Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate

Joan Rimmon

FYI, actor Bill Macy just recently passed away. He was a poker buddy of my husband, and he is dearly missed by friends at the casino.

Looking for Solomon FUKS

Ilya Zeldes

I'm looking for any information about Solomon FUKS, born in about 1850, somewhere within the Russian Empire, presumably within the Pale. There are about 500 researchers on the JewishGen looking for FUKS surname. Hope one or more of them may have some information...  Please respond privately.


Ilya Zeldes
Fort Myers, FL

Re: Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate

Pieter Hoekstra

Maryann, I've already agreed with you. :)

Givatayim, Israel - Meeting February 5, 2020 - The IGRA Collection - The Accessible Database

Hinda Solomon

“The IGRA Collection - The Accessible Database of Genealogical Research Documents in Israel”

Israel Genealogy Research Association - Speaker  Rose Feldman
The lecture will be in Hebrew
Wednesday, February 5, 2020

One of the goals of the Israel Genealogical Research Association (IGRA) is to make available certificates and documents about people who lived in Eretz Israel since the 19th century. We have collected scans of documents and certificates from many
archives in Israel and abroad. In the association's database you can search for
a requested name, in one search covering all the documents. Our database, as of
today, has over a million and a half lines. The bulk of the collection is from
the British Mandate period. The lecture will show the variety of the database
and will specify the sources of the certificates and documents.
Rose Feldman is
responsible for coordinating and developing new databases for the Israel
Genealogical Research Association (IGRA). Rose lectured at 9 international
conferences of the IAJGS International Association of Jewish Genealogical
Societies and in Israel in courses and seminars. At the IAJGS International
Conference in 2017, she was awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award, and the
IAJGS International Conference. In 2014, Rose Feldman, along with Billie Stein
and the late Mathilde Tagger received an award for the Digitization Project of
Montefiore Censuses.

Shazar Community Center, ground floor
30 Yavne’eli St.,Givatayim
Wheelchair accessible

Entrance fee NIS 20.     IGRA members no charge
19:30 Mingling and light refreshments
20:00 - 21:30 Lecture

Map:  :
E-mail:  hinda@...

Posted by Hinda Solomon
Rishon LeZion, Israel

OPINIONS and suggestions requested

Marcella Shames

I am looking for opinions and suggestions on further research regarding the following dilemma in which I find myself… is in regard to whether the father named on the headstones of two men is (or could be) one and the same person?

Meir Eliyahu father of Ze’ev (Wolf MEYERSON previously KAMINER) per Ze’ev/Wolf's headstone ..Hebrew translated privately

Meir Ayreh father of Noson (Nathan KAMINER) per Nathan/Noson's headstone ..Hebrew translated via Viewmate

A descendent of Wolf and a descendent of Nathan are a close 2/3 cousin DNA match…the two testers triangulate with other matches ..however no one has knowledge of the father of Wolf or the father of Nathan

I am researching Wolf’s line and have both Wolf and Nathan’s DN (death notice = part of a probated deceased estate in South Africa) in my possession…

Nathan’s DN gives his father’s name as Meyer Ellis….which I think translates nicely from Meir Eliyahu?

Wolf’s DN gives no parents’ names

Given that the informants on the death notices probably knew very little about the parents of Wolf and/or Nathan….. these two guys seem to have been the immigrant ancestors .. I am wondering what else I can do to support my hunch that Nathan b 1868 Mir Russia and Wolf b 1866 Mir Russia were siblings

Marcella Shames

Re: Where might I find information about a pogrom that affected my family in Russia, now Belarus #belarus

Bob Friedman

Attached are two items from the American Jewish Yearbook, Volume 8 (1906-1907):

"From Kishineff to Bialystok: 
Courtesy of the Museum of Family History

"A List of Leading Events in 5666: August 21, 1905 to August 15, 1906."
Bob Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

JewishGen Published Translation of the Miechov Memorial Book, Charsznica and Ksiaz

Joel Alpert
Edited is pleased to announce its 91st
title: Miechov Memorial Book, Charsznica and Ksiaz, Sefer Yizkor
Miechow, Charsznica, Ksiaz (Poland)

Original Book Editors: N. Blumenthal, A. Ben-Azar (Broshy)
Published in Tel Aviv in 1971 in Hebrew and Yiddish
By Committee of Former Residents of Miechov, Charsznica and Ksiaz

Hard Cover, 11” by 8.5”, 496 pages with all original illustrations and

This book contains many first-hand accounts and personal remembrances
of the survivors and emigrees from these towns and serves at a fitting
memorial to these destroyed Jewish communities and in addition bears
witness to their destruction.

For the researchers, this book contains a wealth of both genealogical
and cultural information that can provide us with a picture of the
environment our ancestors left when they left the town.
For all our publications see:

For ordering information see:

Discounts available for orders of 4 or more books: email to ybip@...
List price: $57.95 Available on Amazon for around $42 may have lower
prices elsewhere

Miechow, Poland 50 deg 22 min / 20 deg 2 min
Charsznica, Poland 50 deg 25 min / 19 deg 26 min
Ksiąaz Wielki, Poland 50 deg 26min / 20 deg 08 min

Alternate names: Miechow [Pol], Miechov [Yid], Mekhuv [Rus], Mekhev, Myekhov

Alternate names: Charsznica [Pol], Charsnitza [Yid], Kharshnitza
[Rus], Kharshnitse

Alternate names: Ksiąaz Wielki [Pol], Keshionzh [Yid], Ksyenzh-Velki
[Rus], Kshanzh Vyelki, Kshaz Vyelki, Kshanzh, Kshaz, Kshoynge,
Kshoynzh, Ksiaz, Xiąaz, Xions

Nearby Jewish communities:
Slomniki 9 miles SSE
Zarnowiec 11 miles NW
Wolbrom 12 miles W
Skala 12 miles SW
Wodzislaw 14 miles NNE
Dzialoszyce 14 miles E
Sędziszow 15 miles N
Proszowice 16 miles SE
Skalbmierz 17 miles E
Pilica 18 miles WNW

Joel Alpert
Coordinator of Yizkor Books in Print Project

Re: Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate


He looks most like Conrad Bain when I compare photos, but I noticed that his ear is shaped a bit differently, so I am not certain.  
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Where might I find information about a pogrom that affected my family in Russia, now Belarus #belarus


Family lore says that my grandfather, Isidore SLATAS, saw his sister raped and murdered in a pogrom in what is now Belarus.  This would have been some time between 1895 and 1905, when he emigrated to America.  His name was probably originally Yitzak ZLATES, parents Berke ZLATES and Ida KROP.  He was probably born in Kamenetz about 1892 or 1893.  I have naturalization papers for him from the 1930s as well as passenger ship manifests.  Is it possible to identify the pogrom and his sister, whose name I do not know?  There may also have been a brother, whose name I do not know.  
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate


I agree with the person who suggested on ViewMate that it might be Conrad Bain.  I don't believe it's Roy Scheider - not his smile.


Researching WEISSMAN/VAYSMAN (Ostropol, Ukraine); MOROZ and ESTRIN (Shklov & Bykhov, Belarus); LESSER/LESZEROVITZ, MAIMAN, and BARNETT/BEINHART/BERNHART (Lithuania/Latvia); and ROSENSWEIG/ROSENZWEIG, KIRSCHEN, and SCHWARTZ (Botosani, Romania)

Re: venezuela

Judith Elam

I lived in Venezuela many years ago. There is a community near Caracas founded by Germans called La Colonia Tovar. But I don’t think it’s specifically Jewish. 

Shanghai Jewish Cemetery

Marilyn Robinson

Someone recently asked about burials in Shanghai. There is information at the following site: "Shanghai Jewish Memorial", 
You can search by family name. There is also a list of family names from tombstones found to date on the site:

Marilyn Robinson

Re: Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate


I see the tiny black line on his chin in this photo, but I'm not sure it's a "scar." The photo has numerous, similar black lines in that area of the image. So many, in fact, that they may simply be flaws on the surface of the photo. Take a closer look and see what you think...
Maryann Aberg
Medford, MA

Re: Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate

Linda S. Mintz

I actually thought it was Bill Macy when I first saw the picture.

Ann Gold Schwartz

Gayle Schlissel Riley

HELP..for years I have been trying to find the death records for Ann(ie) Gold Schwartz. Born 1894 in Phil. Penn..Last records recorded alive in 1940 census. in Los Angeles. Listed with her son Martin, who was 15yrs. I believe she died at LA county hospital..maybe as a crazy person. I went to the old records, hall of Records. LOOKED many times..I saw actual records. BUT none could I prove was the real lady. Can someone advise me HOW to find a common named person?Her husband or the man she married was a bigamist. Maxwell who stayed in Phil. The person who could have filled out the death cert. Could be Kate Keys or Sara Eder. I looked at the cemetery I believe to have her body. BUT I can not prove it was her. ADVISE or help me..Please help..Thanks Gayle


xan madera

hi everybody,
does anyone knows about a jewish german community near caracas /venezuela?
i met a guy from there in santa marta colombia who is searching connections to germany with the names:



GIBER is maybe the same as HIBER or HEBER

thank you

Re: Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate

Pieter Hoekstra

You might be right Maryann, though comparing images online I cannot see that little scar on his chin. I screenshot a number of images and pasted into a word doc to compare. Earlobe similar, same crease down side of mouth, same lift on side of nostril, end of chin similar and distance chin to lip.

How to Use Hashtags

Nancy Siegel


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This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page

Bruce Drake

One dark cloud that hung over the head of many Jews in the Pale was the prospect of getting conscripted into the Russian army. This loomed large after Czar Nicholas, in 1827, made Jews liable to army service and cancelled their prior privilege of providing money ransom instead of conscripts. In “Military Conscription in Lipkan” from the Yizkor book of that Moldovan town, the writer recounts: “There were four ways to get out of being drafted, and these four ways were each designated with a ticket of a different color. There was a white one, a blue one, a red one, and a green one. A white ticket meant that the young man was very ill–with heart disease or tuberculosis, or something else of which he had no hope of being cured.” There were many ways to achieve this ranging from starving one’s self or shaving one’s head so as to look younger than the required age of 21 to the examiners. Other Yizkor books have accounts of young Jews maiming themselves (such as by cutting off a finger). If someone did not report for the draft, his closest family had to pay a fine of 300 rubles (a fine that was apparently levied on some of my own ancestors who left Kovel for America in 1904, according to records I found). 

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

"Esther Euriather" in the 1881 England Census

M. Ronn

Hello JewishGeners,

The 1881 England Census lists someone who ancestry and FindMyPast both transcribe her name as Esther Euriather, age 16, along with her son Richard, age 1. I can't find them under this spelling in any other records. Does anyone have any ideas for a different transcription of this surname or any other leads?

Please respond privately.

Thank you and have wonderful day,

Michoel Ronn
New York

25741 - 25760 of 665456