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Nina Tobias

-- In 2014, I received the following message (see below my signature) from Judy Goldberg. I replied, letting her know that I wasn't a Mr. and we exchanged emails for a period of time. We were still looking for our link when she became fatally ill. Even though I never heard her voice, I know she was warm and gracious. I just now tried the link and her extensive research is still up and running. Perhaps it might be of help to you and others who are researching the Horowitz family.

Nina Tobias
Scottsdale, Arizona


Dear Mr. Tobias:

I have received a notice from Family Tree DNA of a match between our family by three degrees of genetic distance. 
I have noticed that one of your ancestral surnames is Horowitz and so is mine.
My grandfather on my mother side is from the Horowitz family. 

My family web page is: 

I have traced that side of my family (the Horowitz) to 1005 in Barcelona to Pinchas Ha’Levi.
I also loaded my family tree to

Most of my Horowitz ancestors were from Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Germany. I know that Romania boarders with the Ukraine so there may be a connection between our families. 

Please review my web page and let me know if you find any connection between our families.  

Thank you for your time and attention to this matte,

Judy Goldberg

post-war immigration to Argentina and Israel: where to start?

Wendy Griswold

Dear cousins,

Having spent 20+ years trying to research my people who came to the
US, I would now like to look into the family members who went to
Argentina and Israel after the war. I have names and approximate
dates. Could some kind soul please tell me where to start? Are there
databases similar to the ones we have in this country?

I apologize for being bone-headed, and I know how kind the genners are
with people who are casting about trying to figure out how to get


Wendy Griswold
Jupiter FL

Searching: Zurawno: BLITZ, PFEIFFER (every conceivable spelling)
Ekaterinoslaw (Dniepro): DWASS
Nowy Sacz area: EINHORN, WENZELBERG, SHIFULDREM (every imaginable spelling)

help needed Tarnobrzeg sig page

Gayle Schlissel Riley

I tried to contact the staff but it did not go thru..Please contact me or Paul W.  Gayle

Re: Finding family in Israel #israel

Valentin Lupu

Tzipora mentioned in the Yad VaShem testimony regarding her mother Bertha, that there were 2 children. I think that I found her sister, Edith,  who perished in the Stutthof concentration camp.
Here is a screenshot from USHMM:

Yad Vashem has an identical entry from Beate Klasferd's Nevek Project.
At Arolsen Archives in Germany I found Edit' s registration card from Stutthof KZ.

Finally, I recommend to contact MyHeritage, they may have some information about Tzipora

Valentin LUPU

Re: Finding family in Israel #israel

דוד לחמי

Tzipora died in 1968 when she was 39 years old.
According to her headstone, it seems she had no family.

Re: Name Change from Poland to Israel

Gary Pokrassa

I have a relative who made aliyah from Ukraine in the early 1900s.  I found his formal name change in a published listing from 1947 pre-state in the IGRA database
this is the source documentation from that record
This record comes from the Palestine Gazette (פלסטין גאזט), part of the Name Changes - Pre-State (שינוי שמות לפני קום המדינה) database, issue 1580, page 545, IGRA number 15544. The original records are from Avotaynu (אבותינו), This record was added to this search engine on 13 January 2016.

Gary Pokrassa

Seeking Yekka Sachs of Kelme, Lithuania #lithuania

Hallie Metzger

I am seeking information on my GGU Yekka (Yekke) Sachs of Kelme,
Lithuania. His parents David and Rebekah Laller of Lal, Russia died
young. He, his brother Koppel Halevi Sachs, and his sister Chaiah Pearl
Sach were raised by their maternal grandfather Movshe Sachs. I have been
told that descendants settled in Meriden, CT. One descendant may be
named Sarah Brooks.

Thanks form your help,

Hannah Metzger,hallie.metzger@...

Family Trees

Hannah Sperber

Has anyone done a family tree for Sperber?
or Horowicz?

Re: 19th century medical condition

John Anderson

Unfortunately, there is no other citation other than that found in the Index. Your and other replies are the most logical from my point of view. Those who suggested “scoliosis” I think are far off. My original belief was something called “Achalasia,” which, when Googled, had a possible further connection to esophageal cancer. So, thank you to all.  The “saralasin” might not be the cause of death, but it might relate to an underlying condition.

Re: Decyphering a town name

Rodney Eisfelder

Consider also Schwersenz in Posen (Prussian Poland). See:
It had a Jewish population of more than 1600 in 1840, reducing to around 300 by 1895.
From a Rotterdam manifest - Twersny (Note: the 'T' is unreadable on
the original image)
From a Hamburg manifest - Swersne
From a Hamburg manifest - Szweszne
I hope this helps
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Decyphering a town name

Nicole Heymans

When requesting assistance for deciphering handwriting, it's always a help to include an image, which is a recently added feature that's a vast improvement to this discussion group. Or post to viewmate.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

Re: Decyphering a town name

Karen <kgschneider@...>

I'm not sure which year this started, but in typical ship's records from Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the "last residence" column is on page one. Have you tried page two? On Ancestry, you can access page two by clicking the arrow on the far right in the middle of the document. Not sure if all sites let you do this because I've had trouble finding page two of these documents on Family Search. If you can access page two, however, the family will be located on the same number line as they are on page one. Then reading across on page two is the name and relationship of the person in the place they are coming from which, hopefully, will give you the name of a town, etc. And a little further across is the person they are joining in the U.S. If you can't locate a site with p.2 of the records I would be happy to look them up on Ancestry for you. Just email me.

Karen Gregar Schneider
Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA

Re: Decyphering a town name


From a Hamburg manifest - Szweszne: thisremnds me of Sveksne. Sveksne/a is located in southwest Lithuania. eatof Memel and north of Kovne.

Re: Decyphering a town name

Sally Bruckheimer

There is a town in the Jewish Communities Database called Sverzhen Novyy. And if there is a New one, there should be an old one as well, nearby. But in any case, the 'w' in Polish sounds like a 'v' in English or Russian, and this seems like a good possibility. 732 Jews in 1897 and in Minsk gubernia as you requested.

Reichsvereinigung der Juden Database: Letter W


The names of 1,867 registrants whose family names began with the letter W
have been added to the Reichsvereinigung der Juden card collection. While
most registrants were born in Germany, many originated in areas which are no
longer part of Germany or from countries such as Hungary. German towns are
spelled as they appear in Germany, e.g Köln, while town names from elsewhere
are spelled in English, e.g Posen, not Poznan.

This collection (now A-W) may be accessed at the Steve Morse website under
Holocaust Jewish Roof Organizations.

The data include and may be searched by name, date and place of birth and
death, and, in some cases, additional information such as country of
emigration, e.g all those who emigrated to Uruguay. In addition I have
added information from other sources.

The cards, from which this information was drawn, may be accessed at the Bad
Arolsen website and often contain additional information such as street
address and profession, or even school records.

Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

ViewMate Translation Request - Polish/ Yiddish


I have posted an 1862 marriage record for Abram Elo WAJNGARTEN and Marjem Perla ZILBERWASSER from Lomazy. It is in Polish and Yiddish. I would greatly appreciate a complete translation. I am particularly interested in the parents' names. The ViewMate ID number is: 73963, and the link is:
Thank you,
Tammy Weingarten
Searching WAJNGARTEN from Biala Podlaska, Brest Litovsk, Chelm, Lomazy, Lubartow, Miedzyzrec Podlaski, Swierze

Re: Gymnasium records from Zbaraz and surrounding towns

Amanda Kayser

My paternal grandfather, Herman SAFIR born  1888 also in Zbaraz. I think he must also have gone to a German speaking gymnasium because he then went to Vienna in 1914. 

Any info on schools gratefully received.

Khaikind family


I am searching for Faiga Tsiva Khaikind who appears on the 1874 Borisov Revision List. She is the daughter of Berko. 

Any information regarding Faiga Tsiva such as who she married as well as any other information regarding this family would be appreciated.

Rhoda Weiss


KHAIKIND/CHAIKIND, NOVOSELSKI,SHABUN from Kholopenichi,Borisov, Minsk area

Re: 19th century medical condition

Elise Cundiff

I'm inclined to think it should have been "paralysis" where either  the source didn't know the word began with a p instead of s,  or the recorder made a mistake or misheard.   I think the 3rd letter is an r - can you compare it to other r's elsewhere in the record?

Decyphering a town name

Butch Hill

I have located immigration records (ship manifests) for three of my
direct ancestors. I had hoped to be able to determine their town of
origin from the 'Last Residence' field, but the information doesn't
seem to readily idenfity one of the many names contained within
JewishGen. I think the town is located within the Minsk Gubernia as
that is where all of these folks were from. I also suspect it's
somewhere in the vicinity of Nyasvich. Below are the three spellings
from the software that reads the images. I think it's the same town
with different spellings. So far, my best guess is Sverzhen' Novy, but
it's just a guess. Any chance someone familiar with the languages
could lend assistance?

From a Rotterdam manifest - Twersny (Note: the 'T' is unreadable on
the original image)
From a Hamburg manifest - Swersne
From a Hamburg manifest - Szweszne