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Re: Once upon a time there was a moderator for this group.....

Vivian Kahn

Thank you, Joel! There should be one or more skilled moderators for this list and all others that JewishGen sponsors. However, those who send messages need to pay attention to what they’re doing. An informative subject line is essential, surnames (and nothing else) need to be in upper case, and, if one is responding to a previous message, the original message should be copied and pasted as a quotation.

Vivian KAHN
Santa Rosa, California

Re: Passenger arrival records


I believe I may have found the Shlissel family on Ancestry's Canadian Border Crossings.  The ship is the Tunisian, arriving Quebec  on May 19, 1900. 
Destination is Pincus Shlissel 340 Hastings St. Detroit. There are two other families on the same manifest going to that same address.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 1/15/2020 10:28 PM, Gayle Schlissel Riley via Groups.Jewishgen.Org wrote:
Can someone help me find my grandfather's arrival records..I have tried but got no where..Hersch Schlissel born 1896 in Tarnobrzeg. his mother was Goldie/Chawa maiden name EDER.. They went to Detroit to father Pincus/Paul I figure they came into NYC They arrived in 1900..Please help me.. Passenger lists are the hardest..Thanks

Re: Passenger arrival records

Richard Werbin

Do you have an ancestry subscription?
If you do not have an ancestry account you can probably find this at

Hirsh Schlussel age 4
 in the U.S., Border Crossings from Canada
with mother Chave  age 28 & brother Chaim age 6 going to father Pincus at 340 Hastings? St.

Name: Hirsh Schlussel
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Record Type: Manifests
Birth Date: abt 1896
Arrival Date: 19 May 1900
Port of Arrival: Quebec, Canada
Ship Name: Tunisian
Residence Place: Gaifarnobrez
Line Number: 18

Re: What happened to threads?

Sue Martin

Got it - you will only see this button if there is at least one additional message in the thread.  Otherwise, there's nothing.

ViewMate translation request - Roumanian #romania

David (Toshiba) <dhcperso@...>

I request a translation of the Roumanian text on a 5 letter pages. It is on
ViewMate at the following address also 76693 to

Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thank you so much,

Yours David Cohen

ViewMate translation request - Hungarian #hungary

Omri Arnon

Dear group,

My great great grandfather was Herman Friedmann, who was a Cantor
(chazan) in Subotica. I just found his death registration and would
very much appreciate a translation.

It is on ViewMate at the following address

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Omri Arnon

Re: DNA ethnicity


Hi Ellen,  Thank you for taking to trouble to reply. I've made a note of The "Great Purge" for my reading. 
My mother definitely believed that Siberia was the end for her parents and they were never heard of again. I hadn't realised myself until recently that some survived Siberia or escaped.

Re: Once upon a time there was a moderator for this group.....


Mr. Ives,

You said it all so well!

I find it amusing that your one typo -- I didn't go looking, but it just jumped out at me -- is genealogy-related.  You suggest that a composer check the "spelling, punctuation, and the gramma ...".   Shouldn't Gramma be capitalized?  And why leave out Grandpa?


Now if people will only follow your valuable suggestions.

Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, NY

(not currently researching, but helping on ViewMate)

Re: Looking for help please - searching great grandparents

Carole Shaw

Marks d 16/7/40 & Esther Milly d 20/11/52 Albeitman are buried next to each other in Willesden United Synagogue cemetery, section EX, Row 16, Plots 852/3. Next time I'm there I will take photos for you.

By chance, I am in the National Archives, Kew, and found there is only a naturalisation record for Samuel Harry. I have ordered one to view in 30 mins and will photograph it and send to you privately. I have taken the liberty of submitting a Freedom of Information request for a closed record for SH which should be dealt with in a few weeks. I hope that is OK.

Carole Shaw, London UK
SCHNEIDER: Kamanets Podolsk, Ukraine & Libau/Libava/Liepaja, Latvia
KLUGMAN, GOLDSCHMID (plus variations), BRAUER: Libava/Libau/Liepaja, Latvia, Johannesburg
SAMSON, BLIK: Amsterdam, Zandvoort, Holland

Passenger arrival records

Diane Jacobs

First, I trust you phonetically searched for the both surnames below on NYC Passenger Manifests



Next since they went to Detroit, you also should search phonetically using for the

Canadian Border Crossings and the Canadian Passenger Manifests for many immigrants came that

way to get to Detroit.


After that you should search for all the other cities of entry using


Good luck.


Diane Jacobs



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Can someone help me find my grandfather's arrival records..I have tried but got no where..Hersch Schlissel born 1896 in Tarnobrzeg. his mother was Goldie/Chawa maiden name EDER.. They went to Detroit to father Pincus/Paul I figure they came into NYC They arrived in 1900..Please help me.. Passenger lists are the hardest..Thanks

Diane Jacobs

Re: The Zamosc Memorial Book is now On Line

Phyllis Berenson

Thank you so much for your translation!  My maternal grandfather, Isaac (Yitzchak) Finkelstein was born in 1889 in Zamosc and lived there until he left for the US in the early 20th century.  He was on the sub-committee for this book.  We have Finkelstein relatives in Israel who have the original book, but it's wonderful that now our English-speaking family can read it.
Phyllis Gold Berenson
San Francisco and Sonoma, California
Researching: BERENSON (Mogilev-Podolskiy, Shargorod, Ukraine), MILMAN (Briceni, Moldova) , FINKELSTEIN (Zamosc, Poland), GOLDFARB (Pavlivka. Ukraine,Poland), MELAMED (Lukiv, Ukraine,Poland), GOLDGEIN (Mogilev-Podolskiy, Ataki, Moldova)

Re: thoughts - opinions

Trudy Barch

miscarriage is different than a stillborn or still birth, if you prefer that word.

Re: Once upon a time there was a moderator for this group.....

Trudy Barch

I wrote thoughts/opinions and received many responses.   Sorry that you feel it wasn't enough.   IF you don't want to read the body of the message, you don't have to. 
Trudy Barch,  FL

Liski, Kolomea

Hannah Sperber

A town that was part of Austrian Empire and now is in the Ukraine.
Does anyone know the present day name of this town?

Hannah Sperber

Re: Once upon a time there was a moderator for this group.....

Judite Orensztajn

I would like to remind all the participants who live in the USA that there are people in this group that don't live in your country, and don't know the names and abbreviations of all the USA states. So, please, when writing where you live, add USA at the end. This is what anyone who lives in another country does, isn't it?

Thank you all in advance,

Judite Orensztajn, Jerusalem, Israel





Gesher Galicia SIG

January 27, 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of
Auschwitz. Between now and February 22, but mainly between January 27
and 31, a series of commemorative events is planned in 35 towns in
southeastern Poland, under the auspices of the Marshal of Podkarpackie
[Subcarpathian] voivodeship, Wladyslaw Ortyl.

The complete list of towns and villages is: Baranow Sandomierski,
Blazowa, Czudec, Debica, Dukla, Dynow, Glogow Malopolski, Gniewczyna
Lancucka, Grodzisko Dolne, Jankowice, Jaroslaw, Jasionka, Jaslo,
Jodlowa, Kraczkowa, Krosno, Lezajsk, Lubaczow, Markowa, Mielec,
Niebylec, Pruchnik, Przemysl, Przeworsk, Rudnik nad Sanem, Rymanow,
Rzeszow, Sanok, Stalowa Wola, Tarnobrzeg, Tyczyn, Tryncza, Ustrzyki
Dolne, Zagorz, and Zarszyn-Nowosielce. There will be talks, including
by Holocaust survivors, musical performances, exhibitions, church
services, and various other commemorative events.

The driving force behind this program, as in earlier years, is the
Department of Jewish History and Culture at the University of Rzeszow,
under Prof. Waclaw Wierzbieniec, who is also an Archival Advisor to
Gesher Galicia. Many other institutions, though, are also involved in
the sponsorship and organization of events, including municipal
councils, cultural centers, schools, teacher training colleges,
historical societies, organizations for the preservation of Jewish
heritage, museums, and local community groups.

One of the many people involved in the series of events throughout the
region is Gesher Galicia member Nina Talbot. On January 29, she and
Mark Rand will take part in the opening ceremony of the commemoration
events in the town of Dynow, held at the town's High School, with
their talk 'We lived together with you'.

For further information, please contact:
ur.dzienholokaustu2020@... at Rzeszow University,
or else: anna.dziama@....
English-speakers can also call for information at: +48 609504192, or
+48 661582989.

Michal Majewski, Holocaust Project Coordinator, Gesher Galicia
Tony Kahane, Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

Send all inquiries to one of the addresses given in the message above.

Viewmate Translation Request - Marriage Record in German #germany

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,
I've posted two related German texts clips >from the 1876 Marriage Record
of Moses Wolfsthal in Galicia (links below).

The first clip is the description of the groom, and the second is the
comment section. I would appreciate help in transcribing them.

Thank you! Yaron Wolfsthal (yaron.wolfsthal@...)

questions regarding Poland travel #poland

Leah Kushner

Hi All

I have been planning a 10-day Jewish heritage trip to Poland for
almost a year now. The trip begins this April. We are working with a
Krakow genealogist with a degree in Jewish Polish history. I put
together the itinerary. We are having Shabbat with the local Krakow
JCC. It is a small group of 14 >from Santa Cruz. We are traveling
with a Rabbi.

I would like to talk to anyone who has traveled to Poland as I
have some logistical questions about the shtetl's we are
visiting, synagogues, cemeteries, and some questions about
restaurants, Klezmer, etc. Please write me privately. Also if
anyone is interested in joining us please write me privately as well.
Most of the people traveling have Polish roots.

Leah Kushner
Santa Cruz, CA

Re: What happened to threads?

Sue Martin

Sounds great, but I do not see "view/reply online".  I am able to reply (obviously), but I don't see anything regarding viewing all X messages in topic.

Sue Martin
Cape Cod

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