name appears in the text which refers to the two group photographs
in the article. The article appears in pages 210-212 of the Book and is
available on ViewMate at the following addresses... ; and

I am of course looking for a complete translatlion of the text. I want to
know more about the Beitar and revisionist movements in Pinczow during the
two World Wars and also my grandfather's role in it. Also where he is
located in the group photographs.

Thank you very much.

Dave Lichtenstein

Researching HEING in Pinczow
Located in Sydney, Australia