Re: Asking Family For Information

Maurine McLellan

I have had best luck by sending what information I have, even if it is not documented. People are much more willing to correct you and then add info than they are to reply to a, “please tell me what you know” request.

Maurine McLellan
BOTHMAN (BOIDMAN), Zhitomir, Kiev
BEJACH, Zempelburg (Sepolno Krajenskie), Berlin
SACHS, Huluipol, Lithuania

Re: Brothers Spell Their Name Differently

Alan Greenberg

This is extremely common. Sometimes there may be a minor spelling difference and sometimes it could be a complete name change.

You ask "what is the best solution?" I'm afraid I don't know what the "problem" is. They used different names so you record them as such, but that does not alter their parents of the fact that they are siblings.

Alan Greenberg
Montreal, Canada

At 10/02/2020 10:33 PM, Shmuel Meyer via Groups.Jewishgen.Org wrote:

I have 2 brothers that spell their names slightly differently so they are not seen as brothers. Tabachnik and Tabatchnik

I'm sure this isn't unique to me. What is the best solution?



Re: Kozienice census - Russian / Polish translation needed - Names Dzik Szames, Frydman, Sztajnbok, Ejchenholtz, Rojzenman

Daniella Alyagon


Please note that these are not census records, they are however books of residents detailing local residents as well as movement of residents

Daniella Alyagon

נשלח ממכשיר Huawei שלי

Re: Brothers Spell Their Name Differently

sharon yampell

I have one last name that has been permutated 10 other ways from the original.  I put the original down for the oldest family member and then put each permutation for those who use it.  I will use my own last name as an example.


For example, my original last name was YAMPOLSKY but not all of us use YAMPOLSKY..I use YAMPELL; one set of cousins uses JAMPOL; and another set uses YAMPOL… but make sure you use all permutations when researching.


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, NJ USA


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Subject: [] Brothers Spell Their Name Differently



I have 2 brothers that spell their names slightly differently so they are not seen as brothers. Tabachnik and Tabatchnik

I'm sure this isn't unique to me. What is the best solution?




Re: Looking for people from Hertsa


My great grandfather was from there. His name was Adolph Abraham Greenberg. He was born about 1883 and immigrated to America in 1907 with his fiancee family named Markowitz who was from neighboring town of darabani. According to research I had done their last name was different in home country. Instead of Greenberg it was Apreive or similar spelling. Not sure if the information I obtained is accurate. On yadvashem there is a whole bunch listed on POT's that were from Hertza, but can't make any connections or find any descendant to ask questions. So pretty much my Greenberg line remains a mystery.

Kozienice census - Russian / Polish translation needed - Names Dzik Szames, Frydman, Sztajnbok, Ejchenholtz, Rojzenman

arie dzick

I've posted a vital record in Polish and Russian for which I need a translation..

These are extracts from the Kozienice town census dating back the spanning from early 1900's to 1948.
These are the census page of my direct family . These are my g and gg grand parents.

Depending on records, names are  : Szames, Frydman, Rojzenman, Dzik, Ejchenholtz, Sztajnbok.

In case you accept, could you please translate main info by line number. What is of utmost importance are the town of birth (when it's not kozienice), profession, cause of death or any information about their life. I you could pay attention to the information in last column on the right hand side.
Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you very much.

Arie Dzick

Re: Searching for Fusgeyer Descendants #romania

Dave and Melanie Bloom

I'm a Fusgeyer descendant, although not from Boston.  Short on time right now, but would enjoy chatting about that.  
Dave Bloom


Re: Changing Market for Home DNA Testing

Jake Jacobs

Something to check, if you are not getting responses to emails about DNA matches: I just discovered that my email/message box on Ancestry was nonfunctional: Nothing coming in, nothing going out. Figured this out when I sent a message to a cousin, who did not receive it.  I checked my outbox, and it did not reflect a single message sent since 2012!  I have sent many messages since that time, but no responses.  I contacted Ancestry. It took them 2 months to get the problem resolved. It finally does appear to be working.

If you haven't had any responses at all on Ancestry, might be worth checking your mailbox, sending a test message to someone who can confirm they received it.

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas

Re: Belarus? Geography Question: Slonim Zaludok Grodno Wilna


Hello Joel --

During the years you mentioned, first born sons were exempt from service in the Czar's army. Later born sons were sometimes "adopted" by neighbors who had no sons and were past child-bearing age. So on official records, they had the "adoptive" family's last name.

According to Wikipedia:
Slonim is now a city in the Grodno Region of Belarus.(BelarusianСло́німRussianСло́нимLithuanianSlanimasPolishSłonimYiddishסלאָנים‎, Slonim)
It is located at the junction of the Shchara and Isa rivers, 143 km (89 mi) southeast of Grodno

Slonim was in the area annexed by Russia in 1795. Administratively it was part of the Slonim Governorate until 1797, Vilna Governorate until 1801 and Grodno Governorate until World War I. In 1897 it was the fourth largest city of the governorate after the leading cities of BiałystokGrodno and Brześć.

Slonim was one of the many towns in Poland that had a significant Jewish population. The imposing Great Synagogue, built in 1642, survived the destruction and brutal Nazi liquidation of the Słonim Ghetto with 10,000 Jews massacred in 1942 alone. The 10 small synagogues around the Great Synagogue called Stiblach did not survive.

The Slonimer Hasidic dynasty came from there. Michael and Ephraim Marks (of Marks & Spencer) were born in Slonim. The wealthiest family in Slonim before World War II were the Rabinowicz brothers, Vigdor and Yossel. Their parents were Dovber and Rivka Rochel (née Kancepolski). After World War I, they entered the forestry business together with Yaakov Milikowski, and were known as the Rabmils. They escaped the Nazi atrocities by flying to Israel (Palestine at the time). ... Slonim is on the railway line between Baranavichy and Vaukavysk. [My father was born in Baranovichi, Belarus in Dec 1904. He died in Nov 2007 one month before his 103rd birthday.]

= = = = = = = = = 

Zaludok -- See photos at

See the KehilaLinks website at

And the JewishGen webpage at

Jewish Cemetery Project webpage for Zaludok

Zaludok memorial in Holon cemetery in Israel,_Zaludok_and_Szczuczyn_memorial.JPG

Zaludok genealogy Message Board
Researching families Poretsky, Pelovsky and Antokolski from the shtetl Zaludok in Belarus. The Pelovsky family originated in Vilna.

Best regards,

Looking for WAGMAN, WAKSMAN, KAUFER, DAJCH from Gowarczow, Poland

Shaul Ceder

These are names of direct ancestors of mine. Please note that DAJCH is pronounced with a guttural "ch".

New Database on IGRA’s Website

Elena Bazes

The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) has just released a new database on its website. There are over 1,500,000 records available in our databases. With each release we provide a variety of records to our collection.

 A preview of the database is available at


New Database


Participants in the Maccabiah Games 1931-1997       20,052 Listings


This database includes all participants in 33 different sports from 74 countries.


Please note, the IGRA databases are now searchable to all registrants. The search results page is also available to all registrants. Additional details regarding most databases are available only to paid IGRA members. Certain exceptions exist due to requests of the specific archives.


Before viewing the databases, please register for free on the IGRA website:


To view the databases, go to the database tab on the website.

Elena Biegel Bazes

IGRA Publicity Chair



Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance, Mechelen, Belgium's Web site

Avraham Y. Kahana

Some 10 years ago I exchanged several emails with the Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance, Mechelen, Belgium. They were very helpful and provided me with lots of documents (few on the deportations but lots of files on my family - I am not sure now if the files were of their possession or the belgium immigration offices - in any case, were very helpful and for those of you who have family that stayed in Belgium for some time - I would strongly recommend checking)

I am writing this message to ask if anyone knows about the current web site of the Museum of Deportation. The site mentioned here does not seem valid anymore. The mails I have in my archives show the domain, this must have been the site indeed.

Anyone knows what is the working web address of the institution ?
Thanks in advance,
Avraham Yehoshua Kahana

Rabbi Lippe der Vendzegoler of Lithuania

Susan Goldsmith

Would David Mann write to me directly at jcwsmg@....

Susan Goldsmith
SF Bay Area, USA

Asking Family For Information

Shmuel Meyer


I want to ask family for genealogical details. How is the best way to do it: a web form, a list of questions, other ideas?



Brothers Spell Their Name Differently

Shmuel Meyer


I have 2 brothers that spell their names slightly differently so they are not seen as brothers. Tabachnik and Tabatchnik

I'm sure this isn't unique to me. What is the best solution?



Re: #translations #Latvian

Marion Werle

This is not a vital record, it is from an interwar internal Latvian passport book that was turned in to the RIga government, which happened for a number of reasons, including immigration (or, technically, emigration from Latvia). 

Marion Werle

Perl-Stern family from Brooklyn

Neil Rosenstein

Looking to make contact with the family of Avraham David Perl and his
wife Meita (Marta) born Stern in Strimtura, Rumania in 1881 and came
to the US in about 1913 and were Sighter Chassidim in Williamsburg and
members of the Sighter synagogue on Hewes Street

I need some Los Angeles County, California Death Certificates

A. E. Jordan

I need a few Los Angeles County death certificates.  By chance is anyone heading that way or else I can try to do mail order.

I am happy to trade some NYC time in exchange is someone could get the certificates and of course I would cover any printing costs.

Email me privately off the discussion group if you might be able to help.

Thank you

Allan Jordan

Offering NYC Lookups

A. E. Jordan

It looks like I am going to have to make another look up run later this week so I am offering some lookups in New York at the various repositories. 

I can do NYC vital records; probate records and NYC Public Library.  I do other repositories as well but these are the primary ones.

Generally I ask you to do the prep legwork to scout out what you need and then I can retrieve the records. 

At the Municipal Archives I can get vital records including marriages (licenses or marriage certificates) as well as births and deaths.

I can go to go to Brooklyn to do probates.

Contact me for the specifics of what you need and I can let you know what is possible.

I ask you to cover all the printing costs plus I appreciate a little to help with the travel expense of doing this for people.

Also happy to respond to questions about NYC records.

Please contact me off the discussion group in a private message for discussions.

Allan Jordan

Re: Changing Market for Home DNA Testing


One of the limiting factors that I see is price particularly if you live outside the USA in a country with an adverse exchange rate.
One would of course think if one was really keen to search  ones ancestry price would not be an object.
If this were so most people would be willing and keen to transfer there raw DNA to other databases especially GEDMATCH which is simple to do and partiarlly free .
It doesn't happen.If everyone did it ,what an explosion of useful information  there would be.
I have my initial test with Ancestry.In 3 years there has hardly been any useful match updates.
My DNA transfer to FamilyTree DNA has been static too.
My DNA transfer to MY Heritage has produced constant regular  updates.
Unfortunately like a previous poster I rarely get a reply to any query.
From my perspective MY Heritage has been the only useful and progressive DNA testing site,particularly for Ashkenazi Heritage.
Perhaps there is just too many companies wanting to cash in offering too little for the price.

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