19th century medical condition

John Anderson

In researching my 3x great grandfather, Susmann HIMMELREICH, I came across an entry from, 
  • Ohio, County Death Records, 1840-2001 
  • Montgomery Death records, 1866-1901, vol 1-4, which seem to indicate he died from a condition called "Sacalasis." I am attaching a screen grab, but regardless, I think it is a misspelling. Can anyone figure this out for me?     
  • John Anderson
  •  , Orlando, FL

How to find a marriage certificate issued in Poland in 1937

alan moskowitz

Where would I  find a marriage certificate issued in Poland in 1937 for my great-grandfather and his second wife?  

Appreciate thoughts on this.  Thank you

Alan Moskowitz

Re: Badenski Stettin


Are you looking for relatives of Jospeh Badi. I believe his brother, who iived in  Israel had the name Badenski. Mr. Badi was my teacher in Marshalliah Hebrew High School in Brooklyn, NYC.

ViewMate translation request - Polish

alan moskowitz

I've posted several birth records in Polish for which I request a translation. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:   I believe these to be the children of my great-grandfather's brother.
Please respond via the forms provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much for your assistance.
Alan Moskowitz

Re: Emigration from Hamburg to U.S. (A Visit to Hamburg)

A. E. Jordan

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From: Eric Ellman <eellman@...

A few of my ancestors came to the U.S. on the Hamburg-America Line.  I am going to Hamburg for business in May and I am interested in exploring the places Jewish Emigrants from Europe might have stayed/visited before they left Hamburg for the U.S.  Do such places still exist?  Is there more information available?

Hamburg is a great city and the port is still very active.  Here's two museums to consider:

Allan Jordan



German ancestry of my Galician or Ukrainian ancestors?

Joseph Walder

One of the thus far enduring mysteries of my DNA matches (on Ancestry) is the appearance of moderately strong matches with people who, when contacted, tell me something along the lines of "I can trace my ancestors back in Germany several hundred years." This is mysterious to me because my paternal grandparents came from Galicia and my maternal grandparents came from  Ukraine. I've traced three of the four back to the mid/early 1800s. (The fourth, who abandoned his family in the US, had very likely falsified his name and perhaps other aspects of his history.) The trail goes cold when I get back far enough that Jews in Galicia and Ukraine did not have surnames.

So how do I interpret those DNA matches tied to German ancestry? How might I link them to ancestors in Galicia and Ukraine? Just to be clear, the DNA matches tied to German ancestry have typical strengths of around 100 cM.

Joseph Walder, Portland, Oregon, USA

Re: Finding family in Israel #israel


Just to add the info i know mayby someone will be able to help
here is all the Info i know
His name was shmiel zev polak,
He was born in borsa Romania,
His father was Elye polak.
I found out about this uncle by searching on the yad vashem website he submitted records for his parents
On dose records he signed his name shmiel polak from kiryat yam,
But I found a gravestone named shmiel zev Ben Elya polak which is probably his gravestone because my great grandfather had a brother with the name shmiel zev.
he arrived aprox 1949
His daughter I also found on the yad vashem records her name tzpore grinberg also lived in kiryat yam.
I was not able to find anything else,  
i don't  know how to proceed
i would like to find his family

Re: Emigration from Hamburg to U.S. (A Visit to Hamburg)


There is a good description on-line at the GG Archives:

David Rosen
Boston MA

On 2/3/2020 8:03 AM, Eric Ellman wrote:
A few of my ancestors came to the U.S. on the Hamburg-America Line.  I am going to Hamburg for business in May and I am interested in exploring the places Jewish Emigrants from Europe might have stayed/visited before they left Hamburg for the U.S.  Do such places still exist?  Is there more information available?

Forward Article Written in Yiddish

Ruth Clarke

I am doing research on Blyakher/Bliakher/Blocher family of Michaliski (in what is now Belarus) and have a 1963 article published in Forward (in Yiddish) which I am seeking to have translated.

Two pages posted on View Mate:  files 78141 and 78142

I would be most indebted to anyone who can translate the article for me.

Thank you.

Re: venezuela


Hi, the name of the German town near Caracas is Colonia Tovar. 


Bobby Rotker

ZEITLIN from Slonim and Derechin Belarus and New York
FELDMAN, LEVIN, LEWIN from Belarus and Baltimore
SAPERSZTEJN, SAPERSTEIN, KERSZENBAUM, KIRSCHENBAUM, KIRSCH, KIRSH from Ciechanow, Radzanow, Norfolk, Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland

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New Article on IGRA website- “Military Resources in Eretz Israel for the Genealogical Sleuth”

Elena Bazes

IGRA (Israel Genealogy Research Association) has posted a new article on its website, Military Resources in Eretz Israel for the Genealogical Sleuth” by Rose Avigael Feldman.

In this article, Rose Feldman provides an in-depth history of the various military and paramilitary organizations, that included Jewish soldiers/defenders in Eretz Israel, during the Turkish rule, Word War I, the British Mandate, World War II and Statehood. In addition, the article includes Information as to where military resources are available, such as websites, archives and museums.

Rose Feldman is the database coordinator and board member of the Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA), and lectures on subjects dealing with genealogy research in Eretz Israel. She is one of the coordinators of the Montefiore Censuses Project and has four KehilaLinks sites on the JewishGen website. She lives in Tel Aviv.

Before viewing the article, please register for free on the IGRA website.

The article is available for free for one month to non-members, after which time it can be accessed by IGRA members only.

To view the article, go to:

Elena Biegel Bazes

IGRA Publicity Chairperson


Emigration from Hamburg to U.S. (A Visit to Hamburg)

Eric Ellman

A few of my ancestors came to the U.S. on the Hamburg-America Line.  I am going to Hamburg for business in May and I am interested in exploring the places Jewish Emigrants from Europe might have stayed/visited before they left Hamburg for the U.S.  Do such places still exist?  Is there more information available?

Re: venezuela

André Günther

Hi Jan,
I suggest to make contact with a jewish FB-Group in Venezuela. To speak spanish is not necessary.
Andre Guenther , Municg

Viewmate translation - Polish and Yiddish


I have posted a marriage document for Abram Elo WEINGARTEN and Marjem Perla ZILBERWASSER in Lomazy, 1862. I would appreciate a full translation of the record. The viewmate number is 73963.
Thank you in advance,
Tammy Weingarten
searching WAJNGARTEN in Biala Podlaska, Lomazy, Lukow, Swierze

Dedication Ceremony in Nadvirna, Ukraine - Nadworna Shtetl Research Group #galicia

Steven Turner

On Tuesday May 5th, 2020 at 11 AM we will have a ceremony in Nadvirna, Ukraine to dedicate the fence constructed by the ESJF protecting the Jewish Cemetery. We will have members of our group from North America, Europe and Israel attending. We invite all our friends who can make it to attend. The ceremony will be conducted by the Nadworna Shtetl Research Group, the ESJF European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative, the City of Nadvirna, and Rabbi Moyshe Kolesnik.

We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Dr. Steven S. Turner
Founder Nadworna Shtetl Research Group
President, Gesher Galicia, Inc

Finding family in Israel #israel


Hi all 
I found out that my grandfather had an uncle that survived ww2 and lived with his daughter in Israel 
besides his name and his daughters name and where he is buried I can’t find any more information 
what should my next step be?
 Thanks in advance 

Badenski Stettin

victoria cook

Hi there, 

I am trying to look into my husband's family in more depth they always draw a blank when they get so far so I was wondering if anyone could help at all, the family name is badenski and was from the stettin/gnesen area I've managed to get to a Julius badenski but I am struggling to find any information on him, and also an Edith badenski (married name pump).
Many thanks in advance 
Victoria bailey 

New Book: “Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy: 2020 Edition”

Gary Mokotoff

Avotaynu has just published the 2020 version of “Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy.” The book has been regularly updated since 2010 because of the dynamic growth of Jewish genealogy research.


It is not a beginner’s guide, but a primer to demonstrate that there is a world of records and resources to help you to trace your Jewish family history. The book is only 104 pages, making it quick reading, yet it holds a wealth of information. An appendix includes a case study to demonstrate that tracing your Jewish ancestry can be done. The appendix documents how the book’s author traced the ancestry of the notorious Bernie Madoff back six generations using only internet resources. It includes the challenge that the name was changed to Madoff “at Ellis Island.”

Additional information, including the Table of Contents, is available at

Gary Mokotoff

Re: OPINIONS and suggestions requested

Joe Lissak

Hebrew men's names always have ben meaning son of & Girl s are Bas or daughters of.

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Subject: Re: [] OPINIONS and suggestions requested

I had a similiar situation.   2 known brothers with father's name different on cemetery stones.    I was explained that one name was the first name and one had the middle name of the father. (as the younger family knew the man's name)
Trudy from Florida

Re: Where might I find information about a pogrom that affected my family in Russia, now Belarus #belarus

Bruce Drake

I do not know whether this info is of any help, but....

In July, 1915, Kamenetz and the neighbouring townlets were captured by the German-Austrian army which had successfully marched forward. The Russian army was shattered; it was retreating in confusion and carrying out anti-Jews pogroms. (Kamenetz as I Remember you
There are 14 Zlates listed in the Kamenets necrology here, though not with the given name you mentioned:
The most serious pogrom occurred in Odessa (with over 300 dead and thousands of wounded); another severe pogrom took place in Yekaterinoslav, where 120 Jews lost their lives. Altogether, pogroms were perpetrated in 64 towns (including, in addition to Odessa and Yekaterinoslav, Kiev, Kishinev, Simferopol, Romny, Kremenchug, Nikolayev, Chernigov, Kamenets-Podolski, and Yelizavetgrad), and 626 townlets and villages.
Also on this month, Iyar [May, 1882] many towns were set on fire by the. gentiles - the town of Kamenetz-Podolsk and all around it and also Kovno and other towns in Lita, Volyn and Poland. Some Jews left for America and the Land of Israel to till the land. Once there, 11 people from here united with people from Brisk.

I didn't find any immigration record on Ancestry

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