Have you updated your or your societies' website to https? This is critical

Jan Meisels Allen


Google announced this week that they will be blocking download of files, including pdfs, from non-HTTPS sites on Chrome browser starting with the next few releases this year. This includes if you have a mixture of http and https [ages non https downloads started on secure pages.


“Starting in Chrome 82 (to be released April 2020), Chrome will gradually start warning on, and later blocking, these mixed content downloads. File types that pose the most risk to users (e.g., executables) will be impacted first, with subsequent releases covering more file types.”


Google plans plan to roll out restrictions on mixed content downloads on desktop platforms (Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and Linux) first. Their plan for desktop platforms is as follows:





Thank you to David Oseas, JGSCV webmaster for sharing this information.



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee




Re: Brothers Spell Their Name Differently

Molly Staub

I would enter both BOTH men as Tabachnik/Tabatchnik. That way, anything that
appears under each can be compared for parents, residences. etc.

Molly Arost Staub
Boca Raton, FL


Re: Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance, Mechelen, Belgium's Web site

is one of many items that popped up in a google search. it has an extensive list of links, databases, etc related to the Holocaust in Belgium

Linda Riesenberg Rakoff
Newton, Massachusetts, USA
ASCHNER‑Assakurte, Berko, Beuthen/Bytom, Berlin, Bratislava, Brezova p. Bradlom, Brunn, Budapest, Cakovec , Chorzow [Konigshutte], Danzig, Hradiste nad Vratom, Katlo, Kattowitz, Nyitra, Kosice, Ratibor, Spisska Nova Ves, Warsaw, Wien, Wroclaw, Zagreb,  
GOLDMAN(N), LANGER ‑Kosice, Bolyar; Miskolc, Presov
LOW'Y‑Brezova, Hradiste, Spisska Nova Ves; 
MELTZER, PERLBINDER, LADENHEIM‑‑ Horodenka, Zaleszczyki, Galicia
RIESENBERG‑ Horodenka, Kasperowce, Zaleszczyki

WWII German Ammunition Factory in Minden, Westfalen, Germany #germany

Marsha Abraham Shapiro

From 1942-45, my mother worked, with false identity papers, in an ammunition factory located in the district of Minden, Westfalen, Germany.  I would like to identify the name of the factory.  She remembered the owner's surname as something like Siddorf.  
Marsha Abraham Shapiro

ABRAHAM, HOFFMAN, KOENIGSBERG, ACKERMAN - Nagyrakocz/Vel'ky Rakovec, Polyana, Hungary/Czechoslovakia
BOHRER, WACHS/WAKS - Dabrowica (Podkarpackie),Grodzisko, Lezajsk, Jastrzebiec, Kurylowka,Tarnawiec,Poland
WAGNER - Dabrowica (Podkarpackie), Poland
ZIMMERMAN - Tarnogrod, Poland

Re: Looking for help please - searching great grandparents - ALBEITMAN /PFEFFER

Susan Millar

Hello again,

I can see from Harry’s naturalisation papers that he was born in Warsaw and was of Russian nationality.

I have tried searching for any records for my family on JewishGen.   The only record that comes up for me is the marriage of Eva Albeitman to Richard Ingram.

I would like to ask if anyone is able and willing , to perhaps search for the birth record / marriage record of Esther Milly PFEFFER to Mark (Mordechai) Albeitman.

I would assume they were married in Warsaw.    I have no knowledge of any siblings.  According to Esther and Mark’s headstone, both had fathers named Abraham.

I have seen the name David Pfeiffer written on an envelope by my grandfather Richard.  I have no idea who David might be.

I am at a total loss as to how to proceed from here.

I thank you in advance for any help anyone is able to give me.

New Zealand

Mogilev Birth Index #belarus

Marilyn Robinson

While researching the surname, YUDIN, I came across the "Mogilev Birth Index for Boys, 1864-1894 Database" on JewishGen. The index had the following information:
YUDIN (surname)---1879 (birth)---- 248 (index)--- Leiba (father).
How/where can I see a copy of the original document? Would it be available online??

Thank you.
Marilyn Robinson
Researching: Yudin, Kwass/Kvass/Kuoss,


David Lewin

Is there anyone with LEBRECHT and BRASCH research in East and West Prussia ?

Edward Yuda LEBRECHT (b.2 Nov 1822-Liebemuehl,Kreis Osterode d.14 Nov
1899/12 Nov 1900-Strasburg
Charlotte BRASCH (b.31 Dec 1832/1 Jan 1833-Bladiau,Heiligenbeil d.9
Jan 1901-Brodnica,Strasburg)

related location: Briesen,West Prussia, Bladiau,Heiligenbeil, Gollub, Berlin
Hagenau,Kr Mohrungen,East Prussia
Zintern Ostpreussen
Liebemuehl,Kreis Osterode

David Lewin

Re: Asking Family For Information

Laurie Sosna

It does depend on how much you already know, what you are looking for and how close you are to the family members.
Start with what you know and let them fill in the rest.  People will add to or correct, the blank form can be daunting.

I've had mixed results with relatives, some will give you a lot of info, others just won't.
You can follow up with emails and phone calls, but unless you are in the same room, you can't be sure of results.
I record the conversation, if I can. Using an app on my phone is less intrusive, people forget it's on.

I had a phone call once with a cousin, I tried to keep her on track, but things went off the rails pretty quickly.
Memory is a fluid thing, it meanders and wanders and connects in strange ways. Older relatives can get tired, or emotional. You have to legislate for that.

If you search for family history questionnaire genealogy, you'll find some great lists of questions.
Looking through them will give you an idea of how broad you can go.

There are some useful forms online, I searched for: family history form genealogy

Laurie Sosna

Re: Brothers Spell Their Name Differently

Laurie Sosna

I've got a lot of those (Levin/Levine) (Levitz/Levitt) (Sosna/Susner) (Goikhman/Hochman).

In my Reunion database, I use the spelling they chose and the original name (usually the oldest ancestor) in parentheses.

When it comes to online research (Ancestry, FamilySearch) I try to research them as individuals, adjusting spelling as I go.

If I find a document, I download it and name it with the spelling they chose.
All documents go into a folder with the family name (commonest spelling) and subfolders (census, naturalization, manifests, etc.)

Laurie Sosna
San Francisco, CA

Given name "Motchi" #lithuania

David Gordon

For years, I have dutifully included in my family tree an individual with the given name "Motchi."  That was how it was provided to me by a great-aunt, now long dead.  When pushed for more information, either about the name, the person, or the person's history, she knew nothing.  She knew (from stories) only of a given name that sounded like Motchi.  I've never made any headway at all discovering who this person was. 

Recently, I made contact with another family member who also had the name Motchi in his tree, backed by a similar oral tradition.  To make things even more complicated, in my version, the name belonged to a woman.  In his tradition, it was a man's name.  The only thing both traditions agree on is that this person, whoever he or she was, lived in Lithuania in the early to mid-19th century.  Even the last name is uncertain. 

Despite valiant efforts to discover a more "formal" name that this might be a nickname or other version of, we have both come up empty-handed.  Can anyone help us decipher the name?  Or even the right gender?  Thanks in advance.


David Gordon
tiganeasca /at/ gmail
Chicago, Illinois (USA)

GORDON: Butrimonys, Eisiskes, Daukniunai; HORWITZ: Smolevichi, Lapichi
GEBALOVITCH: Borisov; DRAZIN: Bobruisk





Re: Looking for people from Hertsa.


My husband's grandmother, Anna Moskovitz (I've used all the variant spellings), came from Hertsa.  She had 4 older sisters & came to NYC in 1906 when she was 12, so she was born in1894.  She lived with 1-2 of her older sisters until she married  Nathan Ginis c.1913-4.   Nathan died in the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918.  That's about all we know about her Rumanian roots. I've found photos of the town's old synagogue which is, of course, now used differently.  We'd love to learn more about her and her town.

Re: Brothers Spell Their Name Differently

Shelley Mitchell

Often the name change is automatically done with change of country in charge. For example, my family named Platz became Plac when Ukraine was in charge.
Shelley Mitchell 

Re: Asking Family For Information

Ina Getzoff

Depending on who you plan to interview for family information you can either set up an appointment with them and have your list of questions for the information you want to know or if they are in another part of the country you can speak with them on the phone. You can also e-mail them the questions and ask them to answer to the best of their ability. Lastly, you might want to speak with them and possibly record their answers if you have the ability to do that. Just a few suggestions.
Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Fla

Re: Brothers Spell Their Name Differently

david rafky

My fathers name was louis rafky, and his brother was herbert ravka. I believe ravka was the singular version of the name (I am  herbert ravka) and rafky was the plural version (I am a member of the rafky family). Just an educated guess. David Rafky. 

Re: Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance, Mechelen, Belgium's Web site


Here is the correct URL: 
Gershon S. Lehrer
Antwerp, Belgium

LUCHANSKY, Koshevata, Ukraine and LUBCHANSKY, Grodno, Belarus

Joseph Walder

The LUCHANSKY family appears to have lived in and around Koshevata (which is about 100 km south of Kiev) since records with surnames first appeared in the early 19th century. Immigrants to the USA from my branch of the LUCHANSKY tree settled primarily in the Midwest, with a few in New York and Los Angeles. About two years ago, I became aware than immigrants from other branches of the Koshevata LUCHANSKY family had settled in New London, Connecticut, USA. I also discovered a large number of immigrants named LUBCHANSKY--note the spelling difference--who had also gone to New London, but who had originated in Grodno, Belarus, about 800 km from Koshevata.

I have looked at old records for Koshevata (census, birth, death, marriage) and the name in Russian is indeed correctly transliterated as LUCHANSKY. I have not seen records for Grodno.

The similarity of LUCHANSKY to LUBCHANSKY obviously makes me wonder whether there is a connection between the two families.

To the extent that the JewishGen Family Finder may give a hint about the geographic distribution of surnames, LUCHANSKY was restricted to the area near Koshevata in Ukraine. For LUBCHANSKY, there is one JGFF listing for this name in Odessa, Ukraine; otherwise, the name seems to have been only in and near Grodno and Minsk.

I have a weak DNA match on Ancestry with several people whose family trees include LUBCHANSKY ancestors. Our shared DNA matches include a few of my 2nd or 3rd cousins with LUCHANSKY ancestry.
Can anyone suggest where I might find data on the geographic distribution of surnames? Or ways to assess whether LUCHANSKY and LUBCHANSKY are related?

Joseph Walder, Portland, Oregon, USA

Request for translation of 1934 death record written in Yiddish & Lithuanian

marlene finkelstein

I have posted to Viewmate (VM 78249) the 1934 death record of my ggf
Hersch (Tzvi) Bloch. I can determine that he was born in 1855, died on
the 15th of Adar, & was buried in the Kurseniai ( Yiddish: Kurshan)
cemetery. Can anyone glean any further information, ideally the names of
Hersch's parents, from either the Yiddish or Lithuanian column of the

Much thanks in advance.

Marlene Finkelstein

Researching BLOCH & SCHUPAK in Kurseniai & Papile, Lithuania;
KAMENSCHEIN, FELDMAN, & ROSENBERG in Kunev & Ostrog, Ukraine

Re: Computer program

Alan Ehrlich

Just want to react to Dani's remark that Brother's Keeper, in addition to genders:  "Male" and "Female"... does indeed also have the third choice: "Unknown".

Kind regards,
Alan Ehrlich
Geneva Switzerland

JewishGen Databases Working Again

Nancy Siegel

We’re pleased to report that the JewishGen databases are back on line. We apologize for any inconvenience this disruption may have caused you. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Nancy Siegel
Director of Communications

Massachusetts: legislation to close access to birth, marriage, death, and other vital records

Stephen Katz

The Governor of Massachusetts has proposed legislation that will prevent access to birth, marriage, death, and other previously-public records by anyone but the person requesting the record, or his/her parent or attorney. In Massachusetts, these records have been available to everyone (after a lapse of time in some cases) since 1641, in colonial and state repositories (archives and registries) as well as town and city halls. They have been a principal and critical source of genealogical information. Steve Eastman has recently posted an alert about the proposed legislation in his blog ( The Massachusetts Genealogical Council has issued a "Call to Action" to oppose the legislation; further information, including ways to register opposition to the legislation, is available at

Stephen KATZ
(KATZ (Novograd-Volynskiy, Ukraine), KAPLAN (Stakliskes, Lithuania), VITKIN (Kaunas, Lithuania), TEPPER (Rovno and Novograd-Volinskiy, Ukraine)

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