Re: Brothers Spell Their Name Differently

Shelley Mitchell

Often the name change is automatically done with change of country in charge. For example, my family named Platz became Plac when Ukraine was in charge.
Shelley Mitchell 

Re: Asking Family For Information

Ina Getzoff

Depending on who you plan to interview for family information you can either set up an appointment with them and have your list of questions for the information you want to know or if they are in another part of the country you can speak with them on the phone. You can also e-mail them the questions and ask them to answer to the best of their ability. Lastly, you might want to speak with them and possibly record their answers if you have the ability to do that. Just a few suggestions.
Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Fla

Re: Brothers Spell Their Name Differently

david rafky

My fathers name was louis rafky, and his brother was herbert ravka. I believe ravka was the singular version of the name (I am  herbert ravka) and rafky was the plural version (I am a member of the rafky family). Just an educated guess. David Rafky. 

Re: Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance, Mechelen, Belgium's Web site


Here is the correct URL: 
Gershon S. Lehrer
Antwerp, Belgium

LUCHANSKY, Koshevata, Ukraine and LUBCHANSKY, Grodno, Belarus

Joseph Walder

The LUCHANSKY family appears to have lived in and around Koshevata (which is about 100 km south of Kiev) since records with surnames first appeared in the early 19th century. Immigrants to the USA from my branch of the LUCHANSKY tree settled primarily in the Midwest, with a few in New York and Los Angeles. About two years ago, I became aware than immigrants from other branches of the Koshevata LUCHANSKY family had settled in New London, Connecticut, USA. I also discovered a large number of immigrants named LUBCHANSKY--note the spelling difference--who had also gone to New London, but who had originated in Grodno, Belarus, about 800 km from Koshevata.

I have looked at old records for Koshevata (census, birth, death, marriage) and the name in Russian is indeed correctly transliterated as LUCHANSKY. I have not seen records for Grodno.

The similarity of LUCHANSKY to LUBCHANSKY obviously makes me wonder whether there is a connection between the two families.

To the extent that the JewishGen Family Finder may give a hint about the geographic distribution of surnames, LUCHANSKY was restricted to the area near Koshevata in Ukraine. For LUBCHANSKY, there is one JGFF listing for this name in Odessa, Ukraine; otherwise, the name seems to have been only in and near Grodno and Minsk.

I have a weak DNA match on Ancestry with several people whose family trees include LUBCHANSKY ancestors. Our shared DNA matches include a few of my 2nd or 3rd cousins with LUCHANSKY ancestry.
Can anyone suggest where I might find data on the geographic distribution of surnames? Or ways to assess whether LUCHANSKY and LUBCHANSKY are related?

Joseph Walder, Portland, Oregon, USA

Request for translation of 1934 death record written in Yiddish & Lithuanian

marlene finkelstein

I have posted to Viewmate (VM 78249) the 1934 death record of my ggf
Hersch (Tzvi) Bloch. I can determine that he was born in 1855, died on
the 15th of Adar, & was buried in the Kurseniai ( Yiddish: Kurshan)
cemetery. Can anyone glean any further information, ideally the names of
Hersch's parents, from either the Yiddish or Lithuanian column of the

Much thanks in advance.

Marlene Finkelstein

Researching BLOCH & SCHUPAK in Kurseniai & Papile, Lithuania;
KAMENSCHEIN, FELDMAN, & ROSENBERG in Kunev & Ostrog, Ukraine

Re: Computer program

Alan Ehrlich

Just want to react to Dani's remark that Brother's Keeper, in addition to genders:  "Male" and "Female"... does indeed also have the third choice: "Unknown".

Kind regards,
Alan Ehrlich
Geneva Switzerland

JewishGen Databases Working Again

Nancy Siegel

We’re pleased to report that the JewishGen databases are back on line. We apologize for any inconvenience this disruption may have caused you. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Nancy Siegel
Director of Communications

Massachusetts: legislation to close access to birth, marriage, death, and other vital records

Stephen Katz

The Governor of Massachusetts has proposed legislation that will prevent access to birth, marriage, death, and other previously-public records by anyone but the person requesting the record, or his/her parent or attorney. In Massachusetts, these records have been available to everyone (after a lapse of time in some cases) since 1641, in colonial and state repositories (archives and registries) as well as town and city halls. They have been a principal and critical source of genealogical information. Steve Eastman has recently posted an alert about the proposed legislation in his blog ( The Massachusetts Genealogical Council has issued a "Call to Action" to oppose the legislation; further information, including ways to register opposition to the legislation, is available at

Stephen KATZ
(KATZ (Novograd-Volynskiy, Ukraine), KAPLAN (Stakliskes, Lithuania), VITKIN (Kaunas, Lithuania), TEPPER (Rovno and Novograd-Volinskiy, Ukraine)

Re: Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance, Mechelen, Belgium's Web site


For your information, you will find the site at

Best regards,
Albert Pampel

Lack of responses from DNA match

Shelley Mitchell

Several times I’ve seen mention of a DNA match’s failure to respond to an inquiry. I know this might sound simplistic but what’s amazing is the amount of non-spam that I find in my Spam file. I used to automatically delete my spam. Then, when I checked, I’d find email that should have been in my inbox.

Also, I’ve been more successful with responses when I first share my information. Such as “there are Terners in my family tree. It’s available on Ancestry...” “I see you match more closely with my mother whose mother’s name was Terner”
Then I ask about the DNA’s information. I personally think it’s less off putting. Just an idea.
Shelley Mitchell 

Re: Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance, Mechelen, Belgium's Web site

Lewis, Megan

Hi Avraham,

The website is now The website of their archives/ documentation center is

The museum is digitizing their collections however they can only put certain collections online.  They are working with other institutions to provide access at those institutions.  So far they have partnered with Mémorial de la Shoah, Paris, France and the
Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork, the Netherlands.

Megan Lewis
reference librarian, USHMM

Re: Asking Family For Information

Maurine McLellan

I have had best luck by sending what information I have, even if it is not documented. People are much more willing to correct you and then add info than they are to reply to a, “please tell me what you know” request.

Maurine McLellan
BOTHMAN (BOIDMAN), Zhitomir, Kiev
BEJACH, Zempelburg (Sepolno Krajenskie), Berlin
SACHS, Huluipol, Lithuania

Re: Brothers Spell Their Name Differently

Alan Greenberg

This is extremely common. Sometimes there may be a minor spelling difference and sometimes it could be a complete name change.

You ask "what is the best solution?" I'm afraid I don't know what the "problem" is. They used different names so you record them as such, but that does not alter their parents of the fact that they are siblings.

Alan Greenberg
Montreal, Canada

At 10/02/2020 10:33 PM, Shmuel Meyer via Groups.Jewishgen.Org wrote:

I have 2 brothers that spell their names slightly differently so they are not seen as brothers. Tabachnik and Tabatchnik

I'm sure this isn't unique to me. What is the best solution?



Re: Kozienice census - Russian / Polish translation needed - Names Dzik Szames, Frydman, Sztajnbok, Ejchenholtz, Rojzenman

Daniella Alyagon


Please note that these are not census records, they are however books of residents detailing local residents as well as movement of residents

Daniella Alyagon

נשלח ממכשיר Huawei שלי

Re: Brothers Spell Their Name Differently

sharon yampell

I have one last name that has been permutated 10 other ways from the original.  I put the original down for the oldest family member and then put each permutation for those who use it.  I will use my own last name as an example.


For example, my original last name was YAMPOLSKY but not all of us use YAMPOLSKY..I use YAMPELL; one set of cousins uses JAMPOL; and another set uses YAMPOL… but make sure you use all permutations when researching.


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, NJ USA


From: Shmuel Meyer
Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2020 8:27 AM
To: main@...
Subject: [] Brothers Spell Their Name Differently



I have 2 brothers that spell their names slightly differently so they are not seen as brothers. Tabachnik and Tabatchnik

I'm sure this isn't unique to me. What is the best solution?




Re: Looking for people from Hertsa


My great grandfather was from there. His name was Adolph Abraham Greenberg. He was born about 1883 and immigrated to America in 1907 with his fiancee family named Markowitz who was from neighboring town of darabani. According to research I had done their last name was different in home country. Instead of Greenberg it was Apreive or similar spelling. Not sure if the information I obtained is accurate. On yadvashem there is a whole bunch listed on POT's that were from Hertza, but can't make any connections or find any descendant to ask questions. So pretty much my Greenberg line remains a mystery.

Kozienice census - Russian / Polish translation needed - Names Dzik Szames, Frydman, Sztajnbok, Ejchenholtz, Rojzenman

arie dzick

I've posted a vital record in Polish and Russian for which I need a translation..

These are extracts from the Kozienice town census dating back the spanning from early 1900's to 1948.
These are the census page of my direct family . These are my g and gg grand parents.

Depending on records, names are  : Szames, Frydman, Rojzenman, Dzik, Ejchenholtz, Sztajnbok.

In case you accept, could you please translate main info by line number. What is of utmost importance are the town of birth (when it's not kozienice), profession, cause of death or any information about their life. I you could pay attention to the information in last column on the right hand side.
Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you very much.

Arie Dzick

Re: Searching for Fusgeyer Descendants #romania

Dave and Melanie Bloom

I'm a Fusgeyer descendant, although not from Boston.  Short on time right now, but would enjoy chatting about that.  
Dave Bloom


Re: Changing Market for Home DNA Testing

Jake Jacobs

Something to check, if you are not getting responses to emails about DNA matches: I just discovered that my email/message box on Ancestry was nonfunctional: Nothing coming in, nothing going out. Figured this out when I sent a message to a cousin, who did not receive it.  I checked my outbox, and it did not reflect a single message sent since 2012!  I have sent many messages since that time, but no responses.  I contacted Ancestry. It took them 2 months to get the problem resolved. It finally does appear to be working.

If you haven't had any responses at all on Ancestry, might be worth checking your mailbox, sending a test message to someone who can confirm they received it.

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas

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