Viewmate translation - Polish and Yiddish


I have posted a marriage document for Abram Elo WEINGARTEN and Marjem Perla ZILBERWASSER in Lomazy, 1862. I would appreciate a full translation of the record. The viewmate number is 73963.
Thank you in advance,
Tammy Weingarten
searching WAJNGARTEN in Biala Podlaska, Lomazy, Lukow, Swierze

Dedication Ceremony in Nadvirna, Ukraine - Nadworna Shtetl Research Group #galicia

Steven Turner

On Tuesday May 5th, 2020 at 11 AM we will have a ceremony in Nadvirna, Ukraine to dedicate the fence constructed by the ESJF protecting the Jewish Cemetery. We will have members of our group from North America, Europe and Israel attending. We invite all our friends who can make it to attend. The ceremony will be conducted by the Nadworna Shtetl Research Group, the ESJF European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative, the City of Nadvirna, and Rabbi Moyshe Kolesnik.

We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Dr. Steven S. Turner
Founder Nadworna Shtetl Research Group
President, Gesher Galicia, Inc

Finding family in Israel #israel


Hi all 
I found out that my grandfather had an uncle that survived ww2 and lived with his daughter in Israel 
besides his name and his daughters name and where he is buried I can’t find any more information 
what should my next step be?
 Thanks in advance 

Badenski Stettin

victoria cook

Hi there, 

I am trying to look into my husband's family in more depth they always draw a blank when they get so far so I was wondering if anyone could help at all, the family name is badenski and was from the stettin/gnesen area I've managed to get to a Julius badenski but I am struggling to find any information on him, and also an Edith badenski (married name pump).
Many thanks in advance 
Victoria bailey 

New Book: “Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy: 2020 Edition”

Gary Mokotoff

Avotaynu has just published the 2020 version of “Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy.” The book has been regularly updated since 2010 because of the dynamic growth of Jewish genealogy research.


It is not a beginner’s guide, but a primer to demonstrate that there is a world of records and resources to help you to trace your Jewish family history. The book is only 104 pages, making it quick reading, yet it holds a wealth of information. An appendix includes a case study to demonstrate that tracing your Jewish ancestry can be done. The appendix documents how the book’s author traced the ancestry of the notorious Bernie Madoff back six generations using only internet resources. It includes the challenge that the name was changed to Madoff “at Ellis Island.”

Additional information, including the Table of Contents, is available at

Gary Mokotoff

Re: OPINIONS and suggestions requested

Joe Lissak

Hebrew men's names always have ben meaning son of & Girl s are Bas or daughters of.

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I had a similiar situation.   2 known brothers with father's name different on cemetery stones.    I was explained that one name was the first name and one had the middle name of the father. (as the younger family knew the man's name)
Trudy from Florida

Re: Where might I find information about a pogrom that affected my family in Russia, now Belarus #belarus

Bruce Drake

I do not know whether this info is of any help, but....

In July, 1915, Kamenetz and the neighbouring townlets were captured by the German-Austrian army which had successfully marched forward. The Russian army was shattered; it was retreating in confusion and carrying out anti-Jews pogroms. (Kamenetz as I Remember you
There are 14 Zlates listed in the Kamenets necrology here, though not with the given name you mentioned:
The most serious pogrom occurred in Odessa (with over 300 dead and thousands of wounded); another severe pogrom took place in Yekaterinoslav, where 120 Jews lost their lives. Altogether, pogroms were perpetrated in 64 towns (including, in addition to Odessa and Yekaterinoslav, Kiev, Kishinev, Simferopol, Romny, Kremenchug, Nikolayev, Chernigov, Kamenets-Podolski, and Yelizavetgrad), and 626 townlets and villages.
Also on this month, Iyar [May, 1882] many towns were set on fire by the. gentiles - the town of Kamenetz-Podolsk and all around it and also Kovno and other towns in Lita, Volyn and Poland. Some Jews left for America and the Land of Israel to till the land. Once there, 11 people from here united with people from Brisk.

I didn't find any immigration record on Ancestry

Re: Where might I find information about a pogrom that affected my family in Russia, now Belarus #belarus


Thank you so much, Bob. 

Wow, this is heart-wrenching as well as eye opening, even though I knew of these events in a general way.  

I should have been more specific, though.  I think the pogrom my grandfather experienced was in the 1890s, as he is described as being a small boy then.  I have a mental image of him hiding under a table, though whether that was actually mentioned, I do not know.  I will look further in the link you provided and hope I might find a little more.  

Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

February 9 JGS Conejo Valley and Ventura County (JGSCV) February 9 Meeting -- Exclusive Annual Assisted Research Afternoon

Jan Meisels Allen

JGSCV’s annual assisted research afternoon will be between 1-5 PM on Sunday February 9th.  No one will be permitted to enter before 1:00 PM. This meeting is open only for 2020 JGSCV paid members. You may renew or join at the door As of January 1 our dues have increased to $30 for a single and $35 for family of two residing in the same household.  Anyone may join JGSCV at the door.


Directions to LA FamilySearch Library (LAFSL):

The LAFSL is located at 1591 E Temple Way, West Los Angeles, on the grounds of the LDS Temple. Parking is free.

Street address: 10741 Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles on the grounds of the LDS (Mormon) Temple. From the 405 freeway get off at Santa Monica Blvd. and go east to Manning Ave. Turn north on Manning Ave, make the first left into the LDS Temple compound, proceed  right until reaching the Visitor's Center then, park along the fence.  The entrance to the LAFSL is on the right (east) side of the Visitor's Center. The  library is on the lower floor of the FHL-there are stairs and an elevator  from the first floor.  


No Comfort Animals

We have been requested by the Los Angeles FamilySearch Library director to remind everyone that comfort animals are not permitted and if you show up with one you will not be permitted to enter the Library. We are guests of the LA FamilySearch Library and therefore, we follow their rules. In the many years that JGSCV has been doing this annual research afternoon, we never had anyone bring an animal so I don't expect this to happen this time,


Computer Databases at LAFSL

LAFSL has the largest holdings of any branch outside of Salt Lake City! Take a look at their website at:  for a listing of the resources that are available for you. In addition to microfilms, microfiche, maps and books, they have 86 computers (PCs not Macs) that have access to  many  genealogical  sites  at  no  charge!  These  sites  include:  Alexander  Street  Press,  American Ancestors, (full institution subscription); ArkivDigital Online (Swedish), (institutional  version);  Fold;  The  Genealogist-Gold  Level;  Geneanet;  MyHeritage  (Library edition);  Newspaper  Archive, ProQuest  Obituaries; Newspaper  Archive;19thCentury  British  Library Newspaper  Digital  Archive;  The  American  Civil  War;  Women  and  Social  Movements  in  the  United States, and more!


JGSLA Library

In addition the library of our sister JGS, JGSLA is available for use at the library. The LAFSL is a non-circulating library, therefore nothing may be checked-out from the library.


Lockers and Food

There are lockers available for your use. In addition there is a lunch room in the back. As we are meeting on Sunday I cannot say with any certainty what if any food will be in the vending machines. If you wish to bring something to eat, eating is only permitted in the lunchroom, not at the computers nor the microfiche or  microfilm readers.


Translation Services:

In addition to senior JGSCV members and FamilySearch missionaries available to help you with your personal research we will have translators for Russian and Polish. We are trying to get other language translators.  In order to best manage the time translators and the opportunity for the members all JGSCV members are being asked in advance to let me (president@...) know if they plan to avail themselves of any translation services. Sign-in is still required at the door.  JGSCV members interested in availing themselves of any and all translation services made available by the LAFSL during JGSCV’s exclusive research afternoon on February 9th may access those services by legibly placing their name on the appropriate sign-In sheet for their language of interest at the Welcome Table before entering the library at the lower level. JGSCV members will be accommodated in order of their ‘sign-in’ for a single session consisting of a maximum of 30 minutes or 5 documents, whichever comes first. Members may continue with another single session if there is no member wishing to engage the translator following a concluded session or later in the day if there are open time slots.

We want to accommodate as many members as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.


If any of you can volunteer to help translate other language especially : Hebrew and Yiddish please let me know we would love to be able to offer those services as well.


Overview of LAFSL

There will be a 30-minute overview of the LA Family History Library by Ed Pugh.  This will start at 1:30 . It will only be given once so please arrive on time.


To help you prepare for what you should bring and the excellent resource available at the LAFSL and I would recommend you look at our website for the excellent advisory Preparing for the Exclusive Research Afternoon at the Los Angeles FamilySearch Library:


Changes on

Due to changes at FamilySearch, many previously accessed records from your home computer may now only be accessed at one of the FamilySearch libraries. This is due to FamilySearch implementing contract reviews that impacted access to some of the record contracts. These restrictions will be ongoing and could impact further records. They have to renegotiate all of their microfilming contracts to obtain digital access. Users will likely see further images moved to the FamilySearch Centers restriction status. This is another excellent reason  to attend our once yearly exclusive assisted research afternoon.


JGSCV’s December speaker was David Rencher who is the Director, Family History Library and Chief Genealogical Officer for FamilySearch. I would encourage you to read the summary of David’s presentation on Tricks and Hints in Using the FS Collection in the January issue of Venturing Into Our Past. The newsletter is accessible from our website:


The Jewish Genealogical Society of the Conejo Valley and Ventura County is dedicated to sharing genealogical information, techniques and research tools with anyone interested in Jewish genealogy and family history.


For more information please see the JGSCV website:


Thank you and JGSCV looks forward to welcoming you on February 9 at 1:00 PM for our exclusive assisted research afternoon!


Jan Meisels Allen

President, JGSCV


Re: Shanghai Jewish Cemetery


There were 4 Jewish Cemeteries in Shanghai.  (Bubbling Well Rd.--5,500; Point Rd. --834; Mohawk Rd.--304 and Baikal Rd.--1,692.)  Graves were moved to the Western suburbs during development.  Most old records, as I can determine, were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) when anything old or foreign was targeted by the Red Guard.   The “old” and “foreign” Jewish gravestones along with those of other foreigners in the cemetery in West Shanghai were destroyed.   When I asked a guide to show me where the cemetery was he said it was not possible because it was now a parking lot.  I believed him as Chinese are very superstitious about ghosts and will not build on areas of the dead.   
JOWBR has a long lists of deaths in Shanghai from the AUFBAU.    



Georgia Haken

Re: Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate

Barbara Meyers <babycat3@...>

To me, Conrad Bain....not Bill Macy.

Possibility of finding the name of a Jew killed in the 1905 October Pogrom in Russia

Harry Boonin

Where to search:
Information about the pogroms:
1. (a) The Russian-Jewish Journal "Voskhod" (The Dawn), published in
St. Petersburg, 1905. This newspaper available at the Library of
Congress (at least that is where I found it years ago). The pogroms
that year took place mostly in Ukraine, but it never hurts to look. I
did not find my uncle's name (DAVIDOVSKI, 15 years old, my mother's
brother, a Zionist defender of the town.) He was killed in the October
1905 pogrom in Elizavetgrad, Ukraine.

(b) The National Committee for the Relief of Sufferers by Russian
Massacres (NCRSRM), 1903, 1905. This was an American Committee was
formed to provide financial aid to these pogrom victim. Their report
was located at the AJHS, 2 Thorton Road, Waltham, MA 02154. In the
ensuing years parts of the AJHS may have been transferred to NYC.
Under the leadership of Lord Rothchild, in England and France a three
man traveling commission was appointed to go to Russia to disperse
money for the "immediate necessaries of life." They went to St.
Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, and Odessa between November 22 and December
1905. "While in Odessa on December 8, 1905, the commission "made
arrangements" to go to Elizavetgrad. The Commission was under orders
to advise representatives of the various communities receiving monies
that the money was not to be used for those ruined by the pogrom to
emigrate from Russia to the West.

2. I did find the name of our family in the following documents, 30-35
years ago:
(a) Bibliotheque et Archives de L'Alliance Israelite Universelle, 45,
Rue La Bruyere - F. 75425, Paris (the internet was not widely
available when I did this research; I used the United States Mail
system). Report from Elizavetgrad, dated March 28, 1906. The report
contains the following information for our family: "Joseph DAVIDOVSKI,
15 years old, employed as a bookbinder, father, Mordko Leibowitz, 43
year old bookbinder; mother . . . [and it went on to name each member
of the family, including my two-year old mother]. During the pogrom
his workshop and residence were plundered. He was allocated 160
rubles. . . ." The report, written in German, begins, ". . . we take
the liberty to inform you about the persons killed in the [October
1905] pogrom." Wounded and crippled were not covered in the report.
(b) Golos Yuga ("The Voice of the South," in Russian). This local
newspaper, dated October 30, 1905, wrote, "In the Jewish Cemetery. On
the third day at 4 o'clock in the afternoon in the old Jewish cemetery
[in Elizavetgrad], a considerable throng of the Jewish population
gathered to bury 10 victims of the anti-Jewish pogroms, which took
place in our town on the 18th and 19th of October. All the victims
[men and women] were lowered in one common grave. Committed to the
earth were: [Among the names was the name of Joseph DAVIDOVSKII, 15
years old]. What happened at the cemetery when the bodies were lowered
into the grave defies all description. Those who attended the funeral
will never forget the wailing, the groans, the tears."
Harry Davidow Boonin
Warrington, PA

Re: OPINIONS and suggestions requested

Trudy Barch

I had a similiar situation.   2 known brothers with father's name different on cemetery stones.    I was explained that one name was the first name and one had the middle name of the father. (as the younger family knew the man's name)
Trudy from Florida

IGRA Webinar Series-Call for Proposals

Elena Bazes

IGRA Webinar Series-Call for Proposals


The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) invites proposals for our 2020 genealogy webinar series. The webinars will be in English or Hebrew and broadcast via GoToWebinar. The dates will be agreed upon on a case by case basis with preference to Sundays.


We encourage proposals for presentations with content relating to Jewish genealogy, Israel sources of information, archives and repositories for Jewish genealogy, genealogy tools, emerging technology for genealogy, methodology and problem-solving case studies, genealogy best practices. Other genealogy topics will be considered as well.


Audience: Our audience includes beginners, intermediate, and advanced genealogists. Ideally, lectures should offer something of value for all experience levels.


Format: Webinars are scheduled for one hour. The presentation should not extend beyond 45 to 50 minutes, leaving time for questions afterwards. Presentations should be illustrated, using PowerPoint or any other programs on your computer.


The webinar will be streamed live to the registered audience and recorded. The recording may be placed on the IGRA website for members to access it at their own leisure.


Handouts: IGRA suggests that speakers provide handouts for attendees in digital format (PDF). The length of the handout can vary, but no longer than 4 pages. The handout must be emailed to the IGRA representative at least 7 days prior to the webinar.


Compensation: IGRA does not offer any kind of honorarium or reimbursement.


Submission: Please submit your proposals via the form available at before February 29, 2020. Please use a separate form for each proposal you submit and if you have a preference of date, please indicate it on the form. IGRA will notify the speaker of our decision regarding the proposal no later than March 15, 2020.


IGRA does not guarantee the acceptance of all proposals submitted. It is not a reflection of the quality of your proposal if it is not accepted.


Please direct questions about the webinars or the call for proposals to webinars@....

Elena Bazes

IGRA Publicity Chair


Please help with a translation request from Russian Cyrillic script to English #germany #ukraine

Joel Hayflick

I've posted a vital record image from 1852 in Cyrillic script for which I need a translation. I think it is from a revision list but I am not certain. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Joel Hayflick
Palo Alto, CA USA

Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate

Joan Rimmon

FYI, actor Bill Macy just recently passed away. He was a poker buddy of my husband, and he is dearly missed by friends at the casino.

Looking for Solomon FUKS

Ilya Zeldes

I'm looking for any information about Solomon FUKS, born in about 1850, somewhere within the Russian Empire, presumably within the Pale. There are about 500 researchers on the JewishGen looking for FUKS surname. Hope one or more of them may have some information...  Please respond privately.


Ilya Zeldes
Fort Myers, FL

Re: Help Identify a TV Actor Cousin Posted on ViewMate

Pieter Hoekstra

Maryann, I've already agreed with you. :)

Givatayim, Israel - Meeting February 5, 2020 - The IGRA Collection - The Accessible Database

Hinda Solomon

“The IGRA Collection - The Accessible Database of Genealogical Research Documents in Israel”

Israel Genealogy Research Association - Speaker  Rose Feldman
The lecture will be in Hebrew
Wednesday, February 5, 2020

One of the goals of the Israel Genealogical Research Association (IGRA) is to make available certificates and documents about people who lived in Eretz Israel since the 19th century. We have collected scans of documents and certificates from many
archives in Israel and abroad. In the association's database you can search for
a requested name, in one search covering all the documents. Our database, as of
today, has over a million and a half lines. The bulk of the collection is from
the British Mandate period. The lecture will show the variety of the database
and will specify the sources of the certificates and documents.
Rose Feldman is
responsible for coordinating and developing new databases for the Israel
Genealogical Research Association (IGRA). Rose lectured at 9 international
conferences of the IAJGS International Association of Jewish Genealogical
Societies and in Israel in courses and seminars. At the IAJGS International
Conference in 2017, she was awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award, and the
IAJGS International Conference. In 2014, Rose Feldman, along with Billie Stein
and the late Mathilde Tagger received an award for the Digitization Project of
Montefiore Censuses.

Shazar Community Center, ground floor
30 Yavne’eli St.,Givatayim
Wheelchair accessible

Entrance fee NIS 20.     IGRA members no charge
19:30 Mingling and light refreshments
20:00 - 21:30 Lecture

Map:  :
E-mail:  hinda@...

Posted by Hinda Solomon
Rishon LeZion, Israel

OPINIONS and suggestions requested

Marcella Shames

I am looking for opinions and suggestions on further research regarding the following dilemma in which I find myself… is in regard to whether the father named on the headstones of two men is (or could be) one and the same person?

Meir Eliyahu father of Ze’ev (Wolf MEYERSON previously KAMINER) per Ze’ev/Wolf's headstone ..Hebrew translated privately

Meir Ayreh father of Noson (Nathan KAMINER) per Nathan/Noson's headstone ..Hebrew translated via Viewmate

A descendent of Wolf and a descendent of Nathan are a close 2/3 cousin DNA match…the two testers triangulate with other matches ..however no one has knowledge of the father of Wolf or the father of Nathan

I am researching Wolf’s line and have both Wolf and Nathan’s DN (death notice = part of a probated deceased estate in South Africa) in my possession…

Nathan’s DN gives his father’s name as Meyer Ellis….which I think translates nicely from Meir Eliyahu?

Wolf’s DN gives no parents’ names

Given that the informants on the death notices probably knew very little about the parents of Wolf and/or Nathan….. these two guys seem to have been the immigrant ancestors .. I am wondering what else I can do to support my hunch that Nathan b 1868 Mir Russia and Wolf b 1866 Mir Russia were siblings

Marcella Shames

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