Re: (US-Bronx, Queens NYC) Naturalization Records from Bronx and Queens to Become Available Online #Records Access

A. E. Jordan

,,,,, please let us know when the records become available.
Susan Gordon

The Bronx naturalizations are available ,,,, just not online at this moment.  The Italian Gen group has a good online index and you can mail order the documents from the Bronx County Clerk.  There's a form to download online.

Also any naturalization after 1906 is duplicated in Washington DC but if you can it is much better, cheaper and faster, to gt them from the local court.

It will be nice to have these records online by 2022, but you do not have to wait to get to them until then.

Allan Jordan

Re: 19th century medical condition

Elise Cundiff

John, it looks like it dates from the late 1960s-early 1970s.  First published reference I found was 1974.

Siriasis = sunstroke.  Possible!

Re: (US-Bronx, Queens NYC) Naturalization Records from Bronx and Queens to Become Available Online #Records Access

Susan J. Gordon

Thanks so much for this news, Jan. If possible, please let us know when the records become available.
Susan Gordon

Researcher need for Fridson's in Grodno archive

Bob Silverstein

I am researching Fridson/Friedson/Fridzon from Motol and would like to find a researching who can look for records in Grodno archive.  Can anyone recommend someone?


Re: Fridson, Fridzon, and Friedson

Bob Silverstein

Thank you Diane.  No Fridson's.  If I every figure out this family, I will post it.

Re: 19th century medical condition

Danielle Weiner

I think Pieter's best guess of 'siriasis' is the most likely. 

Not that it proves anything definitive, but, what time of the year did he die?  If it was during the warmer months, that adds a little credibility to this possibility.


Re: 19th century medical condition

Pieter Hoekstra

It is helpful when asking for a word translation or interpretation to include the whole sentence for correct context.
My best guess is the illness has been mis-spelt from it's original which could be "Siriasis - Inflammation of the brain due to sun exposure".

Re: Introduction

Pieter Hoekstra

Thank you for your response Dianne, however my research is not centred in Australia but families living in UK. Sorry if my original post was not clear.

For others researching Australia, the book you mention is "These Are the Names - Jewish Lives in Australia, 1788-1850" by John Levi (he is a Rabbi). It has biographical entries for over 1600 Jews who settled in Australia between 1788 and 1850.

My specific research right now is to find parents of the following ancestors:

1a. Ellen JOSEPH b.(LAZARUS) 1813 London. I believe father is Michael LAZARUS b.c.1770 but I have no record. Michael's father may have been born in Hessen, Germany.
1b. Her husband - Isaac JOSEPH b.London c.1796 - d.1867 London
      Ellen and Isaac married 29 May 1939

2a. Benjamin MOSES b.London c.1806   Father could be Aharon MOSES
2b. His wife - Hannah LEVY (LEVI) b. London c.1806  Father could be Isaiah HaLevi

       Benjamin and Hannah married 2 Nov 1823

Re: Re name Marks - US immigration records in early 19th century

Lynne Schneider

For another name to checkout, I have MARCHEWKA which became MARKOWITZ which then became MARCH in my tree. The family is from Poland. 


Re: Include Family Name in Subject

Nicole Heymans

My understanding of Marjorie's original post was that when posting a message about searching for some elusive relative, the subject should include the relative's name, rather than just e.g. "searching for lost relative".
I don't believe anyone in this thread meant you should put your names of interest in the subject line.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

Second Annual Future Scholars Fellowship Program

Nancy Siegel

JewishGen Announces the Second Annual Future Scholars 

Fellowship Program and Heritage Tour, in partnership with The Matzevah Foundation and the Friends of Jewish Heritage in Poland, is pleased to announce the second annual JewishGen Future Scholars Fellowship program to take place from July 14, 2020 – July 23, 2020. We invite graduate students as well as third and fourth-year college students to apply for this unique opportunity.

Six Future Scholars will travel to Poland to participate in this program, focusing on the role of Jewish cemeteries today in preserving the memory and legacy of former Jewish communities. They will tour many Jewish Heritage sites and will be involved in the clean-up and preservation of a Jewish cemetery in partnership with local residents. 

The trip will be led by highly experienced staff, and participants will have an opportunity to learn from rabbis, scholars, dignitaries, and community leaders, who will offer first-hand insights regarding the imperative (and challenges) of cleaning-up cemeteries in accordance with Jewish law. 

To learn more and to apply for the 2020 program, please visit Applications must be submitted by February 28, 2020.

Nancy Siegel (San Francisco/CA/USA)

Director of Communications

ViewMate translation request - Polish #galicia #poland

alan moskowitz

I've posted several brief birth records in Polish for which I request an English  translation.  These are the children of my great-grandfather's brother (my second great uncle?)   They are on ViewMate at the following addresses
I appreciate your assistance with this fascinating discovery.
Please respond via the forms provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you for any help you can provide

Alan Moskowitz
New Jersey, USA

Re: #JewishGenNews


So very sorry to hear this sad news. May his memory be for blessing. 
Sandy Lanman

Searching for ancestor

sylvia vanderhoeft <sylvia.vanderhoeft@...>

We are still searching for information in Nowy Sacz( former Galicia) for family called Stein( possibly Sztain)  or Stern, head of the family was born in Galicia his name was Akiba (Kive) Stein .Born around 1800-1805. He moved to Màd ;Hungary, around 1830-1840 .Married to Hàni NN, They had 2 children :Heriem Stein born in 1842,. and Mindel Stein born in 1846 married  Herezka Steiner, they had 5 children : Kati  Steiner 1875, Markuz Steiner 26 feb 1880, Jakab Steiner 1883, Freidel ( Fani) Steiner 13th April 1887, Adolf Steiner 19th Feb 1891. Later he married a second time to Julianna NN . And had 4 more childeren .
Sylvia Stein-Vanderhoeft

(US-Bronx, Queens NYC) Naturalization Records from Bronx and Queens to Become Available Online #Records Access

Jan Meisels Allen



The )US) National Archives gave a three-year grant of $872,000 which will pay for the Bronx and Queens (New York City)  County Clerks offices to upload naturalization record online starting in 2022.   They will be freely accessible on line.


Naturalization records in the Bronx and Queens stretch from the late 1700′s through the 1950′s when clerks offices ceased processing naturalization documents. The responsibility shifted to the federal government.  Thus far most of the requests in Queens are for records from the mid-1800′s through the early 1900′s.

to read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Re: Re name Marks - US immigration records in early 19th century

Randall Tenor

Jeff, Markson is also a possibility. There was a large Markson family in the Pilvishok area .Perhaps some of them changed their name to Marks.

Re: US immigration records in early 19th century #usa

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

Karen replied, "

You may be searching the right way however it was probably too early to obtain the information you want from those records. According to this Ellis Island link about researching U.S. immigration records, it seems:

The person's birthplace was not requested on ships' lists until 1906."

This was common, and most passenger lists had very little or no information, but you never know. My ggrandmother came to the US, alone, at age 11, in 1858 - very much before 1906 - and her passenger list had her place of birth. Since I had her parents' names from her death record, I ordered the bmd from LDS for that town (luckily they had the right years). And despite the fact that she had a very common name (Sara Hirsch) and the passenger list said she was 8 years old, her parents were right and her birth date was right. Later I found that her sister came also, in 1870 - also before 1906, and also with the same birth place.

The bottom line is that you never know until you find the record.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Couple getting married multiple times


Why not ask them directly? Are they still around?


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Boris Feldblyum

Fridson, Fridzon, and Friedson

Diane Jacobs



There is a Motole website with family names I believe through the Jewishgen shtetl links.


Diane Jacobs



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Subject: [] Fridson, Fridzon, and Friedson


I am looking for these surnames from these locations: Motol, Pinsk, Cuba, Massachusetts (Springfield, Athol, Gardner, Fitchberg, Springfiled, Worcester, and, Leominister), and Chicago.

Bob Silverstein

Diane Jacobs

Re: Introduction

Diane Jacobs



Do you know about The Book of Names (believe this is the title)

which lists known Jews in Australia from 1850 back.  I don't have

access to the book as I am not at home.  But I am sure someone

on this disussion group knows it very well.


Diane Jacobs



From: main@... [mailto:main@...] On Behalf Of Pieter
Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2020 6:53 PM
To: main@...
Subject: [] Introduction


I am a researcher from Sydney, Australia.

My mother was born MOSS and I am researching this name and other listed below.
Cheers Pieter

Researching the Following London families from circa 1800:

MOSS / MOSSES (London and Brighton)


Diane Jacobs

28861 - 28880 of 668689